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Old June 1st, 2005, 05:47 PM   #26
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Hulla questionaire

First Hulla?

Enchanted, December 2003

What does Hulla mean to you?

It's a bastion of a rarely seen unity that I hadn't even known existed till discovering Hulla - I'm glad I found it before July of this year, that's for sure.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?

It's an event that had a very nice consistency. Each time, I knew what to expect - a damn good time, safe and serene (Well maybe not serene, but you get the idea). It will leave a hole in the scene after July, that's for sure.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:

DJ Frisky's set during Enchanted. Early on in the set when he gets to "lost in space", I remember just standing there during the breakdown, throwing my head back and was the perfect song, the perfect moment, and at that moment the sheer giddy happyness around the room just overwhelmed me. It was great.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:

None of these yet, but mayhaps if I make the pre-party there will be.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):

Shout outs to Bart, Tora, Silfur, and all of the Toronto furry crew who made Hulla a more or less regular outing.
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Old June 1st, 2005, 07:30 PM   #27
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First Hulla Foreverland - April 17, 1999

What does Hulla mean to you: Enjoyment, openness caring, BOOM BOOM shaleilalela BOOM whahahh BOOM. thump thump. A reminder that life would be so much interesting living IN T.

What does Hulla mean to the scene: Uhm I dunno? I think that there were allot of ideas floating around about hulla at different times, the perspective internally or externally may be drasticaly differing viewpoints. I am so not the person to ask that question to.

Hulla Anecdote: I think it was nice going to hulla in a limo with a bunch of friends, there were these rainbows on both sides of the limo, cd reflections??? it was magical regardless. WHoa. I wont obscure the magical moment, instead shall shed light on the mystery.

Favorite Hulla set: I beleive it was John Smith at Birthday funtopia 2 I only heard part of the set but MAN that one track totally blew me away. As a matter of fact it is my alltime favorite set that I can recall

Hulla parties is definately an experience I will do agian. In my dreams, in virtual reality ,in an alternate time line, regardless, I eventually have to run out of things I don't look for doing as to allow me to do the things I would like to do. Either reality ends or hulla continues, delusional, no an optimist, rule #1 che che cheh. LOMG. (\?) Of everything I would like to thank everyone who made hulla a awsome experience tigga guy, massage girls, the freindship crew, braclet girls, THE DJ's, cab mate, birthdayguy, lost mike, babyraver&everyone else, the fan girl!!! the speakers, MC's lineup mates, friendly security, etc.. etc.. although my interactions and hulla's were very limited in number they are still very much memories, I'm still a total hardcore newb, but I found enjoyment. Things will happen, enjoy it.
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Old June 1st, 2005, 08:13 PM   #28
marie ashworth
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Smile Response

Q.First Hulla?

A.I don't know the name (never paid any attention to names) but it was probably back in 1999 when I attented with my daughter and some of her friends.

Q.What does Hulla mean to you?

To me, Hulla has always meant an intense emotional connection with like-minded individuals through the vehicle of dance. Ecstatic, joyful, mystical, it is at once an exceedingly private, and yet outrageously public experience.

Q.What do you think Hulla means to the scene?

A.Hulla got it right: organized, respectful, safe, friendly, great DJs. No other organiziation did it as well on such a consistent basis. Following in Hulla's footsteps will be difficult for others but the mold has been struck.

Q.Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:

A.Ultimate set: Anthing by Subsonic Chronic, Ken Finch and Lady Bass - among others.

A.Ultimate memory: The kindness of DynamiteTimmy and FreakyJeremy. Timmy, because you tried so hard to get me a ticket to "All Good Things".
Jeremy, because you volunteered to sell me a ticket to "All Good Things".
I will never forget.

Q. Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:

A. I think I danced myself into a happy stupor each and every time and couldn't understand a thing people were saying to me. "Pardon me?" "Huh" "Sorrry, I can't hear you." I was somewhere else, so I probably missed a lot.

