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Originally Posted by kandeegirl2
the BEAUTY of hulla is the joy of spreading happiness for everyone under the roof not just oldies or newbies or whatevers. labels stink and that is why i love hulla cuz labels don't apply when you're there......
wanna get old skool bout parties? didn't think so and i know there are people on here who've been doing it longer than me so everyone just get off their hullabahighhorse.
i just want to be able to feel the very highly missed hulla vibe one last time.

that's what I'm screamin, it doesn't matter who or what you are, or how many parties you've been to. It's about the awesome vibe!!
Open your eyes, see all the love in me, I've got enough foreva, dont be afraid take all you need from me, and we'll be strong together!!!

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