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Old July 10th, 2005, 07:52 AM   #1
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Post your party follow up reviews here! I'll type mine later, for now, bed!
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Old July 10th, 2005, 08:33 AM   #2
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I guess that's as good a way to start off as any. My first Hullabaloo was way back in 1998, at a little club called Ministry. I remember trying to get to at least two or three events prior to that, and I'm still kicking myself for missing Meltdown, arguably one of the best Hullabaloo parties ever.

Hullabaloo was not the first rave I went to, not by a long shot. But the consistency, the vibe, the music, and the people have always made it one of the best recurring events in this part of the country, if not the continent or the world (though, nothing rivals the DIY parties of 1999). The distance people travel to come to these events is astounding - at least one person last night came all the way from Australia.

So, we fast foward to last night, where myself and many others I saw from six or seven years ago were out for one last go at a Hullabaloo. Many of the faces I saw I met either at a Hullabaloo, or on this very message board. It was fitting to see so many old faces, some who had not been to a Hullabaloo in many years, as if everything were coming full circle, back to the beginning of what was started eight years ago. And it was also fitting to see so many new faces, people new to Hullabaloo, perhaps even new to the rave scene as it exists today. That has always been something special about Hullaballo - the new faces, new people to make their mark on Hullabaloo, and the eagerness with which they are brought.

I could go into a lengthy review of the party, but I simply wouldn't be able to express myself eloquently enough to do it justice. If you were there, you know already. If you were not, the sound, video, images that exist, and the stories that will be told, will hopefully be able to convey in small part the emotion and energy of last night. But, although all good things must come to an end, the end has come at perhaps the best time, and certainly in the best fashion possible, on a very, very high note. As Frolic always writes on the flyer - 'Don't just hear about how good it was - experience it for yourself'. Now, after eight years, that can no longer happen. Instead, the memories will live on in those that truly made Hullabaloo - the ravers.

So, to everyone that made the last eight years of Hullabaloo - the Frolics, the resident DJs, the DJs that came from around the world, the stage crews, the Friendship crew, everyone who worked behind the scenes, and of course the Hullabaloo community - I thank you for making it what it was, and for letting me share in what will almost certainly be memories that are carried with us for the rest of our lives.

Happy Hullabaloo!
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Old July 10th, 2005, 09:02 AM   #3
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i guess i'll just copy and paste a small part from my journal....

sorry to all that i didn't stay too long, but i heard a great jungle set and figured i'd leave after that set, before there was more happy hardcore. :P
however, at one moment, i found myself standing alone, looking out into the crowd and uncontrolably smiling, while i reminised.
ahhh my good old "innocent" rave days.
i had a blast back then....and i witnessed those times again last night, through all the other people there, dancing like idiots.
thanks, young ravers.

and i have to say that mike did a great job hyping up the crowd. i watched and giggled. smile
he got to be up there for a special moment and he deserved it.

i'm glad i went...even if only for a short time.
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Old July 10th, 2005, 09:06 AM   #4
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strongbow... I think you fully said it eloquently enough to do it justice. I really appretiate how you said it and the feeling that it portraid..

A very happy hulla... and a happy hulla end.
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Old July 10th, 2005, 09:31 AM   #5
neue method
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Had a wicked time. I haven't been to a hulla event in 5 years and this defintely brought back much memories.

btw: for the person who lost their digital camera @ the event i have it. Tell me the model and make i'll make sure to get it back to you.

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Old July 10th, 2005, 11:31 AM   #6
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damn it alex, I didnt know you were going.
I knew id regret not going,
damn health
damn damn
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Old July 10th, 2005, 12:11 PM   #7
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Oh goodness, where do I begin? At the beginning, I suppose.

As far as I can remember, I learned about Hullabaloo on IRC, back around Love & Magic or Into the Blue. Something always came up, or I wasn't allowed to go, but I managed to pull everything together for Funtopia 1, at Ministry back in June 1998. Even then, there were netmeets: my friend Brian (from #Orbital on Undernet IRC) and his friends Emily and Carl drove up from Washington, DC. Somehow I had managed to convince them that Hullabaloo was worth the trip, even though I'd never attended a Hulla party before.