Q.Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):[/b][/QUOTE]
A.No matter the age, sex, sexual-orientation or social status, we were all one at Hulla parties. This is Nirvana.
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Old June 2nd, 2005, 06:01 AM   #29
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Hey there, Just got the email and thought I would respond.
First Hulla?

My first and only Hullabaloo was Funtopia 2004, the 7th birthday party.

What does Hulla mean to you?

It was the furthest I had ever travelled from the UK and the furthest I had ever travelled to get to a rave. Me and Davespice spent 5 days in Toronto and it was the definite highlight. Everybody, bar none was happy to see us and more than willing to show us around. Definitely something special.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?

Its a given fact that it is the one rave with the most consistant parties. Maybe varying in size, but always there no matter what. I also think the steady stream of UK talent brought to the party speaks volumes about what the promoters are willing to do to keep the party fresh and innovative.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:

No particular set leaps to mind, although walking into the Opera House, not knowing what to expect, then hearing a Hardcore rip of Whigfield's "Saturday Night" being played out still makes me smile

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:

It has to be me and Davespice being dragged to the front when the Friendship Crew were on stage. To this day it is the only rave I have ever been Care Bear Stared at

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):

Its a pity I cant make it over for the final party, I know it will be one to remember. I just couldnt get tickets that was the main problem. However I will be entering the draw on the offchance. If I do win we will be coming back again, you can bank on it.
Shouts to: all the Safe hulla crew, Covergirl, Kyra, Anabolic Frolic, Robin Frolic and of course, my partner in crime, Davespice.
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Old June 2nd, 2005, 09:44 AM   #30
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First Hulla?
Rhythm of Life in 2001

What does Hulla mean to you?
Hulla will always have a special place in my heart. To me hulla is about breaking out of the negativity of our everyday society and spreading positive energy .

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
Hullas are the parties that most embody the essence of what the rave scene is supposed to be about. Everybody getting together for a night, dancing their asses off to good music, and spreading love. This is what first got me into the scene in '98 and what keeps me coming back to Toronto now.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
I'd have to say that my ultimate Hulla memory was getting engaged on stage. That was one of the most amazing moments of my life as well as my wife's. Thank you again Chris.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
I can't think of anything funny, but I've experienced a lot of awesome moments of serendipity at Hullas. One time, shortly after we got engaged, Stef couldn't get off work for a Hulla and I went to it without her. The DJ put on a song that made me think of her and I started getting a bit sad that she wasn't there. Just then without warning someone who was dancing in front of me stopped, turned around, and hugged me. I guess it's hard to be sad in the presence of a few hundred people who want you to have a good time.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
Rave On
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of hits we take from the bong
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Old June 4th, 2005, 10:40 AM   #31
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Long time Ago

My first Hulla was Rush Hour in December 1998 at Newz Nightclub.

Hulla always meant a fun place to go with fun people.

Been to so many can't remember specific times, becuase they were all good at Hulla.

They were fun times!
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Old June 4th, 2005, 07:17 PM   #32
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Hullabaloo! mcfly had lost his glasses right before his set...german and i spent his entire set, passing him records, 'cause he couldn't see the labels!

Hulla'll be missed!
(416) 836-4843
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Old June 6th, 2005, 02:43 AM   #33
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First Hulla?
The Anthems

What does Hulla mean to you?
To me, hulla is the party of all parties!! It was my first rave EVER!, and im glad that it was. Hulla is like a break from life and all the shit that comes with it. Its like a getaway where everyone can just party together and have a good time without having to worry about rude, obnoxious, or judgemental people.

What do you think hulla means to the scene?
I think hulla is a perfect example of what a rave should be. Hulla gives people a party that they can really look forward to, its not just any other regular party. It gives people in the scene a place that they can go to hang out with friends, or make new ones. Of all the parties I've been to, hulla by far has the best vibe and coolest people you'll ever find. At Hulla you were always guaranteed to find the best HHC djs around.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory?
I have seen so many amazing sets at hulla, and to choose ust one is going to be hard. But I think I would have to say Scott Brown's set at Lost in Space was my favourite. The vibe thtoughout the entire Oprah house when Scott brown came on was just amazing.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote
At Lost In Space, I was completely wasted, one thing I wont forget was when i continuously kept telling Ryan and Jasmine how wasted I was, I jus kept telling them over and over again! I probabaly told them the same thing about 20 times!!, I know i was starting to get annoying, but regardless of how annoying i was, they jus dealt with it and stayed by my side, (love you guys!!, you guys are the best!!)

