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Old May 13th, 1999, 03:27 AM   #1
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The full e-flyer is online at

but here's the juicy bits anyways:

Who can believe it's been 2 years already? One thing is for sure, the rave scene will never be the same! Join us, as we celebrate something you've all helped make possible!

arena 1 - Happy Hardcore, Jungle, Oldskool

The Next Generation Records Tour
DJ Brisk (uk) - DJ Ham (uk)
anabolic frolic
freaky flow
grimace vs dominik
dj x
euphonic & smithy

arena 2 - Hard Trance, Hard House, Nu-NRG, Breaks

Jon Doe (UK)
Flex (USA) ** It's Flex's birthday as well! **
Paul 'Brisk' Smith (UK)
marty mcfly
subsonic chronic

MCs for the Night :

MC Storm (UK)

ATTRACTIONS: a Birthday celebration not to be forgotten! Inflatable Bouncy Slide and other fun. The usual top sound & lights production! pyro! confetti cannons! free face painting! free carnival games! Free Whistles! Hullabaloo parties are known around the world for one reason - that's for having the best atmosphere with the greatest ravers anywhere - and if there's one hullabaloo you don't want to miss it's this one! ...and don't miss the 3am new-years-style Birthday Countdown!
Old May 13th, 1999, 04:07 AM   #2
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Well, we're pleased to be bringing back probably the most requested dj we've ever had - the one and only DJ BRISK. It's been a long time since brisk has been with us, going way back to hulla #4. brisk will be playing an extended (90 minute) set of pure hardcore power

also pleased to be bringing for his north american debut, brisk's partner in crime and next generation records, the legendary producer DJ Ham who will also be touching down for a hardcore set.

returning for his long awaited return to Hullabaloo is the amazing MC Storm who was last here for us at Hulla5 (meltdown). Some of you may have heard him on some tapes with his unique vocal scratching and wicked rhymes.

headlining in our second arena is another north american debut by another well known producer, this time on the side of hardhouse and nu-nrg. Jon Doe has worked alongside two of our most recent imports, Madam Zu and Chris C with Mind over Matter Records, Public House and Electric Kingdom records. If you like the hard pumpin sounds of Chris and Zu, then you'll be prepared for Jon.

Another awaited return is that of Flex, who is also celebrating his birthday that same weekend and made a special request to me to play at Hulla for his birthday, so make sure you make his birthday a memorable one!

and playing a second set in our second arena, is our man paul 'brisk' smith playing a set of hardhouse and pumpin nu-nrg and trance.

Our local roundup is as strong as ever with all our trusty residents returning and an extended tagteam hardcore set from grimace and dominik. dj x makes his first credited hullabaloo debut with some oldskool sounds and the much requested return of both freaky flow and ruffneck with the crazy jump-up jungle sounds. subsonic chronic makes his hullabaloo debut spinning his hard trance and the return of sos.

Besides our awesome music selection, every effort (as always) will be made to make this the ultimate birthday bash! We're continuing our annual tradition of the new-years style birthday countdown during anabolic's set so dont miss out on that either!

don't miss it!! this is the last full blown hulla party of the summer!!!!
Old May 13th, 1999, 04:34 AM   #3
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OMG!! YAY!! soooo excited!!
luv & hugZ
Old May 13th, 1999, 09:23 AM   #4
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Don't do this to me.

I actually have to consider missing a night of OM.


keep the vibe alive
Old May 13th, 1999, 09:25 AM   #5
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yay chris
lineup is wicked

and four pics i took are on the flyer!
that makes me feel so special

Old May 13th, 1999, 10:45 AM   #6
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thank you mistah frolic!
Old May 13th, 1999, 11:49 AM   #7
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dj brisk! dj ham! freaky flow and ruffneck! mc storm!

and ... do my eyes deceive me? say it ain't so! oh mah gawd it's true ... subsonic chronic! dj x!

holy sh*t, frolic ... i don't think any party line up has ever made me this excited.

30 more sleeps til hullabalooooo !!!!!

Klubmasta Will

ps. pete and willar! me so proud!
Old May 13th, 1999, 01:35 PM   #8
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Old May 13th, 1999, 01:41 PM   #9
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Get back to work

Old May 13th, 1999, 01:54 PM   #10
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frolic, man this is a kick assss wiked line-up dj brisk is sooo amazing and so is dj ham as well of as course you and frisky, d-minus euphonic and smithy, dj x is absoulutly amazing do you know if he will be spinning an old skool set? also MC STORM the best MC in the wrld with his vocal scratching and awesome awsome rhymes
thanx frolic
hugz and smiles
Old May 13th, 1999, 01:57 PM   #11
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i'm soooooooo excited too!!!!

sounds wikkid - as expected - and i'm really looking forward to hearing both willar and pete spin at a hulla

and strongbow you *better* miss a night of OM or i'm going to devise my own special torture for you!

