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Old November 25th, 1999, 06:21 PM   #26
Join Date: Nov 1999
Red face

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Old November 25th, 1999, 06:34 PM   #27
*~*~*ChEEr BeAR!*~*~*
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my first party...YAY!

Who knew that it'd change my life the way it did.

I know I'll never forget it.

And who could forget WEMF?

Too many memories from too many parties. I'm thankful for each and every one of them. Good and bad. Cause I've learned from each one.

Much love,

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Old November 25th, 1999, 06:41 PM   #28
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Hmmmm ... I don't have very many memories to add since I have shared in most of the ones already posted. However, everything that sticks out in my mind either has to do with a particular DJ set, or the endless time I have spent cracking jokes at parties with those people I now consider friends (endless I say!).

Hearing Pete's first set at Hullabaloo and Tommy's first set ever at Uproar were definitely highlights of my year ... mostly because I know that both of them could not have been happier, and because they were actually really good sets.

Birthday Funtopia in general was fantastic ... retiring the silver suits (thank God! I still have mine fermenting in the trunk of my car) ... Jon f*&king Doe!! ... spending the entire night with the future love of my life (no, this is NOT a drug reference ) ... and the many exploits of my short-lived obsession with rental cars.

Watching the sunrise during Madam Zu's set at WEMF ... and going from knowing absolutely nobody at WEMF'98 to spending WEMF'99 with absolutely everybody!

And finally, I will never forget the moment I walked into the Guvermnent for John "OO" Flemming ... it's rare when I can physically feel my jaw drop ... and yeah, I realize it's a CLUB memory, but screw off, alright?!


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Old November 25th, 1999, 06:44 PM   #29
Astr0 Girl
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Well, my first party (Thrills) was this year!! I will NEVER EVER forget walking into the Desert Inn Ballroom, not knowing what exactly to expect...and aaaahhhhhh entering a dream....ahhhhh...that moment was priceless...
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Old November 25th, 1999, 06:47 PM   #30
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It grew back, and then some!

keep the vibe alive

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Old November 25th, 1999, 07:00 PM   #31
Klubmasta Will
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i forgot to mention our trip to the cne with me-shell, taleen, frootloop and *cough*iforgethername*cough* ! not to mention all the lil pool parties at my apartment. what a wikked summer it was. *wistful sigh*

Klubmasta Will
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Old November 25th, 1999, 07:08 PM   #32
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ok I would haft to say some of the most memorable memories this year would be

1.meeting all the amazing people in Guelph who treat me like family now and it's something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

2. meeting all of the guelph crew's friends from abroad. U GUYS ARE THE BEST!

3. going backstage during congo natty and meeting my bestfriend backstage who was coming off stage getting kicked off by securtity! "what the hell r u doing here? hey what the hell are u doing here??"

4. My first Hug Tribe!

no real tear jerkers for anyone but myslef but I must say i've learnt THERE IS A SENSE OF COMMUNITY IN THIS SCENE and it's like no other i've ever experienced! and to everyone i've met and to all the people I will surely meet and re meet
my utmost respect and gratitude goes out to u for making my life that much more fufulling!

Again I am a changed person
for the better!
Neil [-TF-]
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Old November 25th, 1999, 07:09 PM   #33
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Thanks Will, I almost forgot:The Hullabaloo Club from Wonderland! That was so much fun.

I'm getting teary eyed reading this thread

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Old November 25th, 1999, 07:10 PM   #34
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in no specific order;

1. Hullabaloo 9 and that damn whit wig... that was a good party

2. Hearing the superman track 4 or 5 times at diy new years

3. Dancing with Donny even after the lights were on and they were kicking us out of the bingo hall at Next Junction in april

