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Old November 26th, 1999, 01:08 PM   #51
Jessica Rabbit
Join Date: Jun 1999
Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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What a cute thread!

-Going countless times to "our" bathroom with my girl Alex before and after parties.

-Hearing Out of the Blue for the very first time and thinking it was a "love song".

-Dose Connected was just FUN! Meeting Lisa, Marci and Leah there.

-On the way to DIY the very first time ever when I saw Smilz.

-DIY Springroll *sighs*
Meeting Sketch upstairs and thinking he was the cutest person ever. Meeting Smilz inside and hanging out in the corner of the bathroom with him for hours. He is one of the top favourite people I have ever met in my entire life.

-The skank at Nightmare with E-Tard. Being the ONLY one at the entire party who liked Fishhead's set.

-On the way to Hulla10 with E-Tard, KRS1, Chick_E, BlondE, Funshine, BluBerrE, Baby Cuddles, Richard.

-My first after party at Wayne's....I wish I could relive that day forever. Meeting Cory.

-Kamikaze and spending the whole night with Smilz.

-Before Raindance, during Raindance and after Raindance. Kristian, Jaime, Shelagh, Nick....what a wicked weekend! Hehe....going the wrong direction for 10 minutes because I was in such a daze.

-Meeting Fingers at FOTT. AFter FOTT HAHAH!! It took Fingers, ALex and I 3 hours and 45 minutes to get from the Big Bop to Wayne's! We walked all the way to Dundas West Station.

-On the way to Smilz' house getting arrested with him and Fingers. Smilz wearing fun fur to Uproar! The whole night and the day after at Skydome.

-Reading the most beautiful post ever by KAt. Falling in love with her from the start and then meeting her before Hulla12.

-XStacey moving in for the WHOLE summer. Everyday we did the same thing. Played on the computer for 10 hours, bitched about who's turn it was and then went out every night at like 1am to fer slushee's.

-Baby Duck taking me to WEMF

-Crying at Wayne's on Chick_E's birthday cause Smilz was moving to BC

-Baby Duck's weekend at my house. That night at the park was AMAZING

-Chu Chu saving me TWICE. AT RCMP and after Citrus.

-Me quitting chemicals. I dun care if no drug memories allowed...I am VERY proud of myself.

-Destiny31 with Carlos. Stalking guys, warming our hands by the fire, the day after walking around aimlessly.

-Becoming good friends with Kickz.

I have so many endless good memories. I have met so many beautiful people and they will be in my heart forever.


Life is good.
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Old November 26th, 1999, 01:12 PM   #52
Join Date: Jul 1999
Location: Toronto
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Thumbs up

OMG! will, YES jeff mills @ industry on 2 january! i can't believe i forgot that party!

... dancing like i've never danced before, for 5 hours straight.

... being picked up based on the sole fact that i was in univsersity, in a hardcore program, and actually *doing* something with my life.

... *trying* to get a taxi, and then walking all the way from industry to yonge + dundas.

... building a snowman on the foot of the TD centre at 6 in the morning, with the security guard watching. (he was laughing the whole time).

and then there was going to windsor's inaugural rave.

... having the cops shut it down, 'cause people were driving their cars through a park.

... having 20 ravers cram into a 7-11, waiting for taxis to pick us up. the guy at the counter was so confused. he didn't know wtf was going on.

what a magical year this has been!



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Old November 26th, 1999, 01:37 PM   #53
anabolic frolic
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Join Date: May 1999
Location: HullaLand
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Here are some of my favourite memories that I've quickly wrote down. These are from a bit different perspective...

-hulla9 : realising it was an hour to go before opening the doors and I was standing around with nothing to do! it was such a great feeling knowing everything was taken care of.

-hulla9: I don't hold many dj's on a pedestal but I did rever Slipmatt somewhat since his was the first happy hardcore mixtape I ever owned and first UK hardcore dj I ever saw. so it was quite exciting to a) hire him to play my party and b) have him hang out at the party all night partying with all the ravers, from which there are many funny stories :-)

-hulla10: being complimented all night on the use of the warehouse. I dont think I got a single complaint about using the warehouse that night.

-hulla10: keeping the fact that I had booked the warehouse a COMPLETE SECRET for weeks. I know how the toronto gossip machine works and I told NO ONE including people close to me, like my sound technicians. I didn't want people to get scared away from the party. so it was a secret til I couldn't hold it back any longer, maybe 2 days before the show. that was quite the feat.

