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Old November 25th, 1999, 01:04 PM   #1
Klubmasta Will
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Centre of the Universe

i know there have been a ton of "what's your favourite party" threads on this board, so i thought i'd try something a little different. what are your favourite party MEMORIES or MOMENTS from the past year? what special occurrences have you witnessed? what special incidents can you think of that you know you'll remember fondly for the rest of your life?

here are some of mine ... all from the past year:

1. anabolic frolic's new year's eve countdown at DIY NYE

2. "the keys have been found!" during subsonic chronic's set at DIY NYE

3. sitting around the rampsterdam with the rest of the clean-up crew the morning after DIY NYE - knowing that we had all just participated in one of the most incredible nights of our lives

4. sketchmaster j's EBF 1 house party in kitcher/waterloo - still the best damn house party that i've ever attended

5. golden griddle breakfast with the original double g crew after EBF 1

6. silver one dancing on the speaker at hullabaloo 9 "big top"

7. silver one falling off the speaker and breaking the lighting board at hullabaloo 9 "big top"

8. my surprise birthday party - thanks to the lovely jennstar (where you been hun?)

9. subsonic chronic vs. stone cold steve austin at "purple haze productions" - and the scuffle on the hullaboard over who should pay for stone cold's broken cell phone

10. announcing the "mystery dj spock" as we raised the banner and let the confetti cannons fly at DIY "springroll"

11. spontaneous group hug on the dancefloor at DIY "springroll"

12. saying goodbye to our friend anastasia onstage during subsonic chronic's set at DIY "springroll" - when she started to cry, we all cried with her

13. hugging rabbit at DIY "springroll" after realizing that a rumour i had heard about her getting hurt was false - massive relief after a very big scare

14. the craziest hardcore crowd still going strong when the sun started coming in the windows of the international centre at kamikaze "awacknation" - no vibe, my ass!

15. the dancing cop with the glowsticks on the balcony at dose "connected"

16. hugging e-chick after our car accident on the way to destiny "chocolate"

17. walking into the warehouse and seeing the most incredible decorations - live trees and all - at hullabaloo 10 "foreverland"

18. dj x's first hullabaloo set at hullabaloo 10 "foreverland" - way to go willar!

19. sweet 16 birthday dinner with carmeee at the top of the cn tower - watching her exclaim "oh my god!" after seeing the menu - eheheh

20. silver one's first dj set ever at "uproar" - way to go tommy k!

21. the star wars overnight line up - sooooo many memories from that nite - breakfast television and all baby!

22. anabolic frolic's "i've just got one thing to say ... happy hullabaloo!!!" speech at hullabaloo 11 "funtopia 2"

23. knowledge and wisdom performing the most insane jungle set of the year (in my opinion) at next junction "need to know"

24. subsonic chronic saying "happy birthday erin" while playing to a tent full of friends at wemf 99

25. m-zone's set in the hullabaloo tent at wemf 99 with mark eg and e-by-gum going mental on-stage

26. mark eg biting into records and smashing turntables during his set on the main stage at wemf 99

27. anabolic frolic coming out to dance with the rest of us during m-zone's set at wemf 99

28. robin's "chris, i have an important question to ask you ... *down on one knee while the audience goes beserk* ... can we get a puppy?" onstage at the hullabaloo tent at wemf 99

29. dj frisky having a wee bit too much to drink at email productions "fresh off the tree"

30. dancing in the rain at mad science "paradigm shift" in hamilton

31. alex d's 3 hour disco set outside at citrus 99 (one of my ALL-time favourite sets)

32. sos's goodbye speech at kamikaze "ju'rave'ic park"

33. anabolic frolic's mom dancing onstage with the glowsticks at hullabaloo 12 "a view to a thrill"

34. rabbit on the moon's set at freakin 99 - one of the greatest performances that i have ever witnessed

35. jenna singing onstage at ATM "reunion" while they *tried* to release the balloons!

well, that's about it for now. my brain is starting to hurt. but i'm sure i missed a LOT of great memorable moments so i'll add more to this thread when i think of them.

it's important to step back every now and then and think about why we love the party scene so much. that's what prompted me to make this list.

peace love unity respect,

Klubmasta Will

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Old November 25th, 1999, 01:29 PM   #2
Join Date: May 1999
Location: City? Toronto...State? Perpetual Confusion....
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Omg....thank you so much, Will *muah* That actually brought a tear to my eye...

*Drivin' down to Ottawa for last lear's HHC Christmas, meeting Daryl & Brandon, giving them a ride there and back...two of the most wicked people I know. Can't believe Strongbow/Alex was at that party.