It was awesome.

After that, I made it to most Hulla parties, and looked forward to them like nothing else. One of my all-time favourites would have to be Big Top: the first big net meet (that I remember), the bouncy castle, playing Twister in the corner of the venue... an excellent night.

And then in 1999, something happened that I feel was a total act of fate, and I feel as though I need to mention it here. I was living in London for school, and I wanted to get back to Toronto to attend For Those Who Know in December. I was too cheap to take the train or the bus, so I posted a message on this very board looking for a ride. A guy named Mikie saw my post, and even though we'd never spoken before, he then convinced his friend Alan to drive me to the party. Alan and I met up in London a few days before the party just to make sure that it would work out, and I found out that Mikie had also offered to let me stay at his apartment after the party.

That night changed my life. Alan had a digital camera, and he let me use it for part of the night at For Those Who Know. I put my pictures online and one was used for the Ooh Crikey Wot a Scorcher flyer, and the "Photocrew" was born. If it wasn't for Hulla, I never would have developed an interest in photography, and it truly has become one of my passions. But back to the people I met that weekend. Alan and I went on to date for quite a while. Mikie has since become one of my closest friends, even though he's lived and worked overseas for a while now. Earlier this year, I flew to Australia to be "best man" in his wedding. I've met so many good people through Alan and through Mikie, and it's all thanks to one stupid post I made on this board.

Starting with Ooh Crikey, Alan and I (or sometimes just myself) would go to Hulla armed with, at first, his camera, then our own cameras, and take literally hundreds and hundreds of photos each night. I loved taking party pictures.

And then in 2001, for various reasons, it kind of all fell apart for me. Going to parties had started to feel like work to me (in terms of running around trying to get photos of everything instead of dancing), I didn't know many/any people to go with and always felt like a bit of an outsider rather than a part of the scene, and then there was Rhythm of Life (RIP Salim). I skipped a couple Hullas, attended Turn up the Music in November 2001 and then I did not attend another Hulla (or any other party, as far as I can remember) until April 2005, when I grabbed a couple friends who had never been to Hulla and dragged them to Lost in Space.

I never planned to quit like that, it just sort of happened. Hullas would roll around and I just couldn't motivate myself to go anymore. Looking back, I really regret this, as I'm sure I missed some great times.

To be honest, I hadn't even planned to attend Lost in Space or All Good Things. But then Chris approached me about the scrapbook project, and I started digging through old CDRs and pulling together all of my Hulla photos. And then I remembered what Hulla meant to me. Chris sent me a couple scrapbooks in the mail, and I just started to cry. Holding the scrapbook was like holding who I was from 1998-2001, and I missed those days. I missed taking pictures. I missed the people that I saw in the photos.

Then I went to Lost in Space, and I had a great time, even though I never made it onto the main floor, and didn't stay all that long or really see anybody that I once knew.

Last night I promised myself that I'd be front and centre, and there I was, from about 15 minutes into Tommy's set right until the end of the night. And what a night it was! I had my brother with me, and it was his first party ever. I'm glad that he got the chance to experience something that meant to much to me. I was so happy to see so many familiar faces, so many people that I hadn't seen in years and years. That's the Hulla spirit right there, spotting somebody that you haven't seen in four (or five or six) years, giving them a massive hug, and instantly it feels like you're back among true friends.

As the night went on last night, I kept feeling as though whoever was playing was playing the best set of the night. Each and every set was amazing, and I feel like I have to thank the DJs because they were so great.

I was doing fairly well last night emotionally, just a little bit of sadness around the various retirements. And then there was the video scrapbook. There was a slide with a photo of me, and then a couple slides later one of Mikie, and I just lost it. Instantly I grabbed my phone and sent Mikie a text to wish him a Happy Hulla and tell him how much I wished he was there. He came back with "Aww! Blow a whistle for me!" and that just about sums it up.