-hulla11: snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! it was 3 days to go before the party and we end up booking the bingohall (thanks to harry from hardsound) and the party works out as good as it possibly could have. wicked night. but I was ready to cancel the party if the bingohall didn't come available.

-diynewyears: probably the single jumpiest (needles were jumping constantly because of everyone dancing around me and the general excitement) set I ever played and no one cared :-) plus it has always been my dream to play a new years set. so thanks everyone :-)

-driving down (24 hour return trip) to Conneticut for a booking. We didn't get plane tickets sorted in time due to a management and communications problem. Got to the party and it was CHAOS. very reminiscent of Hulla7 with thousands of people stuck outside. except this time the police were there in full force telling everyone to go home and I thought I was going to get caught in a riot. but things got sorted and I got inside (but late for my set, since I was stuck outside in all the commotion). The promoters were so excited to see me they yanked the current DJ off the decks and announced I was there and had driven down to make it to their party. the crowd went nuts and I played a great set. afterwards I was inundated with ravers thanking me endlessly for making the effort to be at their party, which made it all worthwhile :-)

-Submerged2 in Ohio: This was one of the first bookings I had taken in the US in a while. But being at this party reminded me how much fun being a dj can be. Playing in Toronto is wicked, the only problem is usually the best sets I play are at my own parties, and I am too stressed out to really enjoy myself. That, or I need to promote at another party or something. so with this party, it was great to just come down, relax and enjoy the party and the people.

-wemf: dancing to m-zones set! there's a lot of wemf that I'd like to just forget about. but by saturday night everything pulled together. anyone lucky enough (or unlucky?? ;-)) to catch me dancing know that I hardly do that anymore. I can't even remember the last time I was in the middle of the dancefloor just enjoying the experience.

-wemf: Magika telling vinylgroover that the Mickey Finn and Brockie were at the hotel looking for him cause they were pissed he had stolen some beers from the jungle tent.(this was a joke of course) Vinylgroover was scared shitless ;-)

-post-wemf: going out for dinner at the Keg with all the visiting DJs and MCs and having Robin initiate tequila shots. then hearing little drunken vinylgroover singing 'tequila - it makes me happy'

-wemf: Robin scaring the pants off of me with her 'proposal'. does anyone have a photo or video of that?

-hulla12: seeing my Mom show up at the party and then seeing what a ham she could be! jeez, someone yank yer off the stage already!!! ahahahaha. and seeing her get swamped by tons of ravers once they found out she was my mom. She absolutely loved the whole experience and was ranting about it the whole day following. there's a million quotes from this. some of the best was her comparing the music to the kind of 'fast' music she enjoyed as a kid - like the jitterbug! hahahahahaha.

-getting invited to Will's birthday as a surprise guest ;-) .. Didn't realise it would be such a big deal but I'm glad it made your day, Will. :-)

-playing Collingwood just last weekend and all the ravers there shitting themselves that I actually showed up.

-Meeting countless ravers all the time at every party. I wish i could list them all here, but that would be impossible. I'll just say that it's always touching to get such positive feedback and I really appreciate it.
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Old November 26th, 1999, 02:03 PM   #54
Join Date: May 1999

Okay where to start...

Meeting Adam at Funtopia (that guy with the car)
Just Vibes Saturday...
Taking my sister to FOTT
The Candy Kid days
The first net meet I managed to get to @ Funtopia
Frisky's Saturday set @ WEMF
The auctioning off of the silver suits at BTB
The first time someone compliment my dancing @ Foreverland
Someone giving me a pair of glowstix after some jerk ran off with mine @ Hypnotized
Reuniting my old crew @ Foreverland
Pete's paper pirate hat at WEMF
My first sober party @ BTB
Dancing in the rain @ Paradigm Shift
Moonshadow in August...Period.
Reconnecting with an old friend at Mi'Sha
Convincing CO2 to take a train to Burlington and come to Thrills with me even though we'd never met
Disco @ Citrus
Internet Cafe @ Citrus
Running into people I went to high school with...who would've thought?
Frisky's a girl? But...but... ~*confused & afraid*~ @ WEMF
Falling asleep in the grass while waiting for Ian & Arthur to get water @ WEMF
Candy Adam @ H12
Robin's "Proposal" @ WEMF
The dancing water bottle at Trance Quake
The music at Trance Quake
Hearing Mifody spin for the first time @ Just Vibe Friday
Balloons @ EBF 2.0.
Watching the ATM sign at the coffee shop being carried away before ATM...and the blank look of the girl behind the counter when she realized it was gone
Meeting Etch @ ATM
Hackey Balloon @ Jedi @ Trix
Cutting apples at Trix...tedious, but a memory all the same
And everyone who ever made me smile ~*sniff*~