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc.)
Well its sad that hulla finally has to come to an end, but as they say, all good things must. I am just glad that I have tons of memories (and pictures!) to remember it all for years and years to come. But overall, I'm truly grateful that I could be a part of the whole hulla family!!!

Thank you Chris and Robin for everything!!
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Old June 6th, 2005, 04:17 PM   #34
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First Hulla?
The anthems [july 5 2002]

What does Hulla mean to you?
When i think of the word "rave" ....all i think of is Hulla! Its amazing, like ..when you walk through the infamous opera house doors and feel that sweet HHC beat slam into you for the first time of the night....I feel like im home! Its...jus, my getaway from the outside, its my sorta heaven [if you will.]

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
Hullabaloo has paved the road for many DJ's in North America. It has helped bring the love of HHC to many people and has shown people so much. It...well, im just without speech when it comes to this question.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...this is quite the tough question...but i think going to have to agree with seB ^[xtc-raver-xtc] on this one. When scotty b came on at Lost in Space....EVERYONE!!! PILED AND GOT AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE! Never have i seen such a huge and happoy and excited response from a crowd. And throughout the set I had my girl, jasmine friend seb, my super good friends colin, mike & john and jus EVERYONE that i lvoed around singin along, huggin, screamin, and flippin! As i think about it now, im gettin severe chills.... <3 oh hulla <3

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
At my very first hulla, the anthems, some girl walked past me and....she screamed and flung her arms around me and said "HAPPY HULLA." So I turn around to seb [xtc-raver-xtc] and i was like..WHOA! she jus wished me happy birthday! And seb said, "well, thats a rave for you." hahahahhahahahahahah.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
Thankyou! The memories and feelings and friends and love that I've gained from this party, this production company is unreal. Hullabaloo has shown me alot, showm me how to be more outgoing, friendly, upbeat and given me the love of Hardcore that I will hold close for a very long time.

Thankyou to all of you who made those wicked hulla-nights un-FORGETTABLE!
i love you all


-----{}- They call me, Ri.N.P -{}-----

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First Hulla?
get hype, april 2003

What does Hulla mean to you?
hulla was my first rave. i'd been on the outside looking in feebly for years. nothing much was going on in detroit anymore, so i couldnt figure out a way in. my life was very different, my outlook not the same after my first hulla, and continued to evolve as i went to hullas regularly until my last one feb 2004, Accelerator. Hulla means a time i get to unleash, dance my ass off, and not have to settle for hearing what makes my heart beat on computer speakers. its when i get to see the party kids i love most, and for that, for all the experiences ive had with various people from going to hullas, i will never forget. i will always think often fondly of hulla and everything associated with it with my life, good and bad.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
i feel it was a good ground for people to cut their teeth on when it comes to partying, if you are in to this kind of music. ive been at some dingy ass shady parties, and to know what a hulla party is like is paramount to trying to have a feel as to what the rave scene was like long ago. i got a late start on my rave career, but thats perfectly okay. i actually wouldnt have it any other way, now knowing what i know and have been through throughout what i call my "rave cycle", haha! without hulla, its hard to find anywhere else that can do what many parties used to do for people in terms of experience, in the golden days of raving.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
my first hulla, frolic was spinning, and You're Shining came on. i was in the middle of the crowd, kinda near the stage, the second break down was upon us all, the lights blew up right with the music, the mc was demanding everyone to make some fucking noise, and put your hands in the air. everyone around me had their hands in the air, voices, whistles, air horns going off. everyone's energy created perfect momentarilly synergy with everyone, including me, and for a second, i felt up above everything, almost crying with pure unadulterated bliss. it was the perfect moment, the perfect experience. ive never been the same since ^_^