What else is there to say about last night? The Opera House looked fantastic. The music was amazing. And the crowd! What an awesome and friendly bunch. I've travelled a lot recently and attended some fairly large and famous events. I can say this with all sincerity: nothing can top that Hulla vibe. It was truly alive and well last night.

To the Hulla ravers, especially those who have routinely travelled from all over the place to attend Hulla parties: it's amazing how much dedication you've shown. It's great to see how much effort people still put into their outfits, into bringing things to give away, into ensuring those around them are having a good time. There is no crowd anywhere like a Hulla crowd.

I think that I had better cut myself off, otherwise I could go on forever.

Hullabaloo has meant so much to me over the years, and I am so happy to have been there for the very last one. I almost can't believe that this is indeed the end. But what an end! Last night was truly legendary.

Happy Hullabaloo!

Love always,
Aimée (stargurl)

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Old July 10th, 2005, 02:17 PM   #8
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It just maid me relize, I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT!

Every dj had the same hhc beat to mix with the other crap that they were spinning. (although there were some kick ass classic's far and between)

On the good side, my girl friend and I got to see at least 5 ppl from the E partys way back when. (and smoking in the venue with out getting caught)
(and ppl thinking i was a bouncer cause i was wearing all black)

It seemed like we where all there to try and re-live the good ol days.

I am glad it is all over.

Love you soo much it makes me sick.
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Old July 10th, 2005, 02:24 PM   #9
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Went, drank my face off, saw some old friends, met some new people, good vibes.
Thank you to those who werent afraid to say hello.

...I forgot how much whistles hurt.
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Old July 10th, 2005, 02:41 PM   #10
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I would first like to say that last night exceeded my expectations in all aspects, and I had really, really high expectations.

i've never seen someone fill the dance floor so quickly. The starting set is always important and seems to be a good sign of what you will find for the rest of the night. Your set brought some slow, some fast, some new, some old, something for EVERYONE, which is what it needed to be. Amazing set, can't wait for the recording.

An emotional set for me. You have always been one of my favorite hardcore DJs, and seeing you go out in a thunderous roar of applause and waves of hugs made me feel all fuzzy inside. Your set, incredible, as always. I can tell you really put alot of heart and feeling into this one, and i'm glad that you went out with a bang.

I like jungle/dn'b, i've never really danced to it, cause... well... i can't dance, but LAST NIGHT, was such killer choons that i HAD to get up on the dance floor and do my best! One fuck of a jungle set! Also, props to MCED for doing a great job on covering for JD.

fuck yeah!!!!!
bloody wicked set, im always impressed with your sets... i don't know what more to say.

Subsonic Chronic:
alot of nice old trance that i know and love. A perfect tribute set to days of old, smooth mixing, chilling to listen to, fun to dance to, I couldn't have been more pleased with a non-hardcore set. Excellent job.

Hulla Video Scrapbook:
well this isn't really a dj, but it was fun to see all pictures and videos from the past. I really wish i was around to have been to some of those huge hullas it showed, those looked wicked.

Anabolic Frolic:
your set reeked....

of cheese!
My mind is perplexed on how one set could be so good. It had EVERYTHING. Favorite set of the night, and maybe for the rest of my life. I admit by the end i was really really tired and had to sit back down, but i made it up for the last one... well two, i KNEW you weren't going to end with shooting star! It was such a good feeling to hear everyone shouting "one more track", and not stopping until you came on (and you said the party would end at 5 :P ). and when heart of gold hit (we all knew it would) as i looked out over the railing and all the ravers, the lights swirling in a coriographed tapestry of colour, guided by sound. Looking up at the giant sign "goodbye", as lasers soard through the air, singing with everyone, i almost cried... almost. It was definatly the most moving rave moment i've ever experienced.

Thank you frolic, thank you robin, thank you hulla ravers and EVERYONE else who has made hullabaloo possible in the past, thank you.
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Old July 10th, 2005, 02:56 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by =Funksta=
...I forgot how much whistles hurt.