4. The invention of the trademark "dminus piggy wiggle wiff da tounge out" dance move

5. Everyone wearing dress shirts ties and vests.

6. Climbing out of the k hole when matt and erin took pictures of me at Purple haze

7. Donny with his pants down while we were going to renegades 2 year

8. THE CAPTAIN CAVE MAN SALUTE - accept no substitutes

9. Playing hug my friend in the stairwell at fresh of the tree with Yolanda and Saoirse

10. Pyrovitae and Muffin making us muffins in the star wars line up

11. Dancing to jungle in the rain in front of the Paramount theatre in the star wars line.

12. Free kraft dinner in the star wars line

13. Gollum's set at EBF 1

14. K hole in the balloon room at ebf 1

15. The buffet at golden griddle...

16. My exploding cigarette from Tommy

17. Doing j*b in the bathroom at the griddle with starrie... (if that isnt sketchy i dont know what is)

18. My rocking chair at Mad Science

19. Being scared of Paladin always

20. Mikey saying "WHERES MARTY" to marty at hullabaloo 10

21. Bryce and I and our Minnie and Mickey surprise at hulla 2 year

22. Gettin pulled over with Will on our way home from mad science. "where did you get this car?" "i bought it"

23. The fairwell to me and Donny after Jump up the underground

24. Playing volleyball at Misha

25. The mosh pit for smashing pumpkins at Misha

26. When frolic was gonna surprise me with Pacific sun at Uproar but then he forgot

27. When we sketched out at gollums near the mental hospital after Resonance... remember when k-boy puked in front of that street car?

28. Comming back after hulla with chick e, dylan, and bryce CLEAN!!!

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Old November 25th, 1999, 07:18 PM   #35
dj shift
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DIY NYE - nuff said
hulla 9 and meeting starrie after talking to her in icq that day... im still in love wif her too!!!!! matty loves stacey!!
uproar - popping all the balloons after!! MWHhahahahahah
FOTT - my best job of mcing ever
Jedi - spun my first set at a party wif matty, then got really drunk, passed out and spun a set solo.. and did good!!!
breakin point - willar being too short for the decks!
trance quake - stage dancin wif santa... caution balloons... and manning the washrooms!
trix - sex wif trippin LOL!

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Old November 25th, 1999, 09:58 PM   #36
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I am the queen of doing jib anywhere
meeting diez for the first time at madscience

sabby on stage with duck man at jV
finding out that we both made out with nathan wild at jV

hehe I talked to you like 10 hours before i met you odd

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Old November 25th, 1999, 10:14 PM   #37
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Today I was feeling kind of sad, but now that I have read this thread I am reminded of everything fun that has happened throughout my raving carrer. That you all so much for sharing thouse memories with everyone, It is nice to read a thread that almost brings tears to your eys instead of one were you get mad and out of anger and disagrement you post mean things.

I would like to share with you just three of my favorite times.

1. At my very first part Renagades Aug 8 last year at the hanger, Me and my friend were looking up in the sky sitting outside and she asked me what I was looking at? It was a star and she said she was looking at the same one, the only one in the was so perfect and this was the first night I had ever done chemicals and we were kind of both having a not so good time but evety time we looked at each other we looked at the star and for some reason I new everything would be okay. Amd it was,

2. At procced with caution! Me and my friend Meliisa dancing on this thing that was hanging from the roof (kind of like a platform thig)Anyways we were dancing there with a bunch of cool people and it was just so amazing looking over everyone and watching the huge crowd. A moment that is so unexplanable!

3. Also at HSP. Dancing with a group of people I did not know and feeling sdo good, and my favorite trax played, Then some guy came up to me and gave me this huge CaNdy cane, and they are my favorite. It was so big I carried it all night. But I did eat about a week later. I wish I remembered his name! Thank you

I have had so many great experiences in the past year and a half that I could not possibly add they all to my list.

Thanks for Listening!

PLUR Hugz to All

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Old November 26th, 1999, 01:00 AM   #38
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wow. you made me cry tears of joy. again. I love you like i never thought i could. forever bay-bee.

ummmm, there are so many memories that I will never forget, but so many have already been posted.

first and foremost, as geeky as it is, this forum has enriched my life and circle of friends so much. I am a changed person for all of you who know and love me. I thank you all for that.

Hullabaloo 9- going to the net meet, and no body was there! finally meeting my future best friend d-extra. I love you so much! and no I DID NOT run away from you!!!

Hulla9- meeting stacey and shannon. shannon thinking I was a bitch! I'm just kinda shy, I swear!

hulla9- being in "Lindser Land" I never really left....

Hulla10- being danced by the boys....and falling on my ass! I will get you back someday!