*DIY NYE, simply *the* best New Year's I've *ever* had, and prolly the best party I've ever been to.

*Punzy's 18th Birthday party. *So* much fun, ehehe, *still* haven't gotten those tapes from Rowan

*Star Wars line up, hype and movie, definately. Does this count as a party memory? Meh, oh well

*My very "first net meet" at Foreverland...meeting Lindser, Baby Hugs, Strongbow, Starrie, Muffin...and more. I remember at "Big Top", one of my friends mentioned that "the net meet's on NOW!", and I wondered wtf he was talkin' about.

*FOTT pre-party at Saffron's, and chillin' on the fire escape with Erin and Willar...fetchin' munchies for them at one point 'cause they didn't wanna move Meetin' a very candy-ish Smiley in the lineup...meeting Sandy in the washroom, I thought it was odd that people were stopping me, 'cause I was wearin' a Pyrovitae nametag hehehe. I was surprised anyone knew who I was...Oh, and Stan becoming my stalker!

*Hullabaloo Funtopia...Trance tent in the morning, me giving Stacey/Starrie dirty looks all night

*Kamikaze Jurave'ic park. "I'm SoOoOoO confused!" SOS's last set and subsequent speech.

*Matty buying me my ticket for atm, 'cause I was broke...he hadn't even *met* me, just talked to me on ICQ, and thought I seemed like sucha "nice girl", Oh, how wrong he was! Muahahaha! hehehe *muah* thanks hun

Ahhhh...there's so much more, so many it's almost difficult to convey, I just want to savour them in my mind. So many memories, all of a sudden flooding over me. Wow. Thanks Will



(Ahhhhh! Uproar! Altho, I *missed* Tommy's first set, 'cause I *suck* And the time...oh...gee...I'll leave it at that, for now, hehehe)

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Old November 25th, 1999, 01:58 PM   #3
Join Date: May 1999
Location: st kitts
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Okay on this year long journey of raving I have alot of memories *no after over year of using I am not brain dead* :P
anyways back on track ..
I have know a few of you fools for a year now .. one being the one, the only klubmasta will *dragon girl to bad we couldn't have saved those icq chats from back in the day *
Hulla 9, big top : jay the night in the lighted hallway, leaving with him looking over my should with pete and will looking at us walk away
PHP trip to the moon WILLs BIRTHDAY PARTY:
8 am will "i can't believe frolic came to birthday party"
Hulla 10, foreverland : willars set, meeting stan and the boy whom I adore the most
matt *aka bigbluejackass, the golden griddle and jay eating everyones food
DiY SpringRoll : getting in a fight with jay
and everyone thinking I was the one who had a seizure
Hulla 11, funtopia : being bitter towards nat *Iam really so hun I love you mUaH* in the trance tent in the morning when in the middle of all the trance some one put on groove is in the heart, man i will rember that for the rest of my life
wemf is just one big memory
Driving past the bingo hall on jane and 7 and it not being there any more * that was really sad i had been to a few parties there*

Meeting all the people close to me now, sharing it with my best friend of 11 years almost 12

I love you all I think i am gunna go cry now

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Old November 25th, 1999, 02:11 PM   #4
Klubmasta Will
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Centre of the Universe

quit it you guys! you're gonna make me start cryin' too! *sniffle*

*group hug*

Klubmasta Will

ps. on a trouble-shooting note, if you're gonna add your favourite memories to this thread, PLEASE do not list drug memories ... that is NOT what this thread is about. thanks!
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Old November 25th, 1999, 02:11 PM   #5
Join Date: May 1999
Location: City? Toronto...State? Perpetual Confusion....
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Sorry, sorry, sorry...

Oh, and Syrous, with Daft Punk spinning was pretty gewd, too. Erin had a very "Happy Birthday" that night, I'm sure Stace and I wandering around arm in arm discussing important issues, such as analyzing certain people... and *shut up*, hun, you've apologized about that ENUFF! Techno Invasion...Ahhh...I'm gonna go cry now, too. *sob*



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Old November 25th, 1999, 02:30 PM   #6
Join Date: May 1999
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damn what a good idea... *pr0pz* i'm going to have a hard time remembering it all...

i have some interesting memories of my first party of 99... resonance III. that was one helluva cool venue. it was some sort of an arabian banquet hall...

trip to the moon in february is still special for me... it was valetine's day weekend and i came home with quite the crush... on a certain hullaboarder... chick_e oh where are you now darlin.. [incedentally, thats how i got on here ]... i remember chillin wiff her on one of the couches, just yakkin up a storm for a while.. what a sweetie :P

total eclipse at the end of february was massive fun. someone i had met puked all over like five people, myself included. she's now a good friend. don't ask, it was fucken weird... that was the night that angry naked man made his debut on the dancefloor. yeah! plus that night was the most & best goa i've heard all year at a toronto party... matt boom i took home a slinky that was part of the amazing decorations at this party and its still kickin around my apartment...