Old May 13th, 1999, 02:08 PM   #12
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I hate it!! I hate it! I hate it!!


I WAS going to OM... why did you do this to me...
Now you know I have to go to hullabaloo.. That means I can't go to OM.... not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair.

I was looking through the lineup, didn't see sos or spice, cand was sooo excited. Now, I looked at the lineup again,.... sos, spice... holleeeeee......

I am going mental....

This is horrible, but horrible in wonderful way.

Thank you soo much frolic for ruining my life hehehe... just joking... Thank you soo much for allowing pete to spin at hulla... I know he is going to be going insane...

gollum hugz out
Old May 13th, 1999, 03:01 PM   #13
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what gollum is saying is that we are now ditching OM for very excited about this and i cant wait to hear pete spin again!!!!

see you all there

Old May 13th, 1999, 05:00 PM   #14
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im so x-cited,
and i just cant hide it,
im about 2 loose control..
and i think i like it!!! (oh yeah) hehehehehe
wow if you dont mind im gonna stand about 5 feet frum one of the confet-E cannons and close my eyes and let it go all over me...pretty pleaze?*SAD PUPPY DOG FACE* amazing line up too... dominik vs. grimace that is gonna blow my mind...NOT TO MENTION the one the only ANOBLIC FROLIC..."LIKE A SHOOTIN STAR ACROSS THE MIDNIGHT SKY WHEREVER YOU ARE YUR GONNA SEEEEEE MEEEEE FLYYYYY!" oh lordy its gonna be SA-WEET! *LUV*
spread the plurryness
Old May 13th, 1999, 06:00 PM   #15
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oh me oh my! I am soooooo wonderful excited. I think I have exams, but what the heck! with this line up, forget em! (just kidding- i'll study more than a day before for once!)

oh me oh my! subsonic chronic, spice, sos, marty, dominik vs. grimace! oh wow oh wow!


Old May 13th, 1999, 07:32 PM   #16
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To everybody that was planning on going to OM ...

Ha Ha! Told you so! Remember when I posted on the Trance-Goa list that Hullabaloo would be sure to have such a kick-ass lineup that you'd think twice!?

And to Frolic ...

Uhhh, I know you've already printed up the flyers and everything ... but do you think you could change the date of the party? I have an exam on Monday the 21st. Pretty please?! Hehehe.


[This message has been edited by AdRiaN (edited 05-13-99).]
Old May 13th, 1999, 08:43 PM   #17
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If there wuz another place to be on this nite, i wuld not go.. they r finally bringin back the famous, uniuterupted DJ BRISK i can't wait for the nite he appears live in front of me 1nce again....

cna't hardly wait
practice the P.L.U.R.
*lots O luv*
Old May 13th, 1999, 09:59 PM   #18
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nooooo fukkin way....oooomg. what an amazing lineup. ;p
37 days!!!!! i'm countin down!!!
n btw, WAY TO GO frolic!!!!
Old May 13th, 1999, 11:15 PM   #19
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YAY!! gollum and midnight are coming!!! yay!! i'm sooo pumped....i was all hulla-tarded today..... 37 dayz....
luv & hugZ
Old May 14th, 1999, 12:58 AM   #20
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I'll definately be there, what a lineup! Yay!

Old May 14th, 1999, 02:37 AM   #21
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DJ Flex and Madame Zu... I'm there... (as if I wouldn't be anyways)... I hope DJ Flex plays the Flinstones track...

Old May 14th, 1999, 11:42 AM   #22
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subsonic chronic

Okay that combo above *omg* notice the fact that they all have the letter S among them and notice the fact that they all are WIKKKED DJ'S!!!!!!! *WoOoOoOoOo* I feel dizzy now I think I have to lay down..... OS/2 and SOS <--they should go back to back for a lil trance set *heehee*

much love n Mr. Anabolic Frolic *thank you*
little miss leighsa

P.S: Go WiLLar Go PeTe Go WiLLar Go PeTe... uh do you guys need any groupies now? *lol*
Old May 15th, 1999, 05:37 PM   #23
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Holly S*@t,

This is going to a MASSIVE pArTy....i aM gOiNg 4 sUrE nOw...i hAvE a FeElInG tHIs mIgHt B tHa bEsT 1 yEt!!!!!

C,yA----aLL tHeRe....

Old May 16th, 1999, 02:41 AM   #24
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mmmm frolic this line up is amazing!!!!

ive never even nears brisk spin before but im crazy excited to hear him!!!!!
if only spock was goin
not that im complain'n or anything
Old May 17th, 1999, 07:10 PM   #25
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I give Adrian a big fat red raspberry! PPPFFFFFTTTHHHHBBBBLLLTTTTT!!! No one likes a smartass! hee hee argharghargh okies, sorry to OM, I've made my decision. Hulla it is. Even though my first love is Goa, hulla just keeps calling me back. Plus I can only go to one 3 day this summer (due to both parental and monetary reasons).

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