DIY NYE- the party that made me relieze what the scene was all about. I have never had a better time in my life. the best party EVER. meeting will for the first time, meeting gollum and pete and erin.

resonance III- going with muffin and never seeing him the whole night! staying with pete and erin and will and gollum the WHOLE NIGHT in the smoking tent. not meeting adrian! meeting mack

PHP- will's b day dinner. tommy and adrain and jenstar being in traffic for 3 hours. pete's set knocking me on my ass. dancing even though I had bronchitus and an audition the next day.

Hardsound- meeting cory. meeting k.

nightmare- the start of my brief friendship with kidepic, it was good while it lasted.

DIY springroll-not being "hardcore" enough to make it through the night. seeing dylan dancing on stage all night, gollum trying to get him off stage all night!

FOTT-the best kiss of my life

Uproar- "can....can, I kiss you?"

Hulla11-jon doe. 'nuff said. the rental car and the beautiful green trees.

Nightmare- "look at the lights maaaaaaaan! it's hypotnizing!"

WEMF- too many memories to say, but such and amazing time. oooooh, seeing the dj's play footy on the beach. and sleeping through the best sets ever (apparently!), being kicked in the head. losing the tent, it not mattering, then never using the tent. The AWC. i love you guys. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-DRIAN????" how did tommy always find us?

Moonshadow- what's this? could i actully like goa? the most magical party i have ever been too. sitting under the tree with my baby, and the sudden burst of "energy" that ensued. meeting Brandy, the girl who knows my soul.

RCMP- saying goodbye to Rachel with all of our friends on stage while subsonic and elixer tore it up. the crying in unison. we await your return sweet'art.

Techno Invasion- one of the best parties ever! seeing dekoze rolling on the ground afterwards. "ya was a goo-d par-ty"

Hulla12- finally seing the AWC at the end of the night. playing with frolic's birthday presents while waiting for dan. finally seeing pete spin at hulla

and finally....Jon"00"Fleming. one of the best nights of my life was at the guv. I fell in love with that place, and I shall go there till I am grey and old! ooooooh! the lazers!

wow, that was so long. terribly sorry kids!

Luv you all,

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Old November 26th, 1999, 01:19 AM   #39
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1) Meeting Nadine at NJ Need To know --- people who know me will understand.

2) 3 day in general... I discovered that I don't like Jungle.... and Trance was better then I thought

3) My buddy steve freaking me out at Destiny 31..... it's still bothering me!!!!!

4) Seeing paladin play for the first time at Ju'ravic park

And to finish this off ... and the most important memories....

5) Meeting the new friends I've made this year.... Your all wikid and I'm lucky to have you all
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Old November 26th, 1999, 02:01 AM   #40
Baby Raver
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Location: Waterloo/Toronto

DIY NYE - wow.. what a night.. the most amazing party. i danced for 7 hours.. i met MATTY *grin* yes, it was good pizza! being named "rushy girl" lol. "the keys have been found!" A drunken MC JD picking me up and saying "happy new year baby!" LOL!! Kissing my friend Anna from new zealand accidently, and running away!

PCP - This party i met so many people.. Kevin introducing me to Pete. I met Will when he was sitting up against the wall with Pete. And then stalking Will and Pete all through the night! U 2 are so cute.

Hulla 9 - meeting Quirks for the first time and being really scared. LOL. oh, and having everything that could go wrong that night, go wrong! attaching myself to Kathryn! "keep me warm?" hahaha!

DIY springroll - My ride bailing on me, and my DAD! having to drive me and my friends to Toronto at 9 at night!!! *from waterloo..* Big group hug! Dancing with Rick and Trippin My buddy Jonas's first party! My ride bailing on me AGAIN in the morning, and having to beg for cash to take the train! *and Kathryn offering to stuff me in the trunk to get back to Waterloo*

Hulla 10 - Willar's first hullabaloo set!! Him spinning my favortite track and then passing out on poor Willar in the ambient tent! being amazed my all the decorations umm.. running around with Plure..

Uproar - OMG its Alex!!!! *my favorite strongbow* hahah!!! umm.. the security guy telling Elixir to STOP SPINNING cause the party was over!! *him turning down the volume, security turning his back, elixir turns the volume back up* LOL Amazing night with Sean...