DIY spring roll. i tripped hard through this party and it was tons of fun. loved the lighting. the music wasn't really my thing and it was agonizing to wait for chronic in the morning at some ungodly hour when everyone should be at home sleeping... but hey. met lots of hullaboarders. i remember someone pointing out everyone on stage "thats mikey, thats gollum, thats ____". sad memories of short-e saw a pretty fine light show from eggboi. chillin by the speakers in the morning with florin & x0r bustin propz and shit... heh

the moonshadow outdoor was an amazing experience that i wish i could repeat [and hopefully will next yr!]. i think that coulda been the first night me & rashelle [op|a] ever went out and did anything... the space was so beautiful, the music so perfect, and it was the last good SOS set i ever expected to hear... the morning was so much fun, antics with the joggers, that insane bus ride to eglinton... oh wheee =) the entire environment was surreal. oh, how about the freight-train remix of 1998?

fresh off the boat. didnt pay attention to any set other than marty's [danced for that while i could - it was 10pm or so and i knew exactly how packed that place was going to get]. social party. fun. talked all night long, tried the entire sober partying thing. fun spent lots of time getting kicked out of the hallways and lookin for places to chill where it wasnt a sauna. because i used to go to destiny fridays a lot i knew the area pretty well and there were a couple of rooms i had access to to chill out with people. saw weazel for the first time in forever... some of the more amusing stuff came up when i went looking for my good friend jay who was up in the VIP loft thing.. chilled with them and had a beer & some pizza [the absolute perfect thing for a hungry sober person in the middle of the night!]. i remember some wacko taking one of the guide-rails from the front entrance and looping it into his pants like a wallet chain. wack i tell you. and to think that i was just walking by and had no intention of going to this party. i was at the front of the line just chillin and yakking with people and had a sudden urge to just check it out. they opened the doors, i made a split decision, and i was in. =)

phryl - live. adam beyer vs cari lekebusch. i went alone because i dont really have any technosnob friends in my area... it was an experience. ended up seeing lots of people i haven't seen in a while and the music was just KWA-LI-TEE all night long until misstress barbara came on... then it got too repetative and i started to crack. well, im glad to have caught the techno event of the millenium. [and i think you could safely call adam vs cari live just that...!!!] i met some awesome people and had a pretty good time at the opera house. saw lots of #rave people i used to know and chilled with some...

thrillz was a lot of fun. paladin vs dominik was great, and i saw lots of 519ers that i dont get to see so much [you guys kick ass!@# ].. had another mostly-chillin night there.. the bitch was waiting to get picked up in the morning. me and my best friend waited until 6pm!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH our ride came, didnt see us for some reason, and left for toronto. i remember ferdenands friend, the birthday boy, being so wacked he couldnt talk, walk, or do much of anything but wander around like a zombie. heh. happy birthday!

trancequake. my favorite party ever... has a little to do with me getting a chance to play, but a lot to do with the space, the incredible vibe, the people, and especially... trance all night long yeah! there is no "MOMENT" from this party unless moments have been redefined as lasting 12 hours.

wish i could think about specific moments but i think more in terms of a good party... like at wemf [which i did not like] there were a lot of interesting moments [many involving a couch] but i wouldn't really remark on them because the experience as a whole wasnt my thing.

peace =)

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Old November 25th, 1999, 02:40 PM   #7
Join Date: May 1999
Location: City? Toronto...State? Perpetual Confusion....
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Ahhhhhhh! I can't stop!

hehehe, funny you mentioned that Scott, a crush brought you to the Hulla too In ma case, it was the infamous "Klubmasta Will's" attention I was trying to get: hahaha! I think Will used to be afraid of me when I liked him, tho. I mean, we all know I'm psychotic, after all Oh, and Frolic's Mom at the last Hulla. Actually I had a good time at the last Hulla...

I don't know if this qualifies as a "memory", but can I say that it's always nice to hear, after people meet me, they'll tell me how damn "zexxxy" I am Makes me feel nice, everyone loves to receive compliments.