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
haha, one time i started chatting with tyco, and he made a comment on a bulge... then he thought i was offended, and was apologizing up and down, and i was cracking up telling him it was all good.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): i want to thank everyone ive met, from brief encounters to friendships, for everything. thank you frolic for being there, creating this wonderful community, and being an inspiration. i also want to thank the goodfellaz crew, for if it wasnt for them, i wouldnt of been able to go to my first hulla, or of had a place to sleep besides my car ^_^ love ya all! ^_^
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the uuk is dead... but long live the UUK Djs!
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First Hulla?

The second Hulla, Return of the Vibe - September 1997.

What does Hulla mean to you?

Hulla will forever be a snapshot of the extremes (positive and negative, but in the end positive overall) of the rave scene in Toronto, representing triumph over adversity in the long haul, and a classy exit - going out on its own terms instead of dissolving in the usual rave fashion of cancelled parties, message board bickering over promised-but-never-delivered ticket refunds, and promoter secrecy.

Hulla was responsible for adding many live tapes to my mixtape collection.

I think my wife and I had some of our best dancefloor moments together at Hulla events.

Also, fun fun fun!

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?

In 1996 it seemed like the scene in Toronto had reached a crossroads. Clubs were displacing events left right and centre, and many first or second-wave companies were calling it a day (Atlantis, Trancendance, etc.). The stage was also being set for the 'bigger than big' megaparties that would rule the roost at the expense of whatever 'underground' was left at the time. Then in 1997 two organizations came along - Hullabaloo and Phryl - and championed what I call the third wave of Toronto partying. Medium-sized events in non-club, or at least appropriated and redecorated club, venues with a focus on positive partying. Phryl's candle burned brightly but was extinguished before its time, and Hulla persevered.

Hulla provided a home base and breeding ground for happy hardcore lovers, an island of fast-paced beats in a sea of jungle, techno and trance. I think equal amounts of scorn and praise were heaped on Hulla in that regard.

The community and loyal following Hulla developed over the years is also worth mentioning, as I'm sure many other promoters wished at one time or another that they had the same sort of loyal fanbase.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:

Difficult to say. I'd have to go with Brisk and Storm at "Rhythm of Life" only because it was my first (and to date, only) time seeing this legendary pair live. Good times.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:

In the main room at "return of the vibe" Brano was spinning at one point, and really worked the crowd into a frenzy with a collection of classic tracks. He threw on Plastikman's Spastik and the crowd really responded. As the track built and built towards its big payoff, Brano seemed to get more and more 'into it,' leaning over the turntable sort of like how a rock guitarist would put one foot up on the monitor and give'r, and just as the track reached its crescendo, his focused head-nodding and hip swivelling wreaked havoc as he bumped the deck and skipped the record. The look on his face was priceless as he had just thrown off the groove of everybody in the room.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): Shoutouts to Bernie and Dan, the two non-ravers we dragged out to Return of the Vibe and candykid Joy Dodd whose crush on MC Storm shall remain forever unrequited.
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The answers to them..

First Hulla? Funtopia 1

What does Hulla mean to you? A lot, it wasn't my first rave, but it is one of my most amazing memories, each and every one I went to.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Quite a bit, if it weren't for hulla and a few of the now defunct companies out there. There wouldn't be a "Scene" anymore at all.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: I cannot answer this... WAY to many, but definitely Frisky VS D-Minus from back in the early days...

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: I don't want to get banned for my answers

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
Chris and Robin & hulla crew: Guys you two pulled it off with style, very few companies in the scene can come even close to what you guys did.