More to come I'm sure
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Old November 26th, 1999, 03:12 PM   #55
Klubmasta Will
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Centre of the Universe

a few more:

1. the nite that frolic, subsonic chronic, marty mcfly, dj x and silver one were all supposedly booked on a tuesday nite for $300 each. pete came all the way from london too ... *ouch*

2. hangin' out with "princess mononoke" and meeting the t-dot jungle crew - a VERY kewl group of people - at the coffee connoseur before next junction "need to know"

3. having a few drinks in the secret room at atm "reunion" - props to capital j and dj spinz for finding the room and breaking in

4. meeting the "bay street massive" from the tribe message board - some VERY fine people - hopefully, a few of them will make it to the next hullabaloo *hint hint*

5. watching pet summer try greek food for the first time. "ummm, nobody orders a hamburger at a greek restaurant."

6. meeting me-shell's donkey. i always knew she had a nice ... oh, nevermind

7. spending all those tuesday nites at club statik with the next junction crew. damn that funglejunk for taking away business! (j/k)

8. spending all those wednesday nites on the rooftop patio of the limelight listening to kickass jungle and breaks

9. being involved with the Toronto Dance Safety Committee. although we came together because of unfortunate circumstances, i was honoured to have been asked to participate in such a worthwhile cause and i feel privileged to work with a group of such talented, thoughtful and intelligent partiers. respect to all.

10. getting to know chica-boo abbey, aka danger girl, aka cyberdiva. very few of you have met her but she'll be coming to the next hullabaloo

that's it for now ... i'm sure more things will come to mind ...

Klubmasta Will
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Old November 26th, 1999, 03:21 PM   #56
Join Date: May 1999

Oh... another memory...

Shaking frolic's hand after Foreverland...



hee hee
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Old November 26th, 1999, 03:30 PM   #57
Pet Summer
Join Date: Nov 1999
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"... and young man, they DO have toilets inside the venue..."

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Old November 26th, 1999, 04:35 PM   #58
Seal Bounce Champion! High Score:  

hrmmm what a year it was indeed

1) coming back to "the rave scene" after a year absence

2) giving out finger puppets at hulla 9

3) dancing to jelo at 4reel

4) meeting the fdr who would become my greatest rave pals

5) message board mania (ya its not a party but ive had some pretty god (well some bad too) times on here)

6) sleeping in nathan phillips square after sonic storm only to wake up with MASS cramps in both legs, then dancing around to get rid of them and some bums laughing at me

7) going to hulla 10 with XSTACEY and StarE at 7:30 and anabolic frolic giving us stickers (they were hulla 2 year stickers but stickers none the less)

8) dj spock - nuff said

9) flex v kamikazie @ thr

10) special k's jokes

11) bringing some of friends into the rave scene OUTBACK CREW!!!!!!!!

12) posting about arethra franklins meat

13) F.ollow T.he R.avers @ sonic storm

14) Martybaloo!!!

15) Dj Dan @ Hit Da Breaks
dats nice!

16) ride up to 3 day, stopping off at home hardware and seeing scary magnet animals

17) being retarded on saturday at 3 day
"lets take a pic, k you havta make a cracked out face" no one did

18) getting pictures back after any party

19) the ride back from 3 day
what ride??? hrmmm jess

20) body lines @ d31 with liz

21) chillin at mad science with bedtime bear

22) long weekends
flashpoint and ju;rave'ic park
up close and personal and ??? some toronto party

23) soup on the street with muffin and jess

24) Dan, after universal suspension nuff said

25) madam zu SHE SIGNED MY BOOK!!!!