Okay, enough rambling...back to work. <Really. I mean it this time >



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Old November 25th, 1999, 02:44 PM   #8
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Location: Toronto
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Wow, what a year, definately one I will never forget. Some memories of mine:

Destiny 28-My first party after a two year break, and the one that got me hooked!
DIY Springroll-the whole evening was quite memorable, and my very first HHC party
Renegades/Destiny Chocolate-meeting tons of people from the board for the first time
FOTT-Unabomber/Kid Epic/Elixir in a row, nuff said, and having an awesome time even though I think I lost about 10 pounds in that heat.
Hard Sound-The party that felt like it was only 2 hours long, and the adventure that came with it the next day.
Resonance IV-Adrian and Luka's 'Are you from out of town' jokes and meeting Alex for the first time(before he was making short jokes )
Hullabaloo Funtopia-The outdoor trance tent and hearing some fantasic sets
Sporty Dan, silver1 and I seeing Star Wars and visiting the CN Tower afterwards.
WEMF-silver1 embarrassing the f**k out of me(I will still get you back for that), how many sober streaks were broken that weekend, attempting to walk from the parking lot to the campsite(ha!), Madame Zu, M-Zone, Mark EG sets. Too many other memories for me to type right now.
Paradigm Shift-Dancing in the rain, leaving the party dirtier than I was at the 3 Day.
EBF 1.5-OMG, look at that ceiling! Wandering in the woods when the jungle came on and remembering why I don't touch the buffet at the Golden Griddle anymore
EBF 2.0-listening to gollum and Adrian tell each other how they are ruining the scene
Just Vibe-Madame Zu and dancing hard through the entire set.

I know there are more, but I can't remember them for some reason. But thanks everyone for one of the best years ever.

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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:01 PM   #9
Join Date: May 1999

Wow, this has been one of the best years in like... EVER! Like... OMG!!!

hee hee

John "00" Fleming's set at Chocolate - 3 hours of yummy trancey goodness

"Stalking" Pyrovitae at FOTT...

Resonance IV, waiting with Sandy beforehand for Basic and missing him 'cuz we were in the wrong area of the bus terminal, and then for Luka WHO SHOWED UP 2 HOURS LATE!!!

Watching the sun rise at WEMF during Madam Zu's set while she played "Panic"

Hearing Elixir spin "Wizards of the Sonic" at the end of DIY NYE and DIY Springroll and going apeshit.

Golden Griddle after Foreverland... Saffron asking the waitress "Do we smell?"
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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:02 PM   #10
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hey nat i forgot a moment from FOTB... meetin that pyrovitae grrrl and thinkin 'what a hottie!!' =)

one party i totally forgot about: resonance 4 [thanx sandy ]...

funniest thing of the night was in the morning when i didnt have the energy to dance but didnt want to sit around on this crazy mattresses in the wack hippie room. so i pulled up some chairs into the dance floor where dog star was TRYING to play a set [ha ha]... sat down in one, gave the other to a friend.. chilled... got up, danced when dog star got his set on again... and then as the grand finale THE CEILING CAVED IN -- BUT NO ONE NOTICED -- EXCEPT MY FRIEND WHO WAS STILL SITTING DOWN!! that was insane. everyone clapping, hollering, shouting for more frmo dog star, and at the back, where no one was lookin, rotten wood and planks come fallin down all over her and my stuff! AKKKKKK! dirty party haha.. or how about how the guys lost several thousand of the door money because they took it out dancing?

the smoke room was a good idea except you had to go through it to get water, or to the other room. dumb! that made me sik. that place was cloudy as hell. crazy shit. sock factory... oi oi oio..

oh and one more... jump up the underground i had a very BAD moment at this party but i try to forget it because the rest was SO good and i dont know why that bad moment happened well it was campy. felt like a vacation, not a party. it was excellent. too bad i missed mi'sha. that lil patio was excellent.

maybe more later... this is all coming back to me in trickles...
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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:08 PM   #11
Subsonic Chronic
Join Date: May 1999
Location: Toronto

Where to start... this could take me a while. This past year of partying has been so incredible for me. So much has changed, I've learned so much and met so many amazing people.

1. My first set at a party, DIY NYE. Bar none, the best night of my life. I still get chills when I think about that night.

2. DIY NYE. There are so many memories associated with that night, from meeting the people way back when it was simply a dream to the countdown with Anabolic Frolic, to cleaning until 2pm the next day.

3. EBF. The original last January. Like Will said, the best house party ever.

4. The first Hullabaloo net meet. Almost a year ago to the day of the next Hulla. There's where I met the likes of Klubmasta Will and many other people who have since become my closest friends.

5. My first Hullabaloo. Ok, it's more than a year ago, but that one night changed my life. Thank you Chris, once again, for everything that you've done with Hullabaloo.