To the many faces I've met through the years, lets make this last one the most memorable!
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First Hulla: Funtopia 1...'98(?)
Means To Me: Lots... Did lots of growing up...even tho that seems like an oxymoron
Means To Scene: Im shure the scene will/is suffer[ing] a great loss...but all good things must come to an end
Memories:TOOOO many...Going to NPS afterward and laying in the grass or playing on the subway grates... Bathroom in the Opera House.. The Bingo Hall... way to many!
Funny: The rando guy outside thats like "Whats PLUR?"..."Sorry What?...Wheres Bloor...straight down this street take a left...."

Meeting sooo many people.... so many good times... lost touch with so many...
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My first hulla?
To me, hulla was the begining of an unbelieveable adventure, filled with awsome music, all night/day parties, candy-flips, and wicked trips! and now, maybe it can also mean the end.
At my first one, i remember sitting on a rock with a new friend, sleeping (sort-of) underneith a bar, and watching my friends feet, 'cause they were moving "really fast!".
The actual sets i have no clue.
And as for those clever anecdotes.... P.L.U.R. , go big or go home. hardcoreFOREVER!
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my first hulla: funtopia 7
what does hulla mean to me: i can sum up what hulla means to me in one simple hulla is the one night where you're garenteed to have fun no matter what problems occur in eveyday life. you can just forget it all for one night.....and maybe the next morning too ; )
what does hulla mean to the scene: hulla means hundreds of things to hundreds of people and i'm not sure i can sum it up for everybody.....just for me.
ultimate hulla set memory: seeing scott brown for the first time at lost in space.
share a funny hulla anecdote: when we sang happy birthday to star kid in the stairway. when bud and i lost our hotel key after our first hulla and had to stand outside in all our kandi coeated craziness till someone let us in....which happened to be the manager of the hotel with two japanesse tourists hahah! they looked at us like we were insane. : D
shout outs: thanks firstly and most importantly to the frolics and eveyone else involved with making hulla a reality. big hugs to all the people i have met at know who you are. and bud.......i <3 u
smile like you mean it
my pimp game's powerful i got your girl wetter than a hour in the shower do ....

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First Hulla? Enchanted
What does Hulla mean to you? Its about the music. The people coming together to form a union to share their passion for music. Its also about love, thats what I always thought it was. Whenever I thought about Hulla, I thought of smiles, happiness, great music, love, etc...
What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Great music, one like no other.
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Every inch of hardcore they played. All the people from all over who came to these events.
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: Theres been so many... Id go on and on forever.
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): I like to say m going to miss hulla, I met some wikked people when I went to these events... this is truly one of my favorites... i get everything out of a party that I want when I go to Hullabaloo. I love the hardcore, and I dont think Ill ever have anything to replace it. I like to say I love you all!
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First Hulla? Electric Dreams, Oct 98

What does Hulla mean to you? Met alot of friends and shared a lot of memories via. the old hullaboard and other hulla inspired boards like Ravah, Bootyboard.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Anyone who partied in toronto in the late 90's I think at one point attended a hullabaloo... hence why the 2500 person attendance.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: SOS at Big Top, one of the best trance sets ever. Frisky/Dminus at Rush Hour 99 Red Balloons.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: Electric Dreams, I believe Frisky was drunk and passed out for his set while Donny spun on his own.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): Gollum, Novice, Subsonic, Sketch J, Silver 1 & 2, Fr00tloop, Klubmasta, babyphat, chickE, ShortE, CiG, Myrana, LapDog, Pitclick (Lith), BeckyBoo, Soju, Supaster, Basic, Cappacina, Good Jess, Mazlin, Johnny Funk, Willar X, Felix, Muffin, M1key, Timerz, Atomic Dee, Mook, Gynee, many of the internet ravers who were in the rave boom before Y2K. Thanks for the memories.
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First Hulla?
Foreverland, April 1999

What does Hulla mean to you?
Hulla represents my youth. It makes me think back to when life was just about having fun, no priorities. It also represents some of the longest friendships i've ever forged. I met some amazing people through hullabaloo. I also made an equal amount of enemies