Ear plugs were $2 at the bar, but I brought mine from home. I was very happy to have them.

I wonder though, if using them has an effect on one's perception of the vibe at the party.
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Old July 10th, 2005, 03:00 PM   #12
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I really liked the beginning of the 2am set. I don't know what the DJs look like (Elixir or Subsonic Chronic?), but the first 10-15 minutes were great, after that I got distracted and the music became the background moreso than the focus.

During Anabolic Frolic's set, when two of the friendship crew were dancing together... a repetitive choreographed dance. It looked really good.
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hmmm my favourite part was the trance set, I as well realize HHC is not my thing anymore, I brought a shit load of kandi to trade, but traded like 2, I couldn't talk to anyone, and a few people I wanted to say hello to I couldn't. So I never had as good as time as most did...but I will say this, I was glad to be a part of the history!
Congrads to Anabolic Frolic
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I think that my first party was in 1994 or so... and it was scary.
as I started going to a few more and found out which promoters threw the best parteis, I would routinely goto their parties and blow the rest off. My buddy (BUBBA!!) met Chris and would help him out here and there. Since I hadn't been to a party in about 3 years (and it was a Hulla too), I knew that I had to goto this one. Especially since Chris hooked us up with those handy dandy purple and white back stage passes.

Chris, you hold good parties. period. I hope that get to use the talents you've learned in the real world now and will still get to spend the days with your kid.

I took a few pic's. You can find them here. Party People
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Old July 10th, 2005, 04:23 PM   #15
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I, unfortunately, left early because my claustrophobia was too 'there' to ignore for more than a few minutes at a time, but what I caught before I left was absolutely incredible. A perfect example of that was during Spinz's set. Me=not a big fan of jungle...dancing to jungle at least.. for some reason I can't. But spinz, along with the mc's up on stage just made it so enjoyable.
Hujib-Awesome way to kick off the party
Silver1-As far as I can remember you got the whistles tarted with John Gotti's Revenge and it just kept getting better, and better. i make jungle fun :P
D-Minus-...what can I better than I expected, and that's saying alot. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

To the MCs... you guys blew my mind. At 2 seperate times within the span of a few minutes I got to experience one of those wow-ish movie cliche connections.
And stopping to sing with Jumper made my night.

I knew I'd forget names and faces but I had a blast meeting everyone, and getting rid of all my candy. Even though before we left it was in handfuls :P

Thanks to everyone, the partiers, dj's, mc's, promoters, friendship crew, and everyone else, behind the scene's or otherwise who made my night one last time.
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Old July 10th, 2005, 04:38 PM   #16
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I had an amazing time, full review later
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Well it was certainly a great comming home party.. for me

I had a wonderful time and i'm glad i was able to say goodbye to hulla with such a wonderful night.

It was awesome seeing everyone and meeting all the new faces i did (most of whom already knew me)

I had a fabulous time..

my only complaint.. although i never really waited was the smoking situation and the line up there. but it's nothing that can really be avoided,

Good job on the Party Chris and everyone else who helped put it together.
"I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,
you were talking so brave and so sweet,
giving me head on the unmade bed,
while the limousines wait in the street."
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Old July 10th, 2005, 05:41 PM   #18
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The moment that defined the night was not, for me, the last two tracks.

The moment that will remain forever etched in my mind is when Eyeopener dropped, and 850 people simultaniously lost their minds. That moment was more intense than every party experience I've ever had combined. Wow.

The whole night was absolutely stellar... All the DJ's showed how well they know the Hullabaloo crowd, all the MC's were unbelievably energetic, all the ravers were insane from start to finish, the lights, the friendly security, the vibe.

Thanks Chris & Robin for six years, seven months of pure joy.


MC Everybodies*HappyHullabaloo*Daddy
Dirty Little Secrets

Hot + Dirty
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Old July 10th, 2005, 07:29 PM   #19
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It was an amazing party,thank you Chris and Robin for the hulla parties....