6. WEMF. Wemf sketchiness, having fun despite waiting in line for everything and paying out the ass for stuff that shouldn't cost anything. Erin's birthday, the decorations. What a great weekend.

7. Hullabaloo 11 Funtopia. My first Hullabaloo as a DJ. As with almost every single Hulla, an amazing night!

8. The oroginal Golden Griddle breakfast. We must have written almost a dozen top ten lists of quotes from that morning. And so the tradition began...

I don't know where to go fom here, I've already spent a good hour just trying to remember all of my favourite memories but I know that there's so many more.

Thanks to everyone who's been a part of my life in the past year, you've made it unforgettable.


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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:23 PM   #12
Special K
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Location: Cambridge, Ontario
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Bringing my friend Heather to her first party, (Connected) then loseing her for half the night.

Bringing my best friend Steve to Hullabaloo 10, and getting him so excited to go.

Having a tea party in the girls bathroom at FOTT!!

Getting married at Hullabaloo 2 year!

Convincing 3 of my friends to go to Sonic Storm, then getting lost and coming up with F.T.R!

Getting crowned Princess Sketch Alot after Thrills, and starting the royal family.

Going on a 7 hour journey during WEMF.

Finding the Queen to the royal family at WEMF.

My birthday weekend, Funtopia/RCMP.

Dancing at Waynes all night then dancing even harder at Destiny 31 the next night!

Seeing SOS spin his last set as a local at Juravicpark, him hugging me and me being to shy to talk to him. His set is still one of the most memerable ones!!!

Being abducted all summer!!

Special K

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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:24 PM   #13
Sporty Dan
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DIY NYE - My first party. YAY!!


Hullabaloo 9 pre-party at the science center, and meeting Johnny and MastOR.

Ian D. -- The first person to remember my name the second time I saw them.

Anihilation - somehow losing my Vegas glasses - while I was wearing them - within an hour of going into the party.

Hard sound -
Me: <shaking> "Spock!! Oh my God, you;re the best!"</shaking>
Spock: "Are you.... ok?"
Tom: "Yeah... now Spock thinks you;re a freak"

WEMF - meeting Mark EG, and getting one of his records. Conceiving IDC 3.0 with Johnny.

EBF 1.5 & 2.0 - YAY!!


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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:42 PM   #14
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i've only been partying for about six months so mine are limited to a few parties but still things i'll never forget...

- Vibrations in Niagara Falls, my first rave and a total stranger I met online taking me without knowing me at all, i knew then that there was something great about the scene.

- Citrus in September.. my first Toronto party, picked up my friend Nancy I only chatted with online, and her friend Nate. Went with two people I'd never met face to face. I just walked around all night talking to all these awesome people, looking at all the exhibits.. Then after that closed we all went to the Comfort Zone till 4pm, then I had to drive from Toronto back to Ithaca, NY and then back home to Buffalo.. started for Toronto at 8pm Saturday night, got home at 8am Monday morning and went to work. I met so many awesome people..

- Dancing to Thriller and YMCA at Citrus.

- Watching a girl dance by herself to a player piano at Citrus, was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

- Pop, a party in Buffalo where I met the two coolest girls in the world, and then staying in touch and partying with them again.. love ya girls!

- Checking my email at 7pm the night of Hulla 12 and seeing email that says "HELP" and being able to provide a ride to james/waterboy.. he sounded so depressed until i mentioned we'd be there in 10 minutes to pick him up. I'd hope someone would do the same for me.

- at Hardcore Trixx sitting down with a kid and it was his first rave and educating him about the music and drugs, I wish someone had done that for me at my first party and I made a great impression.

- ATM, one of the most amazing nights of my life.. saw tons of people I had met at Hulla 12.. just looking at everyone smiling during Frolics set and when Jenna was singing, it was beautiful. The "ATM" sign from the donut shop appearing at the party.. heheh.

- Sewing my first pair of fun fur pants all by hand in the car ride up to Hullabaloo 12

- the dancing emt guy at ATM and then seeing him again at Trixx and him smiling as everyone said hi to him throughout the night.

- hearing Marcus for the first time at Lift2, i didn't really care for jungle until that night.

- Gold, a party in Ithaca, NY i went to.. drove 3.5 hours to check it out, bought a $5 raffle ticket and won a brand new sealed in the box 1200MK3D.. how's that for good luck?