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
Hulla WAS the happy hardcore scene in toronto. As much as I loved EMAIL and ATM, it still wasn't the same as Hulla. Companyies like goodfellaz can attempt to carry the torch, but it's impossible. Hulla is gone, happy hardcore in toronto is gone. Let it be.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
Force & Styles at Funtopia 3 was definitely my favorite set from any hulla.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
Supaster & SoJu balling their eyes out to Heart Of Gold.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
Shout outs to the one called SoJu. The last hulla wouldn't have been the same without you..and everyone who was there pre Y2K knows that.
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Snuffy's Response

First Hulla?
Into The Blue, Feb of 1998

What does Hulla mean to you?
-The most kickass music not found anywhere else, crazy insane ravers who still believed in PLUR, the best production in Toronto's history.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
-It was the brightest party, and perhaps the last party that remained true to our scene's values. When it became unfashionalbe to believe in PLUR at other parties, there was no soul. At the last Hulla, PLUR was still strong and in effect, and I heard someone say this: "I've been to a party before, but this is a rave."

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
-I think it was either at "Rush Hour" or at "Ooh Crikey, wot a Scorcher"... but it was when a giant Tinky Winky attended Hulla! Then, while that bad ass Teletubby was working the crowd with the MC, mind blowing pyrotechnics came up from the stage. ARgh!!! Out of this fucking world!

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
-I was a little crazy at Into The Blue. I walked into the washroom and was amazed at all the colors my fellow ravers were wearing. Then, when someone tried to leave, I started pleading "No, no, no.. you CAN'T leave. You'll upset the color balance!"

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
Ok, I had skipped the scene for about three years after going to nasty party after nasty party (in Van so I couldn't go to Hulla, lol). Then, after going to the last Hulla, I realized that there's still true ravers out there. I still want to experience something like this twice a year or so, and this last party has given me hope that perhaps it's not over, but it's just underground again.

Please my fellow ravers.. party responsibly, believe in PLUR, and don't give up
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First Hulla? All good things, first and last

What does Hulla mean to you? ATG was the best party ive ever been to, in 6 years. It was like it used to be, only better. Hulla is what the scene should be like. Also, at Hulla, you know everyone's really there for the music.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Hulla started the happy hardcore scene in North America, and its known all over the world. Its a very important aspect to the scene.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Well the whole night was amazing. We met SO many nice people (everyone was nice so that wasnt hard). The music was awsome all night. I really liked that fact that it was only one room because you knew everyone was there to listen to happy hardcore (its hated down here). I loved how everyone was just having a great time. My favorite set was definatly Frolic's. I loved that everyone was singing. And the emotion was intense. Ive never experianced that before at a party. He played all the tracks we wanted to hear, great closing.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: Well, we brought the camcorder only to discover the batterie pack had fallen off in the hotel so we got nothing on tape, but i had my camera which takes 10 min of film. But then it accidently deleted because it just looked like foggy pictures.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): Well, i have actually known about hullabaloo for many years, and have also been checking the hulla boards for years as well. I always wanted to go, but never could because of time and money, because i live so far away. So when Frolic announced that the last hulla would be this summer, we decided we HAD to go. I got the tickets the day they came out, and decided to make a week trip out of it in Toronto. Though we am so sad that we missed out, we really feel lucky to have gone to that party. All of our friends missed it, and are kicking themselves now. Also, our trip to Toronto was fantastic. It was such a nice change to be there, so laid back and friendly, weve decided to move there next year. Special thanks goes out to Carrie and her friends, who gave us a ride, and everyone else who we met (Kandeegirl2 and Hugsy). Everyone showed us a great time.
Soundwave superior, Constructicons inferior.
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Friendship Crew
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My first hulla was Lost In Space, i had been wanting to attend a hulla since 2001 but never had the chance due to one thing or another.
What does hulla mean to me, that is a really tough question to answer for me because it can't really be put into so many words...since hulla was the first party i had ever attended sober(no drugs) and continued for the second one it was an eye-opener for me in that aspect and the people, the vibe helped me see what the scene was really all about and i can't put what that means to me in words more less what hulla in general means to me....I just know there will always be a special place in my heart for it.
I think hulla had a huge influence on the hardcore scene, it helped keep it alive for so many years, and the vibe there was never met anywhere i have ever gave all the hullabalooer's the experence of feeling that vibe and taking it with them to other parties and hopefully part of it will continue to live through us and we can continue to pass it down through the raving generations...hulla definately helped keep the hardcore scene alive and strong, and was just about the only happy hardcore scene in north america for years
My ultimate favorite set would have to be a toss up between three i couldn't silver1-Lost in first hulla set experience and my first time seeing him on the decks it was unfricken would be Scott Brown-Lost in Space....i have never danced so hard in my life....he tore up the decks and is an amazing artist...And last but definately not least one of my hero's Frolic-All Good Things...two hour set...he just did so much for me before even meeting him then once i had meet him i was simply in awe and watching him on the decks that night spinning his last hulla was in one word undescribable...i couldn't even explain favorite memory from hulla that is a tough one they are all amazing...i would have to say standing next to Rob, while Frolic was giving his speech...turning to see all the raver's (i was in front) closing my eyes for just a minute and realizing i didn't need drugs to do that to me to make me feel the way i did that night...and then seeing timmah freak when anabolic put on shooting star at the end of the night rocked too
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My first hulla was Turn up the Music in November 2001 I think it was.