ill think of more later

some message boarders that made this a good year, i love you all
leroy, tweek. sunne, nash, kat, jessica rabbit, XSTACEY, starrie, shannon, smiley, special k, baby raver, tiny, crz-e, jon, muffin, morgan, taera, bedtime bear, gummie bear, SAWA, jellibean, lindser, adrian, tommy, fingers, captain kirk, yikes, skittlz, king whistle, phatt monee, dj microdot, frisky, bryce, silver surfer,

nonmessage boarders you know it too
jamie, shawn, ivar, xavier, corey, steph, carrie, steve, brian, jared, jessica, derek, julee, matty, angel, charlene, chris,
cory hill, julio, rachel, ira

i know there are alot of other, im sorry if i forgot you , you know i love you

and of course meeting summer!!!!!!
summer is keen,

Old November 26th, 1999, 04:38 PM   #59
Seal Bounce Champion! High Score:  

i forgot jennE

and of course my memories of my afro...
wearing it to
hulla 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
4reel, up close and personal, fott, a bit at 3 day, thrills, universal suspension, and im sure many others
i loved you afro!!!!!
Old November 26th, 1999, 05:31 PM   #60
Join Date: May 1999
Location: toronto
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Everything anyone * i know* has written

thanks guys\

It's the people I et of this board that has lead to so many great times

I'll mention one or two more

the time spent at my house
- bathroom breaks
-waye's stuff
- mikey sleeping in fun fur
- trying to call daid etterman to make him be more funny

-driveing to nowhere and back sagain for a WEEK with Adam

the three amigious of march
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Old November 26th, 1999, 06:42 PM   #61
~*Butterfly*~'s Avatar
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oh wonderful party memories

The bathroom at connected, meeting Special-k, Heather, and those other cool peoples....oh ya meeting jessica and experiancing mah first party.

Destroying my wings at hullabaloo foreverland, and meeting kel, jim and the rest of the brampton crew ( iluv ya guys!), goose egg and part e boy

Losing goose egg and part e boy at renegades 2 year and sitting in the chill out room crying cause i thought they'd left with out me, and having 5 rides home in like 10 minutes....oh yes meeting kaptin spectacular....

FOTT with chU-chU and ashley and kellie and jim, running around like a crazy person, ashley dancing on the table. Giving Clover her nick name
after FOTT at kels bouncing off the chair in fantasias

hulla funtopia, getting married and having the most amazing nite of mah life. Oh yes really gettin to know Alison

Hypnotized, almost getting fired from work cause i called in sick, meeting jane...being vip with harddtripp

WEMF going to the beach, coming back alone and "disappearing" for like 4-5 hours with all matts money and other "stuff"
Kidnapping Simon from matty *muwahhh!*

After WEMF sketch party at my house with my parents stuffing food down mah throat and rob waking matt up....*pounce* lol

My first nite at waynes bonding with deby

Going on an adventure with carebear through the bigbop at Good Vibes

All of RCMP....(most amazing party ever) taking alanna to her first party and watching her get addicted

Citrus....well lets just say pete.

Hulla View to a thrill.....walking in with an empty bag and out with one full of bday presents....frolics mom on stage...afterwards at lollipop kids sketchy palace party

Trip or Treat...chillin with victor and chU-chU...dancing like mad on stage with sunshine (sketchy k monkey!) fallin asleep on matty

Trix...Being a panda with ashley (mitsubishi girl) and being a big twinkie...Ross...and playing games with kaptin spectacular....playin tag with hilary. searching for 10 min for a blue condom....walked out with 20 and not a single one was blue

Ashley and i being complete retards at Speaker Phreaker (party at mah school) and pretending to be ballerinas

Well those are mah party memories fer now...a lot of my most fav memories are stuff thats happened before or after the nite nicole and alex and ashley and i went to waynes and nicole got us lost and we ended up in scarbrough and stuck gum to ross and hilary's door

*LuVe & HuGs*

sorry its so long.

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Old November 26th, 1999, 06:43 PM   #62
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Oh yes syrous 4 year.....i didnt even go to this party but this was the party my friend went missing at thank goodness we found her that night

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Old November 26th, 1999, 09:30 PM   #63
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This has been one of the craziest years of partying for me.

I have met so many new people that have turned into great friends.

There are too many memories to name right now, plus the year isnt over yet.

But here is a preview:

PaRtYKiD's favorite sets of 1999.

Carl Cox @ Dose 'Connected'

Bad Boy Bill @ Effective's 'Thats All Folks'

Spock @ H9 'Big Top'

DJ Sneak @ Syrous 'Hyperactive'

Platipus Soundsystem 99 @ Destiny 31

Jelo @ Destiny 31

Vinylgroover @ WEMF 99

Madam Zu @ WEMF 99

Dominik @ Halcyon 'Flashpoint'

I will post my memories of '99 in early 2000.

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Old November 26th, 1999, 09:53 PM   #64
dj x
Join Date: May 1999
Location: scarborough, Ontario, Canada
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So many good memories as well as bad ones but some of them funny now that I think back to it.

