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Old February 12th, 2006, 01:26 AM   #1
anabolic frolic
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Frolic's final speech from All Good Things

Anabolic Frolic's final speech from All Good Things.

July 10, 2005 about 5:45am...

I hope you guys don't mind, I wrote some things down I'd like to share with you guys... {crowd cheers}

I can't believe we lasted this long. To be going out with such a bang in the year 2005 is just, amazing. I mean, you’ve heard the stories… I was just a dude, I was just a kid, I was just a guy who happened to love a certain kind of music and just wanted to share it with other people. Who knew where, I certainly had no idea where this was going to take me. And tonight is probably the proudest moment of my life, this is just amazing. The amount of love you guys are showing. It’s just awesome. {crowd erupts} Thank you.

I've said this before, but my goal tonight was to leave a legacy unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now… tonight will be talked about, forever. {crowd cheers}

Hullabaloo existed at a time in history that will never be repeated, and can never be repeated. A once in a lifetime coming together of a lot of very special people. A cheer for everybody. You’re all very special, you’ve all made it possible. {crowd cheers}

Alright, there’s a lot of people I want to thank, ‘cause this is my chance.

So, I want to thank all the Hullabaloo DJs, I think the best known group of residents in the whole world. We’ve had the best DJs here… Frisky, D-Minus, Silver1, Elixir, Subsonic Chronic, honorary Hulla resident DJ Spinz. Our MCs, Kwik, Gobstopper, Jumper, Everybodies Daddy, and MC Storm who would have loved to have been here today but obviously couldn’t make it. We love you Storm, hopefully you’ll hear the recordings. {crowd cheers… “we love you Frolic”}

Back, after our 3rd Hulla party I realised that our local residents were as important to making the night a success as any of the headliners. And that’s why on every Hulla flyer everyone’s name is the exact same size. {crowd erupts}

So, there’s a few people I want to mention, some of them you may know, some of them you may not know.

My oldest friend and best man at my wedding is here tonight, his name is George, go ahead and wave. He came up from Ottawa, just got here hours ago but he knew tonight was a really important night for me, so, thank you for coming, George.

I want to thank Cosimo and the Audio Dynamics guys. They’ve been doing sound and lights ever since the beginning. Cosimo designed the lighting rig tonight, he ran it all night. He’s up there. Cosimo, awesome awesome work man, you can be proud. Also, Scott, the sound guy, and the Opera House guy, I’ve forgotten your name, sorry. Haha.

I want to thank my uncle Yuri, Gavin's middle name namesake. He’s just over here, go ahead and wave. Those stories you hear about me living in a small office for 2 years - well that was Yuri's old office that he let me move into and without his support in the old days, getting me through, I wouldn’t have made it here tonight, so thank you Yuri. {crowd cheers}

Is Klubmasta Will here, I saw him earlier? I need to thank Klubmasta Will for giving me all kinds of support. Especially during our darker periods, he was always there for us, and again we wouldn’t be here tonight without him. {crowd cheers}

There’s also someone I need to point out at this risk of embarrassing him. Robin’s dad, Steve. He flew all the all the way in from California. He just got here today. I’m going to share a little story; Back in the 60's Steve lived the hippie lifestyle. He hitchhiked back and forth across America for 2 years. He had his head cracked open at a protest, and it was with great interest that he'd hear my stories about what we were doing up here at Hullabaloo and he knew he had to see it for himself before it was gone. {crowd cheers}

I’ve got to point out my wife Robin, I don't need to say much more about her. {crowd cheers} Give it up for Robin. I AM going to embarrass Robin a little bit though. She was my original groupie. {crowd erupts} She had a master plan about finding my hotel room while I was in Los Angeles and coming to it and seducing me. But oddly enough we met in real life and fell in love before she could execute her plans. And it’s been love ever since.

And of course I have to thank you, the unbelievable Hulla Ravers. {crowd cheers} Thank you. Whether tonight is your 1st or 41st Hullabaloo, it’s going to hold a special place in all of our hearts. And that dedication our patrons have shown Hulla over the years has made it a success. By my count I figure over 100,000 people have come through our doors, and it’s just… Past and present, everybody contributed to making Hullabaloo what it is. So, thank you past AND present Hulla Ravers. {crowd erupts}

Lastly, I need to leave a message for my son Gavin; Gavin, you're almost 1 year old and you have no idea what daddy does for a living. {crowd laughs} One day you'll look back on these pictures and videos, and maybe have a good laugh, who knows. I would have loved to have been able to continue this forever, as there are few professions that allow their father to spend the days, every day, with their son. And at least Hulla allowed me to spend this first year every day with you. You won't remember this time, but I will, forever. {crowd erupts}

And now, this is it. I mean, as excited as we were for tonight, and with as much anticipation as we had, this is it, it’s time for the last song. {crowd shouts “nooo” and “we love you”}. Everybody, let’s come together and share this. One last one. {crowd erupts}.
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i guess i'll be the 1st to post it...

here i am crying again... listening to heart of gold =)
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Old February 12th, 2006, 02:36 AM   #3
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thanks frolic...:P crying
Remember when we first met, Friends until the end, I'll hold you in my heart, until we meet again!
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You know, I wasnt even there and reading this almost brought tears to my eyes. When I first got my cd pack there were tears rolling down my cheeks...Once again ill say it, Hulla touched more than just the people involved with it, it went further and touched people that never had the pleasure of going to one of your events Frolic...You are a true hero
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Old February 12th, 2006, 06:07 AM   #5
No Typical Raver
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Originally Posted by anabolic frolic
[B]I was just a dude, I was just a kid, I was just a guy

haha i love that line
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Originally Posted by Race 2 Da Beat

This guy will be the entire reason I stop lurking here
Originally Posted by Sim
i cant even imagine what goes on inside your head day by day. but whatever it is it must be awesome.
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