To me hulla will always be my happy place. You know in Happy Gilmore when you have to pick your happy place well I always pictured hulla when I'd do this in real life. The dj's were always great and the overall positiveness that I took away from each party would always re-energize my zest for life. You gave a place we all need where we could live unjudged.

Hulla had the best everthing but most importantly WE had the absolute best ravers anywhere. I started going to parties in Tdot in 1998 and feel I missed so much of the beginning of hulla. I remember it being talked about at the other parties but at the time there were 10,000 people parties going on a regular basis all over the place and all my friends were trance heads so we went to trance then I got sold an Anabolic Frolic tape and I was transformed. I got the tape in late 1999 or early 2000. I love thinking back on the scene back then....the community was so big it was beyond believe....and i remember how amazing it was when candy fashion exploded...the outfits you would see at parties were UNREAL GOODl(just ask Robin).But most importantly hulla took the heart of raving and kept it pure.

My ultimate hulla set has to be Frolics last at AGT I'll never have that much emotional investment in a set again. The memories are in the thousands but I remember when e-by gum retired for the final time and when Frolic proposed to Robin at WEMF(that was hulla magic!).

Just because hulla is gone doesn't mean we can't spread the vibe still. PLUR forever really have to believe that and make it happen!

BIG BIG respect to the frienship crew you made my girl feel so welcome at her first hulla and at each party just seeing you all put a smile on my face!!

And to Chris of coarse, THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE CHANCE when promotors didn't want hardcore here (good call by those promoters eh! haha).
If I stop and ask someone "What is a psychedelic?"...they know in their heart it's something that turns you on and gets your brain and mind in a very interesting place- sometimes an uncomfortable place, but a very creative place.

-Sasha Shulgin
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First Hulla?

Warp Factor. Sept/Oct 2002

What does Hulla mean to you?

cheesey happy happy hardcore rave at the opera house with some annoying trance thrown in there.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
The good part was that it got the good americans to come out. The bad part is that there really wasn't much special with it but everyone likes it for the name. They'll just gripe about how plur is gone instead of spreading it to less commercialized parties. And now that hulla is good and done with I laugh when people say the rave is over.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:

Since all my hullas were at the opera house they all blend into one. My favourite memory though would have to be dancing in the middle of the main floor on a not over crowded night...I was singing along when anthem after anthem dropped. It has to be one of my fondest memories ever. I was just happy...catching the looks of the people around me singing along with them.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:

Hahahaha. After warp factor there were about 15 of us and the ttc had to take a detour. It was alright but somebody yelled everyone off the street car! So we all followed (this somebody being the person's house we're going back to) But once we get off we figure out where we need to be to intercept the correct car (which happens to be the one we got off of).

