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How can I post a photo to your gallery/use the Journal/Play in the Arcade?
Using the premium parts of our site is restricted to regular users of our board. Right now the criteria is 50+ posts and have been a member for 30+ days. The exception to this is made to our paying patrons. If you've attended one of our events, and would like to post party pictures please send an email to us stating so and we'll manually activate your account.

Where can I learn more about using the board?
Check out the Message Board FAQ for all kinds of information on how to use the board.

Why did you close my thread?
We might close a thread for many reasons. If you have a question about it please email one of our moderators and ask why, and they will tell you. Please don't post more messages saying "why is my thread closed".
Updated July 14,2001: Please read "Community Standards" which is part of the Messageboard FAQ for more information on what is tolerated on our boards.

I'm throwing a party, why the strict rules on posting about it?
This website (and our message board) are paid for by Hullabaloo to promote our own events. As a courtesy to other promoters we will allow discussion of their events. This allows our community to discuss meet-ups at the event and see who's going etc. We only will allow one thread per event, and only in the Other Events forum. We had to impliment these rules as in the past we found that some promoters were using our message board as their PRIMARY promotional tool, which isn't fair to us as we're the ones paying for the bandwidth around here.

We're throwing an event on the same night as you and you wont let us promote it on your board! What's with that?
Well, the fact is that this site is to promote Hullabaloo parties. It's not our responsiblity to promote all events - including ones competing against us on the same night. And really, it's a bit out of order for you to demand to use our site to promote a competing party. Maybe next time you should try another date.

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