- Groove Attack in Niagara Falls, it was an experience that speaks for itself.

thats it for now, they don't seem as warm and fuzzy as the others so far but there my best memories.
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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:46 PM   #15
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Dose All Funked Up in August. Proposing to my bf underneath the stairs in the ice arena.
Of course he said yes and we are getting married in May 2000.
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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:52 PM   #16
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Oh yea, the other favorite memory.. talking to a kid at Hullabaloo 12 for a while and all of a sudden him saying "i can't believe your talking to me, I'm what they consider a gino around these parts." i just replied with "i don't believe in labels" and he smiled and shook my hand. i donno.. he seemed normal and fine to me and said he was there cuz he loved happy hardcore. *shrug*
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Old November 25th, 1999, 03:54 PM   #17
Klubmasta Will
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Centre of the Universe

ok, i got all chocked up reading some of your replies. this lil walk down memory lane has proven to be quite the emotional experience.

i simply HAVE to add the nite of liquid groove "first contact" - the first party that i ever left before even going in. without going into details (like saffron throwing a stapler at my tv set, pouring sugar all over the place and trashing my apartment), i have to say that was the single scariest - and one of the most memorable - nights of my life. *hugs for saffy*

subsonic chronic - pete, so many of the items on our lists were the same. i guess we've had a pretty damn good year. thanks for always being a true friend.

pyrovitae - nat, hun, you are too damn *zexxxy* for your own good. you have been since i met you.

starrie - rabbit, you will ALWAYS be my lil dragon girl. don't ever forget that.

Klubmasta Will

ps. to everyone else reading this thread, don't just sit there, ADD YOUR OWN LIST OF MEMORIES from the past year. don't be intimidated by the fact that you may or may not know the other people sharing their memories. we want to hear from EVERYONE!
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Old November 25th, 1999, 04:14 PM   #18
*SaBbY SmUrF*
Join Date: May 1999
Location: Toronto, On, Canada

Here's the ones I can remember-

*Beach volly-ball at MI'SHA

*Giving people arm massages with the prom gloves at HULLA 2 YEAR (I am such a geek)

*Ian and the maniquin at RCMP

*The "evil-crew" at BITE THE BULLET

*Trance night at WAYNES (list of fears)

*Harassing the security gaurd (jungle boy) at CITRIS...OOOH.

*Mackin' the coolest guy at HARDCORE TRIX

*Everything at WEMF (watermelon???)hehe

*Girl who was so fucked she made-out with the speaker and the air at JUST VIBE...not for a joke either!

I'll be back wit more

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Old November 25th, 1999, 04:20 PM   #19
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My turn.
- Hmmmmmm. Let's see.

Will getting me to MC for one of Frolic's songs at DIY NYE (NEVER AGAIN WILL!!!!)

Hullabaloo Big Top. Speaker incident. Nuff said (NEVER AGAIN!!!)

EBF 1 - The first time I ever spun in front of people (after having spun for 23 days). I did ok but I think it's because I didn't know any better.

DIY Spring-roll - Seeing Adrian on his ass for the first time ever!!!

Hullabaloo Foreverland - Unsolicited hug from frolic. That's when I can tell that he's just loving his own parties and isn't stressed out. Looking for a place to sit with Will. Going completely nuts when I saw my name (sliver1 ) on a flyer for the first time. Thanks for the suprise Beth and Darryl.

Uproar - My first real party as a DJ. Thank-you so much Beth and Darryl for giving me a shot. You guys are the best.

Release (Ottawa). - going with Alison and Erin for coffee, and smokes, and McDonalds ice cream, and Burger King while waiting for my set (7:30 a.m.)

Funtopia - The whole night kicked ass. My favourite party by far. Dancing my ass off for frolic and Brisk. Seeing Pete with the biggest smile on his face during his set. Chatting with Brisk and Ham in the morning about the future of Happy Hardcore.

Delicate Beats (Ottawa) - One of my worst sets ever but I felt sooo much better after coffee and donuts with Chris and Robin. Without a doubt the most interesting couple I've ever met. Oh the stories

WEMF - SOO many memories. Hooking up with a special person who makes me happier than I've ever been. Conspiring with Madame Zu to give Mark EG an exploding cigarette. The look on Chris' face on Saturday morning when I asked him "How are things going?". (If looks could kill hee hee). Pete's set. You totally mastered the 1998/Man in the Moon mix. I had goose bumps Pete.

Paradigm Shift - the feeling I had after I pulled off my set in the "Cement Echo Chamber" as I like to call it. The look on Elixir's face after I gave him an exploding cigarette (do you see a pattern here folks).
Pete's set. So Hard. So crisp. So ..... (tears well up in my eyes)

Techno Invasion - Next to Hulla Funtopia the best party ever. Giving ANOTHER exploding cigarette to Mark EG (BUWAHAHAHAHAHA). Dancing my ass off and then chilling outside.