So Sunday morning we're running through d/n Toronto and one of our crew didn't see a homeless guy so she jumps right over him. We ended up making it in time to intercept the car and get back to where we needed to go.

That goes down as one of the most classic sketchy mornings.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):

Hulla was certainly special but not "better" than other raves. I have a lot of fond and unique memories of hulla...and I do of other parties. I always liked how much cheese was played at hulla but also hated how much trance there was (since it was only 1 room). There were more jaded people there but there was also more candy kids whether thats good or bad I don't know. Sometimes it was too crowded to dance but at least there were people.

I say good riddance to the people that don't want to party or who lament the scene now that hulla is gone. I expect to see a whole new type of partiers that will be introduced to the scene hopefully better. One thing that made hulla so special was all the newcomers with so much life and excitement in them. However often someone's 2nd party they'd bring 6 of their friends who would in turn bring 6 more their next time. The result are a bunch of people who try to be really cool for 6 months then become drug addicts or jaded or both.
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First Hulla?Lost in space
What does Hulla mean to you?A place to be free...let your legs and soul take over...
What do you think Hulla means to the scene?That we can unify
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:Standing in the middle of the floor, lights shining around me...and D-minus's last song turning to my frineds and giving them great big hugs and thanking them for being there in that experience..and then DANCING MY ASS OFF!!!
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:When one of the guards asked my and my friend for a braclet for her daughter she said "mom get me some braclets" i thought it was cute.
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
TO my peeps:Gypsy, Mikey, Tru, Bubby, April, Joey, Kathrine, tech, and'rew' snug-bunny, Ian(with out you i can't have been there) nathan, thank you for being the beautiful people i know...<3 Anabolic...your a kewl guy...thanks for having a dream...

(<^x^>) But you know you can never make me love you more (<^o^>)
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Turn up the music! November 10th 2001


I was young.. loved the scene.. found a new side of myself I never new existed.. brought me into the music... met amazing people.. made tons of memories i'll never forget.. tons of photo albums and video clips from 4 years worth of hullas.. couldn't get any better.. a time in my life i'll never forget


I think hulla was a place for people to be themselves.. meet new people.. and get away from the stresses of everyday life, and because of this the raver generation accepted hulla and could easily call it their second home. Every raver knows about hulla.. even if they have never been... they've been bound to stumble across pictures.. here about it.. or read about it. It is to this day a legacy, a place in time that was amazing and truly memorable for a lot of people. It explored a new generation of music.


Definetly can't put my finger on ONE set or ONE memory... but I remember things like.. the first time seeing DJ Hixxy, Scott Brown, Sharkey, Breeze, Dougal etc. live.. wat an amazing night.. definetly sticks out in my mind.. or the first time meeting great friends I still talk to today.. but i'd say the ultimate.. was my first hulla.. and my last .. first one brought me to it.. and I got addicted.. the last one.. pulled everything together.. watching the video scrapbook with all those people.. brought a tear definetly..


I dont exactly know whats considered an anecdote.. but i'll never forget the warnings before hullas that me and my friends would give out to newbies..

Becareful on the stairs going to the bathroom
I always questions why I had to walk DOWN stairs from the bar.. stairs and liquor was never a good combination.. I saw enough flips on those stairs ahah
Getting random people to hold the bathroom doors cuz they were always broken
Driving by opera house three times purposely passing the parking lots just to blast the hhc and see people turn their heads haha


Im glad hulla ended the way it did.. with a huge turnout.. great atmosphere.. and an overall.. amazing memory to end hulla with.

I'd like to personally thank everyone who made all my hulla experiences memorable.. you all know who you are.. short and tall.. boys and girls.. you're all fucking awesome!

To the afterparty crews usually congregating on cherry beach.. woah.. the memories. haha..

And ya.. I'll never forget any of you.. the times.. the laughs.. the drinking.. the singing. the dancing.. the anthems.. the moves.. the walks.. the missions.. the money.. the tears.. the hugs.. the kisses.. the end.!

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