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Hullabaloo! Into the Blue - Saturday February 7, 1997
Location : The Warehouse (Jarvis & Queens Quay)
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'Into the Blue'

February 7, 1998 - Toronto, Canada

We're back with our first major event of 1998 returning to revive the incredible atmosphere YOU created at our last sold out events of 1997. If you haven't been to one of our parties, you've most certainly heard about them so you know what to expect. Doing what we love to do most, which is to bring the old with new, we take the vibe of the oldskool and mix it with the energy of today. PLUR - we put it on all our flyers, but it's something we truly believe in, and for 12 magical hours it's something every raver at hullabaloo lives by.

--- ARENA 1 ---

Sublight, Toronto
Starting the night off with some hardcore and classics

Euphonic, Toronto
prepare for a euphoric reaction

Frisky, Toronto
turning up the pace with some happy trancy hardcore

Medecine Muffin, Toronto
one of toronto's original jungle dons digs deep for a rare 92-94 oldskool set

DJ Brisk, Southhampton, UK
Helter Skelter, Dreamscape, Next Generation Records. one of the uk's top hardcore mixers touches down for an extended happy hardcore set. It's also his birthday!

Anabolic Frolic, Toronto
Hullabaloo, Moonshine. the frolicky one promises to get you singing along or die trying!

Ruffneck, Toronto
bring your lighters for his jungle rinseout jumpup selection

DJ Spock, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Club Nightmare, Rotterdam Terrorcorps. Some dutch hardcore from the man FROM rotterdam for those who want to have their asses kicked.

Grimace, Niagra Falls, Canada
Special classic hardcore and breakbeat selection

JT, Toronto
Hardhouse and Classics

--- ARENA 2 ---

Essex, Toronto
hard epic house

THC, Toronto
raising the energy with his hard techno

Brano, Toronto
pumpin' house

Nick Grant, London, England
Dream magazine, Musicology, Club Legends, Hanover Grand. Special 2-hour extended set covering multiple styles of house, trance and techno with his flawless mixes and scratches.

Paul 'Brisk' Smith, Southhampton, England
special rare set playing upbeat Nu-NRG/hard trance

Marty McFly, Toronto
everyone's favorite wacky playing the craziest of breaks

DJ Flex, Rochester, New York
the flexy one returns with his hard house and techno

Spock Jenkins, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fun Factory, Club Madonna. European techno and classics


MCs for the Night.

Storm, Peterborough, England
Dreamscape, Hardcore Heaven. England's No 1 scratchmaster MC. hearing is believing.

E-By-Gum, Toronto
"Oi! Oi!" you know the score

Trigger, Scarborough
Deathstarr junglist badboy

Flipside, Toronto
ripping up the rhymes

Flex, Rochester, NY
"you've got a whistle - use it!"


YOU - the wicked and positive Hullabaloo ravers who come out each and everytime and blow the roof off the venue - YOU are truly the main attraction. You'll also notice that every DJ and MC name on the flyer is the exact same size no matter where they come from, that's because we truly believe that each and every one that plays at our parties are truly wicked. So come early and stay late. Free whistles for all the noisy crew. Our enchanted 'into the blue' underwater second arena, with bubble machines and atmospheric blue lighting. Full colour laser and wicked intelligent lighting. Our loudest sound system yet. Acrobatic stage performers. Interactive gaming and visual area provided by CyberCity. Free fruit and coffee in the morning. This event will truly be an assault on the senses in every way. And the usual hullabaloo requirments - bring your smiles, hugs, positive energy, things to share, costumes, horns, lighters and everything else you need to make this the night of your life.


Tickets $20 advance. $25 at the door - but beware!! ALL Hullabaloo parties have SOLD OUT. Guarnatee yourself a wicked night and buy in advance!

Right of Admission Refusal (ROAR) in full effect.
No drugs, thugs, markers, and attitude.
If you feel you can't contribute to the crazy Hullabaloo spirit, then stay away!! Happy ravers only!!

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. You know the score!
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