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I knew about hulla for a while. I was introduced to HHC around 98/99 by a buddy who was an hhc producer and dj and played in a band that always did shows with one of my old bands. Though I ended up losing touch with the guy, I still really kept on listening to HHC (I ended up buying tons of compilations over the past few years). When I heard that Hulla was ending, I decided it's time to go and check out the remaining few that were left. Anyways, I really regret (soooo regret) not getting into the scene earlier because I totally love it.

Anyways, based on what I gather from other people, I really wish I went to the following

Get Hype
View to Thrill
Into The Blue

also I really wish I caught Hulla@WEMF. By the time I started going to WEMF, there was no hulla stage. Oh well. Maybe someday (though i doubt it)
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