DIY NYE 1999
Everything basically started for me here, I never met anyone for that matter but I had a wikkid time and it was my first party with my first friend I made here in toronto, Josh.

Breaking Point
My first venture into throwing a party, met Glosticker amongst others, met my first couple peeps, Muffin, Starrie, M1key, Subsonic Chronic and I'm sure there's more but I can't remember. OH yah..Rez Q and Dj Virus. I remember being scared of Frisky when I first met him LOL

DIY Springroll
My first ever major gig at a party and it was just amazing. Props to the DIY crew for giving my first shot at stardom.
The Car/Pager incident with Marty and Erika, check out the intro on my "Blue Gel Cap" Tape for those lucky enough to have one cuz I'm too lazy to make more! *for now*

Punzy's 18th Birthday
Seeing Punzy be happiest person alive when she found out that Rowan organized this party for her.

Hullabaloo 10: Foreverland
I nearly got a heartattack when Frolic messaged me to play at one of his parties.
Massive respect and props to you for that one!
I had an amazing time and it was the weirdest experience to actually be playing out to SOOOOOOOOOOO many people!!!!

Jump Up The Underground
The drive took forever but I had an amazing time at the "local school dance stylee venue"
Another important thing that happened here was the beginning of a new friendship with 2 special people: Taleen & Michelle *HUGZ*
I didn't actually meet them there but it had to do with the "car incident and a cigarette!"
Oh...watching Donny chuck Saffron into the Rubbish Bin in da morning!

Hard Sounds
The book incident with Taleen
Cramming like 9 ppl into my Chrysler sundance in da morning!!!!

Hullabaloo 2 Year
Oakville!!!! NUFF SAID

Getting lost on da way there with 6 ppl in da car *overpacking car again* and taking 5 hours to get there!!! Speeding up and down hills at 160KM/H LOL

Smoking one of the countless joints that we did on the journey there and me and taleen argueing with everyone that the window theory doesn't work.

Bryce writing: "DJ has to spin" on a piece of paper so we could jump da line for the cars to get into the car park.

Realising it was already Sunday and we had to go home

My set at wemf..I was so happy with it and had an amazing time!!!!

The tent incidents!

Seeing Starrie walk aimlessly back and forwards on saturday afternoon and shaking her head.

Delicate Beats
Asking Fernando how long we had been in da car and him replying: "I dunno, but I know we've smoked 5 spliffs" LOL

A Synthetic Party In Summer
Deciding we wanted to go for a different crowd and having one of the best times of the summer there with Michelle

A Delerium Party In towards the end of Summer at the NEwz
I don't even know where to start, I had one of the best times with Taleen there at that party, the details need not be mentioned
and no it wasn't anything SEXUAL!! LOL

Freakin 99
The BassBin Twins and Rabbit In Da Moon, OMG, the best LIVE PA's ever!!!!

Dancing on Stage with Jayne during Czech's set.

Leaving my car inside the car again and getting John E to break into it with a Coat hanger.

Err the car incident
Realising that CO2 was getting thrown around like a rag doll in my backseat LOL

The vibe itself was just too good to be true.
Mad props to frisky and Astroboy for pulling off one of the best parties of the year!

A Buffalo Party in September
Realising that people are REALLY friendly
Co2 asking someone for an AMERICAN quarter LOL.

Driving home in da morning and completely ignoring the lady at the border and getting yelled at!

Carmeee asking the waitress in the Golden Griddle on the canadian side whether they accepted Canadian currency LOL

Another Buffalo party in da summer
getting so stoned on da way there cuz we didn't wanna go through the border with weed and realising maybe it wasn't such a good idea with fernando in da car cuz we had to go inside the office so he could fill out a form, I've never seen so many cops together b4 LOL

Other times
-Coming back from some party which I can't remember and donny kicking saffron in da bum into the dog cage, anyone wanna see the pics again? Request it

-Dj Rez-Q getting completely trashed at Mi'sha.

-The stairwell incident with fr00tl00p at the first email party!

-Syrous 6 year was another good party, I think it was the venue which did it for me...but the music was kicking and the jungle room was insane!

NOTE TO WILL: Weed doesn't count!

I'm sure there's more but I'll add them when my memory is jogged


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Old November 26th, 1999, 10:25 PM   #65
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most memorable parties:

DIY NYE - omg, best party ever, really showed me what the scene was about, i finally understood it all, i met a whole shit load of ppl that nite, and someone that changed my life forever, he knows who he is...