Hit da breaks - Sitting with Will on the bar while he served people water lol. Will introducing me to MC Flipside! *very cool guy*.. Then leaving at 4 am and going to Niagra Falls for some odd reason *umm.. isn't waterloo the other direction? LOL*

WEMF 99 - the K-W village.. Seeing Alex for one minute and never seeing him again for the rest of the weekend!!! Trippin.. lol.. u made it an interesting weekend! Going to the beach BigBlueBaby being everywhere that weekend!! ANA! *lix* u made me so happy that was one .. long .. weekend!

Synthetic *back in the summer..*- Will not recognizing me when i was about to go inside *stares at Will till he notices.. lol* Muffin looking somewhat scared of me.. haha! Actually getting to talk to Willar for once! Being the LAST person dancing in the morning, and having a blast! partying sober and loving every minute! Best trance i had heard all year.. *except some pieces i heard at wemf*
Wicked party. One of my favorites.

RCMP - water gun fight in the morning!!!!! AHH!! Elixir and Pete's set *yum yum*.. and them spinning "wizards of the sonic" last!! *drool* oh oh oh! and Matty petting the speaker!! haha..

EBF 1.5 - Blair witch walk!! hehe with Will, Sandy, Rick, Tommy, Pete *thanx for your jacket* and other people.. the Piggy back war!! (whoo hoo! me and Will kicked everyones ass!) and Kathryn once again (keep me warm?) and sketchy j laughing at the compact raver!
Will driving me home in the morning, amazed by the mist over the lake, and landscape

Inflitrate 2 *in k-town* - VIDMAN! hehe.. u made me smile a million times.. Plure! your one year anniversary party.. all those memories, eh? *sigh* and Sean getting us kicked out in the morning for sleeping!

JEDI! - wow. what a night. watching Tam freak out ALL day till perma arrived. Her freaking out ALL the way there! The damn club not letting us in! umm.. 15 minute set up lol Working the door and ME *of all people* yelling at CBC to get out!!!!!!!! <-- takes a bow. Meeting Goose Egg *hugz*. Attacking Aubrey. Trippin trying to rape me and Rick!! lol. Ana showing me her nipple ring! Giving matty "baby's notes" (smile). Perma being his usual perma self Sitting with Willar in the morning on the stage and all his friends wondering who the hell i was! The S&M chains and crusifix in the basment. ew! What a night.... OH! and me and Plure tyring to get home!! LOL! *umm.. anyone from k-w? anyone? anyone at all?* AT-AT's insane driving! what a night...

-Baby Raver
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This thread has made me realize just how quickly the past year really went :-)

This year has been a year of memories that will last a lifetime....I used to party a lot, every weekend for almost two years back in 1992-early1994. Then I stopped raving because the scene had blown up and gone downhill, much as people critisize it for nowadays!!

My first party this year after an almost 4 year break without a party was last year's Rewind party....What a night...the warehouse which I remembered from the days when it was also RPM.....It was such a wicked night, I met up with so many people I had never seen in a LOOOOOOOONNNG time....I have so many good memories that start from there...

Then my sis took me to Hulla on Dec. 5, my first hulla-experience was awesome, great vibe, great people and wicked music.....

Next the dream night....DiY NYE-->Luka, Janna, Will, Gollum, Elliott, Stephanie, Pete, Erin, EN and John E you guys are all absolutely amazing people, I am VERY glad to have met you and become friends even if we don't all hang out anymore :-(

To all who read this far that were at DiY NYE I will say to again, thank you all because we only provided the space and the music, you guys MADE the party what it was!!!!

After new years the next big event of the past year would have to be meeting Adrian and consquently meeting Quirks :-)

Next DIY Springroll-again guys from start to finish a blast glad to have been a part :-)

Another fav moment of 1999 for me would have to be the countless HH nights at Waynes that I went to, although the place got pretty sketchy in the middle of the summer, it was great fun in the early days...

Hard Sound's live PA was absolutely AMAZING!! I was sick in bed with pneumonia but I went to the party for that 45 minutes and MAN oh MAN was it worth it!!!