Citrus - Chilling with Sandy and Dan throughout the night.

EBF 1.5 - Spinning with Rowan (The best technical HH DJ in the city) and finally settling down after a few beers. I was a wee bit nervous at first. Nothing Beer won't fix. The Blair Witch walk. Chatting with Sandy, Luka, Will and Baby raver behind the Knights of Columbus.

There's more but I can't think of them right now.
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Reclarifying my favourite moments since Klubmaster loked my posting. Here is one:
1) My sweetest memory was in mid-August me and my bf drove to TO from Ottawa to attend RCMP. Arrived and they would not allow anyone else in. I remembered All Funked Up was being held, so we searched for it. Lets says it was an eye openning experiece at a Dose rave and I have never seen such a bad vibe rave. Anyways to the good part of the sweetest memory. Dancing with my bf on the ice rink, I just looked at him and I thought I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. Grabbed him, brought him to under the staircase and proposed marriage to him. He accepted of course and I gave him the ring that I was going to propsed to him another time. We kissed, talked and it was so great. One memory I have is there was a couple cutting up lines of coke beside me, very surreal experience and something I will tell my kids one day. We are getting married May 1999. We have two great cats Anastasia and Crystal. I love him with all my heart and soul.
2) dancing to Anabolic at Delicate Beats in Ottawa. Smiling through the whole set and made me happy the rest of the night. Also dancing to Subsonic chronic set..he is wicked.
3) My first Hulla "A View to a Thrill..attending it with my finace and friends from Ottawa and dancing to Frisky. Dancing to Happy Hardcore all night and looking into my fiance's eyes and seeing how happy he is.
4) WEMF 99..watching the sun come up on Sunday morning dancing to System F. Looking for the hulla tent and when I got there Anabolic was just coming on. Out of the blue meet a friend from Ottawa who I have not seen in a few weeks. Was amazed by WEMF.
5)Interface in Ottawa talking with Madame Zu, watching her spin and then she played my fav Access Denied.
6) Noctis Mirabalis in Ottawa (outdoor)..getting shut down by the cops for noise violation and it was pouring rain
7) Back to the Groove in Ottawa..realizing that the rave scene is amazing and that partying sober is amazing. Watched and danced to Captain Theo and Hugh Sharpe.
8) the best is yet to come, spending New Years Eve 1999 with my fiance at Destiny.

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Oh god, Stan, I completely forgot about that! And us bitching that we wished Luka wore fun fur so we'd be able to find him.

Other memories:
Kamikaze Juravic Park-Hearing Robin's reasons of why she doesn't like the dancing baby from the internet.
Hulla 12-Frolic's mom, seeing Strongbow even though he said he wasn't coming and Will, Luka and Willar in fun fur!
Bugging silver1 and Sporty Dan at Citrus about going on the Internet a party.

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I dont think this thread was a good idea...not fer me...cuz i gots so many fond memories.....its a good thing you are starting from New years and not your whole raveing career. BEAR WITH ME!

1. DIY Newyears....the CRAZY ASS sparklers during Frolics set..and "the keys have been found" line

2. Big Top.....wearing FUNFUR hehe....matching to all 5 other pairs i made for it Marty wit no glasses.

3. Proceed With Cautiion....The MARRIAGE proposal

4. Rich-E-rich (march 19th House party in scarborough) anyone there? well it was fun seeing WHITE glove my PINK gloves cause he forgot to bring his own

5. DIY Springroll....Surprise is spock...was anyone really surprised? I also recall some chick running around with toliet paper and feminine Products.....

6. Next Junction next level...I dontrecall the party...maybe its cause i spent all nite re-arranging coat check after a couple crackheads made a mess of it.

7. AWOL....Very smooshie party...but the best thing was TRYING to dance with Saffron in the 1/2 a foot space we had.

8. Hullabaloo Foreverland....Wow those trees absolutely kicked ass and I recall the BEST set ever from Capital J...I was on stage with pettit..drooling my face off and goin insane when he dropped "FIRE" and they set off all the fireworks

9. RUN DMC...Too big...but i LOVED JJfrosts set

10. Hard Sound@the bingo hall....Frisky NOT KNOWING he was supposed to play EYEOPENER so me and Giggles #2 could do our GLOWSTRING dance....Sorrie to anyone we shooed out of the way for his whole set

11. Uproar....WOW I loved the decorations..rainbow balloons I also remember Majestik saying "INT BOOT" to me while he was spinning and i was the ONLY one he was talking to cause i was the only one who KNEW what he was saying ANd the VIP was FUN

