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Hullabaloo! Love & Magic - November 22, 1997
Location : The Paladium (Pape & Danforth)
Sets of the night : Vinylgroover / Madam Zu
Memorable image of the night: MC Magika getting everyone to come together, raise their hands, hold the hands of the people next to them and make noise.

Mixtapes ARE available from this party! See our Merchandise page.

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'Love & Magic'

November 22, 1997 - Toronto, Canada

Hullabaloo! is back once again bringing you a little 'Love & Magic'. We've proven twice now that the wicked old school rave spirit still does exist and this party will be our greatest event to date. A great oldskool location, fun upbeat RAVE music played by DJs who love what they do from beginning to end, and the support of the greatest ravers both old and new will make this night not easily forgotten. So get ready, bring a little Love and we'll supply the Magic for one truly wicked evening. PLUR crew, this one is for you.

The Lineup:

DJ Druid, Portsmouth, England
Bonkers records, Dreamscape, United Dance - Hardcore/Tekno

DJ Vinylgroover, Portsmouth, England
World of Obsession, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter - Happy Hardcore

MC Magika, Birmingham, England
Voted 'Best Hardcore MC 1997' by Dream Magazine readers. Dreamscape, United Dance

Madam Zu, Cornwall, England
Destiny15, Eternity magazine UK - Hard Uplifting trance/techno

The Kamikaze Krew, South Beach, Florida
DJ Fren-C & Da Messenja Man - Chicago Hard House

Anabolic Frolic, Toronto
Moonshine Music, Nokturnal, Hullabaloo! - that happy chappy

Grimace, Niagra Falls
Bouncy Tekno to make you mental

Marcus, Toronto
oldskool jungle rinse-out

JT, Toronto
hard pumpin house to lift your feet

Ruffneck, Toronto
original 92 oldskool rave set by the toronto original

Sub-light, Toronto
pumpin' the beats

Brad D, Toronto
hardcore badboy

SOS, Toronto
toronto favorite keeps them hopping

Brano, Toronto
uplifting house with a bounce

Marty McFly, Toronto
west coast breakbeat dancin' freak

J-Sun, Toronto
"girl, I'll house you"

Smithy, Toronto
oldskool breakbeat

Paradise, Toronto
one of Toronto's happy originals returns with an exclusive old-skool hardcore set

Euphonic, Toronto
happy hardcore up & comer

THC, Toronto
dutch rave anthems to make you sweat

Ryan-7, Toronto
turntable terrorist

Frisky, Toronto
happy/trancy hardcore

MC E-by-Gum, Toronto
hardcore rhymer

MC Trigger, Toronto
"raise up the noise!"

MC Flipside, Toronto
the mad nutta

A newly renovated legal downtown warehouse location with 2 sound stages - One for the groovers and one for the nuttas! Firebreathers & other crazy performers. Free earplugs, free fruit & candy, lots of other give aways! Video projections, crazy Hullabaloo decorations, gogo dancers. The usual polite and helpful security. crazy JBL digital sound, crazy intelligent lights. The trademark free whistles! This event will be covered in Dream magazine (UK) check out our previous parties in past issues! Hullabaloo has become famous for it's crazy and positive vibe at it's parties, so come wearing a smile, have your arms in hug mode, dress up, make lots of noise and get ready to go mental!!!!


Tickets $15 b4 Nov 16 / $20 after / at the door (so save your money and buy in advance)

Right of Admission Refusal (ROAR) in full effect.
No drugs, thugs, markers, and attitude.
If you feel you can't contribute to the crazy Hullabaloo spirit, then stay away!! Happy ravers only!!

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. You know the score!
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