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Hullabaloo! For Those Who Know - Saturday December 4, 1999
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For those who know...

saturday Dec 4, 1999
10pm - ???

Toronto, Canada

Please join us for a very special event. This is strictly for our diehard Hullabaloo following. No flyers. No hype. Just solid music, and solid Hullabaloo vibe!

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the main event
UK vs Canada
Vinylgroover & MC Magika
Anabolic Frolic & MC E-By-Gum
2 djs, 2 mcs, extended set, no prisoners. (2-4am) FRISKY (12-1)
DJ X (7-8)
SMITHY (10-11)
D-MINUS (11-12)
SPINZ (4-5)

CHRIS C. (UK) (330-5)
FLEX (USA) (2-330)
SPICE (6-7)
ELIXIR (9-1030)
OS/2 (1030-12)
BRANO (1-2)
ERYK S (5-6)
We're celebrating more birthdays! Make sure you wish Magika (who wanted to be here for his), Frisky and E-by-Gum a happy birthday!

This may be a smaller capacity event, but no expense will be spared. We've assembled another top lineup of international and local talent. We'll have all the usual goodies and surprises. This will be truly a one-of-a-kind event that you do not want to miss!

Our precious scene is under fire and it's up to all of us to show the powers-that-be that we can come together and party responsibly and safely! Since this event is not being promoted by usual means, it's up to all of you to please spread word to everyone you know and would like to see there and come for all the right reasons.

Meeting Point & Shuttle Buses: NATHAN PHILIPS SQUARE (corner of QUEEN W & Bay St).
Location TBA on our infoline and webpage.

INFOLINE : 416-410-3813

Vendors and bus organizers please call our infoline for arrangements.

Tickets: $25. There are no tickets at the door. Strictly advance purchase only! This will be the smallest event we've thrown in a year and a half and is guaranteed to sell out far more quickly than one of our usual capacity events. DO NOT WAIT TO BUY YOUR TICKETS!!! (don't say we didn't warn you!) Tickets go on sale Saturday November 13!!

$1 from each ticket will be donated to the Toronto Raver Information Project. Education is the key.

Tickets available at:

Traxx 427 Yonge St 416-977-TRAX
Speed 425 Queen St W 416-596-7609
Numb 250 Queen St W 416-599-5424
Gypsy Co-Op Yorkdale Mall 416-789-1450
Gypsy Co-Op Sherway Gardens 416-695-2316
Hidden Jungle 3327 Lakeshore Rd W. 416-259-3429
Zoam Fairview Mall 416-494-8121

Ola Square one 905-279-3291
Ola Erin Mills Town Centre 905-608-2917

Hidden Jungle 135 Kerr St. 905-337-1149

Ola Mapleview Centre 905-632-2684

Speed 26 King East 519-576-4041

Mudshark 37 MacDonell St 519-836-9426

From Mars 344 Richmond St 519-438-6277

Ola Upper Canada Mall 905-830-0888

All Ticketmaster locations across Canada and Northern USA.
Can also order online or by phone at 416-870-8000

Beware of Forgeries! Buy your tickets only from authorized outlets!

(Due to scalping problems in the past, all ticket outlets have been instructed to sell no more than 4 tickets to any one customer)

American residents and out of town can mailorder tickets from ticketmaster to be pickedup in toronto if you like.

Right of Admission Refusal (ROAR) in full effect.
No drugs, thugs markers or frowns. Party smart and safe.
If you feel you can't contribute to the crazy Hullabaloo spirit, then stay away!! Happy ravers only!!

Future Hullabaloo Dates:
February 5, 1999
April 15, 1999
Mixtapes from our parties are now available at Numb, Eastern Bloc, Speed, Hidden Jungle, Mudshark, and online at - Check out the limited edition CD from Anabolic Frolic's set recorded at our 2 year anniversary!


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