12. Next Junction Need to know...being SMOOSHED at the warehouse...haveing Cream run into my eyes (my dance recital was earlier that nite and i removed the WHORE makeup with cream..bad idea) Knowledge and Wisdom crew droppin popaiarti (the norwegian hip hop track)

13. Hulla 2yr....Getting to HUG Frolic B4 getting into the party and watching him sell tickets to kids in the line for $30 so the scalper who was trying to sell em for $60 would be all mad (he was) Then sleeping on cement for an hour while my friends flyered

14. E2.....Dan not having the cash to pay NJ crew so only Cap J stayed hehe then Rez-Q's set at 6 am..Dancing wit muffin and requesting all the HH anhems

15. Delicate Beats (ottawa) Going al the way down to ottawa to see my fiends spin, only catching Frolic's set...then sleeping in the car for DV8er's set...Virus's set, Rez-Q's set (the 3 DJ's i showed up with) oops!

16. 3-Day.....where to start
The Limo ride up with *sigh* Shabba D *sigh*, Medicine Muffin, Friendlyman, Trigger and lil ol' me heheh (too much champagne mind you!) Mark EG..nuff said.....Vinylgroover, Frolic Dancing in the Hulla tent (it was wicked) Frisky's awesome set

17. Uprising(in England)....Showing the english kids how to liquid (well TRYING to show dem)
Laughing at BRisK..when he showed me his car Majestik's set

18. Helter Skelter.... Going on fair rides...Vinylgroover's set....Mark EG's set
The MC giving a shoutout to THE GIRL IN THE HUGE TROUSERS during Brockie's set (it was me hehe)

19. Misha....Watching all the DJ's get hit on by Kingston kids....Mike DRUNK off his ass
Sleeping thru DOnny's set.... sorrie

20. Hullabaloo 12.....Matching mah husband Andre (steve the sappy raver) Mrs.Frolic on stage....seeing JAYNE after 3 months of mising her

21. Trip or treat....Hearing 123 train wit me...wearing the HUGE wedding drss and trying to dance...MY cute little Strawberry Shortcacke girl and me dancing

22. ATM....BEST PARTY end of story....FRISKY's set was amazing, DOUGAL ahhhhhhh...the blloons not dropping hehe

23. NJ.....Jason and the cigarette pack...Talking to Shabba D again *drool*

24. Jedi....Gettting that Rekkid off matt and matt The VIP room that had a sort of SEX TORTURE feel to it...FROLIC playing "mirror of love" good song...MY BOY ASKING ME OUT ONSTAGE DURING ROWANS SET

THATS ALL FOR NOW....are we on page 2 yet?? heheh
Stay Sweet Everyone!
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ehehehe *muah* ta Will and Scott, shanks, sweeties.

Pppfffshhh. It ain't easy bein' green...*imean* it ain't easy bein' this zexxxy, hehehe

*Luka, Willar and Will in fun fur! I forgot that! Also, Erin in her Winnie the Pooh suit...loved the nametag

*Chillin' with Madam Zu & Spock the night before Big Top at their l'il hotel party.

*Moonshadow...meetin' up with Alex and Luka, (still have that can of tomato soup that we were supposed to donate, heh,) and ending up with me staying for like, only an hour.


Ahhhh. MmmeeeEEemmmories! *sniff*



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[NO drug memories please ... that's not what this thread is about. thanks]

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Thumbs up

1. Celebration 99 - hearing richie hawtin and jeff mills in a sea of 10 000+ people, danicng my ass off.

2. Ritual 8 - more richie, meeting nikki jo, 2 scoop, socializing my ass off.

3. wemf 99 - too many tents! witnessing a beautiful, beautiful starscpae and sunrise, talking my ass off.

3 (a) between moonshadow and mi'sha: randomly bumping into strongbow on the middle of queen street and chilling with him under a tree for a good couple of hours. what are the odds? talking my ass off.

4. syrous hyperactive: meeting the likes of permasketch, will, gnat, starrie, marty mcfly, oh my! sweating my ass off.

5. strobe: my sister being mistaken as me the whole night, partying with a room full of smiling, happy technosnobs, meeting blueshrike for the first time, schmoozing my ass off.

6. H12: my firt hulla! being hyper the whole night, meeting my strongbow, jelibeen, silver1, stan (well, first official party with all of us together). dancing/laughing/sweating/talking my ass off.

7. just vibe: being sucked into a black hole for the whole evening with a certain ottawa person, once again my sister being mistaken as me, smiling my ass off.

the common thread? having fun and losing my ass, but some how, it managed to always grow back.


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