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Hullabaloo! Return of the Vibe - Saturday September 6, 1997
Location : Ukrainian Federation Hall (College & Bathurst)
Sets of the Night: Spinback / Flex
Memorable image of the night: The hardcore room "raining" from too many sweating people in too small a space.

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'return of the vibe'

Sept 6, 1997 - Toronto, Canada

HULLABALOO! returns once again with it's next production called 'Return of the Vibe' because that's what we're doing - bringing back the fun rave spirit of the oldschool while mixing it in with new. Featuring fun and upbeat music the whole night bringing you a selection of Happy Hardcore, oldschool rave, breakbeat, house, techno, and whatever else, as long as its FUN! This party is dedicated to everyone who comes for the right reasons. So put on your dancing shoes, grab your whistles, horns, lighters, glow sticks, white gloves, funky clothes, face paint, and prepare for the time of your life! you know the score.

-----The DREAM Magazine World Tour-------
|DJ Spinback - London, England
|Founder of London's infamous pirate radio station Dream FM, Vertigo
|Playing an extended set of oldschool, jungle and happy hardcore
|MC Ruff - London, England
|Formerly of The Prodigy, Londons #1 Hardcore MC

DJ Flex - Rochester, New York
SkyBaby, House & Techno.

Hugh Sharpe - Brooklyn, New York
Quickly becoming one of Toronto's Goa Trance favorites

Synergist - Rochester, New York
Live PA, Toronto debut. A Mixture of House, Trance & Techno.

CD Release Party for HAPPY2bHARDCORE - Chapter 2.
mixed by Toronto's Anabolic Frolic on Moonshine Music!

RuffRida (oldskool happy breakbeat)
Marty McFly (west-coast breaks)
Euphonic (happy hardcore)
Slinky Dee (classic house)
J.T. (house/oldskool anthems)
Smithy (happy hardcore/tekno)
Marcus (Jungle Anthems 92-97 round2)
D.S.P. (91 - 93 oldskool)
Anabolic Frolic (Increasing the pace with a smile on his face)
The Lost Boys (TagTeam Happy hardcore set by Frisky & D-Minus)
Transonic (Hard 'n' Happy Trance & Techno)
Ryan-7 (House & Techno all mashed up)
Mental Floss (Live PA, Kosmic Free Foundation)
Brano (uplifiting house)
Casm (House/Techno tagteam set by J-Sun & Robbi Motors)
THC (dutch rave anthems/techno)
Dominik (Rotterdam, 'nuff said)

MC E-By-Gum (North America's #1 Hardcore MC)
MC Trigger (Deathstarr, jungle badboy)
MC Nezza (Newcastle, England)

Bigger space, Free Face Painting, Free whistles, free candy, free earplugs, free fruit, large cooling fans, free hugs, free smiles, happy2bhardcore giveaways, Dream Magazine giveaways, Video projections supplied by Ballz. Elevated dance platforms. This event will be reviewed and photographed for a future issue of DREAM Magazine! Polite and helpful security. Smart Drink vendors. Top production - wicked lighting and sound. And that totally positive and crazy Hullabaloo vibe! Whistle crew - I can't hear you!!!!!!!!


Our last event filled to capacity! Don't get left outside - please buy your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tickets $17 advance / $20 at the door (if available)

Right of Admission Refusal (ROAR) in full effect.
This is an attitude free zone for happy chappys!
No drugs, thugs, markers, and attitude. No Smile No Entry.


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