Hulla at the bingo hall was pretty good, Brano' set in the tent was awesome but then Flex had to come on and ruin things hehehe

Run DMC, Rabbit in the Moon, and the Congo Natty Crew made me realize why we need a huge company like Lifeforce in the scene.....

As good as every moment I have mentioned so far...My FAVORITE moment of 1999 would have to be well actually it's a couple of moments from one night.....

ATM when Brano finished and Frisky started to play was the most electrifying moment in my raving career, that and when Jenna first starrted to belt out Heart of Gold!!!!!!!

Finding the secret room at ATM at 4am even thow I was throwing the party it took Capital J and Spinz to find the room and break into it!! hahahaha

All in all it's been a pretty wicked year for all of us and I'm glad my path was led back towards the rave scene and I look forward to the many opportunities to create more memories in the year 2000!!

Peace Out, One Love

Astroboy Out

P.S. there might have to be an addition to this list after Dec.11....but more on that later......eheheheh Frisky, what do you think?

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The ride back in robins car after jV
*hello my name is mr fuckedupface*

after universal when quacked broke the NOS fountain by falling on it
our vandelism then going on speakers corner and telling people we vandlized
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Old November 26th, 1999, 10:14 AM   #43
~*Princess Mononoke*~
Join Date: Nov 1999

"Have you spun yet?"
DIY springroll kiss on da cheek.
Climbing Castleloma
Chinese food on the floor
Punzy's birthday
Star Wars (1, 2, and 3!)
CN tower and Bank of Montreal building
Birthday threads
WEMF bug bites and duct tape
Shirt shopping
And the inconceivable notion that one can "swallow" their tongue

Love you.
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Old November 26th, 1999, 10:38 AM   #44
dj frisky
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PCP - the first event at Sunshine Wayne's... Wayne's back when it was fun every weekend

Hulla 9 Big Top - "trying" to sleep in the car cuz I had a mid term on monday but that was impossible... met many of the hulla boarders at that net meet!

Hard Sound - Proceed with Caution - respect goes out to harry!

Big Bud - don't remember what it was called - just had alot of fun at this party for some reason.. might have something to do with all the old school jungle

DIY - Springroll - an amazing night spent with an amazing girl

E-Mail - Fresh off the Tree - contrary to popular belief, the entire nite is not gone from memory

Hard Sound - Sonic Storm - spider webs!!!! Wildchild rrrrrrrrrrrruff!

Hulla - Funtopia 2 - DJ BRISK!!!!! probably one of my favorite parties of the year...

WEMF 99 - The "proposal"... priceless

Fundamental Lustre - Happie Happie Joy Joy - myself, d-minus, marty mcfly and e-by-gum in utah causing a ruckus with the americans

ATM - Reunion - JD's speeches, the failed balloon drop, seeing Spinz at 7am still partying hard

Phul Phunk - Plur 99 - was in Nebraska and this paralleled many of Toronto's best parties... completely exceeded my expectations and met a lot of friendly people.

E-mail - Hardcore Trix - contrary to popular belief, the entire nite is not gone from memory

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Klubmasta Will
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wow! this thread has turned into such a beautiful thing! silver one, saffron, lindser, baby raver and astroboy, your lists brought back so many wonderful memories.
i can't believe i forgot the following!

1. dancing in the rain at the corner of richmond and john at the star wars line up! first to a dj frisky tape, then to nicky blackmarket - while all the other people in line stared! the streets were blocked off for the big premiere (of both the movie and the theatre) so the entire intersection (the actual street) turned into our dance floor and they played our music over the big sound system! "i've been waiting 14 years for this movie! woooohooooo!" (on city tv, no less, thank you *bows*)

2. the email productions barbeque in the alleyway as we camped out overnight to buy the tickets in the first place!

3. dancing in the parking lot to mystical influence on a saturday afternoon for the hmv grand opening. "hey felix, dance for the camera!"

4. the blair witch walk at ebf 1.5!

5. chillin' on the mattresses at resonance 3! and then gollum's after party! "k boy, are you ok?" "hey, if adrian will do it, i guess i will too."

6. pulling off the "triple play" with dj spinz - liquid adrenaline, then off to some small hamilton party (where spinz blew the sound system), then back to toronto for empire 1 year. by the end i was like "no more jungle, make it stop, make it stop!"