Got to the party with Silver1 spinning, I missed some of his set but what I heard was really good, Silver1 your track selections are always superb ... good luck with the retirement, seriously my favourite resident

Frisky set was just incredible, like wow! It was nice to hear Wanting to get high, Pacific Sun, Children of the night, etc, so many good choons

Frolic playing Stay with me, Come Together and Heard of Gold just made the rave

I really enjoyed my 8th and last hullabaloo rave, thank you everyone

Finally, to the "happy face/ smile girl" who I see at almost every hulla, I am not sure if you post on this board, but thanks, I always enjoy our run ins. Last night would not have been a comeplete hulla unless I saw you and you did your thing

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Instead of writing a full review, I'll sum it all up in 1 word.....

Yahoo!: rperry461
AOL: PteRMPerry
ICQ: 75540703
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everything was awesome. : o )
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Awww my legs hurt!!!! But in a good kinda way...

I thought last night was awesome. Really didnt know what to expect at first, but I loved every minute of it. I think the atmosphere is far better than most UK parties.
kaixo! Rotterdam - The roots of Hardcore

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Farewell hulla :(

Hey just a quick thanks to Chris and Robin Frolic for the time and effort spent on making the last hulla memorable and special for me and my boyfriend. This was the best hulla I have ever attended and the music was great! Subsonic rocked as usual and Anabolics ending sets were amazing and reminded me of all the great times I have had at hulla. Anabolic played the greatest hulla anthems and the best happy hardcore to end the night. I started off rocky by being sick but the music made me feel alive and want to stay till the final ending. Hulla has been my first actual rave scene and there has been nothin like it!!!! Thanks for the memories and great times, take care everybody!
I'm Standing here in my Field of dreams, your love has passed me by it seems, and the sun is seen on your face for another daaaay (Heard best in Bonkers 9, Hixxy's Mix, track 7.... of course)
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Old July 11th, 2005, 03:13 AM   #24
Sweetness and Light Mod
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where do i begin...i can't even try to write this write now, but i am goin to.....
everything about all good things was the epitome of every joy i had ever experienced at hulla in one evening....all hullas previous to AGT were amazing parties, and up until AGT hulla had the best vibe anywhere i've ever partied....AGT bestest bestest bestest most amazing muthafucking hardcore loving inspirational dance groovin whistle posse pumped noise crew friendship crew dj droppin dancin fools and all the good things in between!
chris, robin all associated in producing the event--your love of what you create is inspriational in soo many ways..thank you
all the amazing people i met and continued to met up until the other night, thank you for sharing one of the best life experiences a person could ever wish for
and to my boyfriend for having a great time and experiencing something you may have never known unless we met and wanting to share one of the most diversified and personal rave experiences with me is all i could ever ask for........hulla taught me soo many great things about being happy with who i was as a person. the confidence i gained from being around positive happy people who like to have fun and long for a place where they can be themselves was one of the best attributes of my hullabaloo experiences......
the music was great all night..i missed hujib and that sucked, but i am sure it was as awesome as everything else was that night...
the vibe of new hulla goers and old hulla goers was an awesome created a foundation that built up over and beyond anything you can imagine even after the party and into my sleepy head.....
the video montage, nothing will compare to the cheers when my picture (im now crying) was up there and people cheered...that meant soo much to me and i love you guys for loving me! that is what hulla will always mean to me, love. created out of our love for hardcore music and our love for people who understands what loving hardcore music is all about.
this is uber verbose, i hope i make sense in my exhausted state of mind and thank you again everyone for a night that will never ever ever be forgotten from beginning to end.
Definition of love:
the ability to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.
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Old July 11th, 2005, 03:36 AM   #25
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i'll write a full review later, cuz man is there a lot to say,
but i will make a quick complaint...(not to sound lame BUT!...)

okay, during anabolics set a guy turned to me gave me a dirty look and in a manner of rude words told me to stop blowing my whistle(and he wasn't kidding)
That dude, needed to not be there...
anywayz yeah i'll write up full review tomorrow, i'm so tired right now, long drive home and all...
happy 2 tha hard 2 tha mother f*ckin core!
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