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Hullabaloo! Melt Down - Saturday April 25, 1998
Location : Masonic Temple
Sets of the Night : All of them!
Memorable image of the night: After Sy & Unknown finished their set, MC Flipside asked the crowd to show the UK boys where it's at, and the crowd roared for a good 20 seconds.

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April 25, 1998 - Toronto, Canada

416 - 760 - 3279

Come join us again for another unforgettable night. The reputation of Hullabaloo! is built upon our ability and dedication to present the finest and craziest parties seen in a very long time, if ever, along with creating a unique attitude free enviroment where Peace, Love, Unity and Respect is the order of the evening in which you can enjoy our magnificent events to their maximum. We're extremely pleased to bring another wicked lineup of the greatest DJs and MCs promising to keep it hard and happy all night long. So come on out, let go of your collected jadiness, misconceptions, attitude and come out to dance your ass off, hug a stranger, make noise and have fun.


DJ SY, London, England
Quosh Records, the legendary scratchmaster. Voted #1 hardcore DJ of 1997

DJ Unknown, London, England
Quosh Records, Dreamscape, United Dance. top producer and scratchmaster.

--->Sy & Unknown will be performing a 2 hour back2back set of scratchmaster hardcore happiness!

DJ BIZZ, Houston, Texas
Texas Audio Assassins, Funky hard house

Anabolic Frolic, Toronto, Canada
hullabaloo!, moonshine. He's going to make you happy to be hardcore

Hugh Sharpe, NYC
Panda Records, the return of the goa-trance master

Frisky, Toronto, Canada
pushing the boundaries of hardcore

Richie Salvaggio, Rochester, USA
c.b.c, krazy k productions, hard funky house

Euphonic & Smithy, Toronto, Canada
back2back happy hardcore session

Ruffneck, Toronto, Canada
the ruffneck returns with his rinseout selection

Eryk S, Toronto, Canada
hard driving trance

Brad 'mofo' D., Toronto, Canada
Dutch hardcore trickster

Alan Caballero, St Catherines, Canada
house and techno makin' you move

Sub-Light, Toronto, Canada
oldskool beats to make smile

THC, Toronto, Canada
dutch rave anthems to kick your ass

Freaky Flow, Toronto, Canada
junglist scratchmaster promises to keep the beats fast and furious

Brano, Toronto, Canada
pumpin' house anthems

Marty McFly, Toronto, Canada
dancing boy is back with his breakbeat grooves

JT, Toronto, Canada
hard house flava


MCs for the Night.

Storm, Peterborough, England
Dreamscape, Hardcore Heaven. The scratchmaster MC returns, his sessions with Sy are legendary.

E-By-Gum, Toronto
"you know the score - deal with the hardcore"

Trigger & JD, Toronto,
2 GKids, Junglist tagteam MCs

Flipside, Toronto
lyrical terrorist.


wicked top production as with all our parties - the craziest lights and loudest sound. massive video projections and other visual assaults. Video game area and projections from CyberCity. Free whistles (wouldn't be the same, would it?), lots of other giveaways. A collection of unique vendors and products. And as always - YOU - the famous hullabaloo raver collective who have proven this is no fluke and consistently blown the roof of the venue with your smiles, postive energy and vibe. The usual hullabaloo requirments...dress up, make lots of noise, hug the person next to you and be ready to go mental once again. You're all wicked.

Meeting Point & Shuttle Buses at Nathan Philips Square (Bay & Queen St). Location annouced the day of on infoline.


Vendors and Bus organizers call the infoline for arrangements.

Tickets $20 advance. $25 at the door (if available). Capacity of this party is limited to 2000, so dont get left outside and buy your tickets in advance.

Right of Admission Refusal (ROAR) in full effect.
No drugs, thugs, markers, attitude or frowns.
If you feel you can't contribute to the crazy Hullabaloo spirit, then stay away!! Happy ravers only!!

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