7. going to my co-worker's wedding with dj terra (thanks again for that hun). "this is terra, she's a ballet dancer and she spins jungle, er, excuse me, drum 'n bass."

8. getting drunk with e-chick's parents - quite possibly, the coolest parents in the world.

finally, to "princess mononoke" (props to anyone who can figure out who this is - *hint* there are clues in this very thread), your list brought tears to my eyes - for real. you've been a true friend since i met you and you're one of the big reasons why this year has been so special. your opinion means the world to me and you're one of the few people that actually has the power to make me feel bad about myself. (those few times you were mad at me, i felt like shit!) anyway, thanks for the memories and i'm sure we'll share lots more in the years to come. i love you too.

Klubmasta Will

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Old November 26th, 1999, 12:31 PM   #46
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In no particular order:

1. July, Max Graham @ Atomic, Ottawa - the greatest set I've heard in my life. 7 hours of incredible magic.

2. That cop bustin' it with glowsticks at Connected

3. Having a rather deep conversation on the state of electronic music with Josh Wink at Syrous.

4. The Jennstar Sunday Boatcruises (the jennstar from Tribe) .... who knew that such a bunch of post-ravers and self-absorbed clubbers could actually have so much fun.

5. Getting a kiss on the cheek from Anne Savage at Sneak's Birthday party while my friends looked on in jealous amazement

6. Sasha and Digweed at the Guvernment ... reminding me about all the reasons why I love the art of the DJ.

7. Icarus, a trance opera. The strangest party I've ever been to.

8. Meeting my stalker on the dance floor of my own party ... and finding out she's incredibly beautiful. Uh oh.

9. Oakenfold's surprise set at Fluid. Ian (Soundstream) and I almost didn't get in. "I don't care who Paul Oakenfold is. We have to maintain the integrity of our club." Ha ha.

10. Tripping and falling head over heals into a group of floor people at Syrous ... I scared them pretty bad
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Old November 26th, 1999, 12:33 PM   #47
Klubmasta Will
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*ack*, i remembered another one - the jeff mills party at industry on january 1 - the day after DIY NYE. it was on the nite of the HUGE snowstorm. first my car got stranded on the way back from richmond hill, so jennstar, her friend and i had to leave my car and take the subway downtown. jeff mills kicked my ass! he made me hear sounds that i have never heard before. afterwards, it was impossible to get a taxi, so everyone from the party trudged up bathurst street together through the snow.

what a nite! thanks, luka, for dragging me out.

Klubmasta Will
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Old November 26th, 1999, 12:42 PM   #48
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I nearly forgot!

- throwing a stapler at will's tv and trashing his apartment how could i forget that... i nearly pulled the fire alarm!
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Old November 26th, 1999, 12:45 PM   #49
li'l miss sunshine
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Its funny 'cause I haven't partied with any of you, but I have so many similar memories.

Here are some of my favourites.....

Robert de la Gauthier at Comfort Zone - The biggest snow storm of the year, blue lightening but not enough to keep up inside. It was like a private party just for us, Robert was even dancing with us! Then digging out Nicks car after it was buried by the snowplow. It only took us an hour!

Ritual with Ritchie Hawtin - Dressing in theme (blue). Making our own area when it got too crowded to dance... "please mr security, we're hot, we'll only stand here for a minute"!

WEMF - chillin' in the RV. Dancing at the Bump ahead booth to Mark EG on Saturday. Watching Danny spin all his vinyl and Tim's too!

Whistle 2 in Jersey - Road Trip!! Culture shock the whole time, I couldn't wait for a Toronto party after that!

Mostly I remember hangin' out with my friends listening to the best music and having the most amazing year.

See you all at Hulla!!

much love

Li'l miss sunshine
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Old November 26th, 1999, 01:00 PM   #50
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Another memory:

Delicate Beats-Adrian singing Shooting Star and Eye Opener all the way there
Alison calling the radio station to figure out that Bearcat Song(who was that by again?)
Freezing my ass off in Ottawa in JULY
Strongbow taking pictures of a sleeping Dan and Subsonic
Watching silver1 do some neat tricks with a yoyo
Alison's mug shot pics

Lil miss-I was at Robert De La Gauthier in January, and I know I know you?


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