Hulla 9 big top - meeting tones of ppl from the board, after being on the board for so long and finally meeting them, face to face, too cool! also, can you say MASHY???

first PC party - wow, what a nite, it was like underground, and commerical at the same time, hehe, i still remember when joe was runnning up and down the hall and then drawing nude pics on the wall! *L*

the space - man i miss that place, meeting a shit load of ppl, dancing, huggin the speakers, dressing up for a -friday- nite party, hehe, how retarded was that...

purerave 1 year - again meeting tones of ppl, and meeting up wiff my jedi crew for the first time, wiff all of them in the same room, was really fun! and ofcourse being wiff my date, destiny all nite! hehe *hugz*

liquid (mineapolis) - the drive down was INSANE, then getting lost for, like 5 hours, in a unknown party, wiff tones of thugs, then playing a game wiff my new found friend "how many thugs can you piss off in one nite?" hehe, i lost, thank god, the other guy almost got killed, but it was fun, the driving home threw customs, baked, sketched, tired, dirty, hungry, etc.

rcmp - seeing old friends, at a new time, good tunes, tones of fun! great dancing, got to really chill wiff tha JOELY! hehe *hugz*

infiltrate 2 - yes yes, memories of me and tha baby raver at infiltrate 1, that was INSANE, "yah, we're planning on going sober this evening" two hours later, opps, "are you fucked on a lamp? coz i am!" that guy who kept on lookin' at me and baby raver and said we made a cute couple, and that guy that was really messed up that thought i was a guy coz of the way me and baby were like laying ontop of each other, and then ofcourse sean getting kicked out, standing outside in the cold like a lost puppy waiting for us... awww

jedi e1 - omg, the nervious break down i had, the day before the party, then the day of the party, the excitement, the orgy wiff baby raver and halo, and then the nervious wreck of getting permasketch to waterloo to pick us up... getting to the venue, only to find i couldn't get in, finally getting in, and freaking out, everyone wanting to talk to me, then baby raver tellin' them "give her 5 minutes" and i like, crawled into a ball on the floor and FREAKED OUT... then everyone showing up and doing an amazing set up in 15 minutes, all thanks to my wikid crew, i love you guyz, then the drunkin mattys, omg, you two are NEVER EVER SPINNING TOGETHER AGAIN!
hanging out wiff the bathroom crew, omg, kyle and jacque etc, what a bunch of characters, during adams set some guy going up to jenny saying "hi i'm the famous dj virus, wanna go in the corner and make out" HAHAHHA OMG LMAO
then the mashed out baby raver and halo hehe,
and again, still everyone trying to talk to me at once,
and sitting back and watching everyone having fun dancing, and chillin, and then me, bustin some movies wiff my life long liquid partener fauxfur! hehe
then frolic's set, and having a lite sabor battle on stage wiff specs, heheheheh,
getting put in a head lock numiors times by ppl,
oh yah i forgot when the cbc showed up, baby raver threw them out, and they kept on trying to get in and i repeatidly tellin' them "NO GO AWAY" then we told them some lie, and yadda yaddda yadda... and then the passed out matty, hahahhahaha, that was just, too funnie fer words, and subsonics set was AMAZING, so was what i heard of tha therapist, every set except for m&m was fuckin' wikid that nite!
hehe *HUGZ 2 jedi crew*

and i haven't partyed since,
well i stopped in on Double trouble, but it sucked so i left...
so ya,
thats it...

Tamarra, aka plure

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das t0o funny!

Hmm..well 99 has been WaCkEd for me!
So many things happened..geez where do I start.

~meeting s0 many wikked pe0ple.
~n0t g0ing t0 skewl 0n Mondays cuz
I'd be way t0o tired
~being sick f0r 6 months staight hehe...*coff*
~meeting Willar *hugz* one of the most wikkedest pers0n I have ever met.
~My first time trying to Liquid..LOL
oh gawd..y0u d0n't even wanna kn0w!
~Trying to spin at Willars...
~c0untless days 0f smoking joints after joints after joints....*puff*
~all da money I have spent *cries* but all w0rth it
~*shivers* acid...I love it!
~me, Luka, Mikey, Michelle and Willar
camping out and doing acid. oh boi!
a nite to remember! PuRe eVoLnEsS!!
~Sunshine Waynes....I must admit I used to be the biggest Wayne's addict! I was a sketchy dirty raver..hehe
~Finding out about "the club"
~Delirium with Willar...I kan't believe Im still fucking alive!!!
~Taleen: Fernando, you ok? Fernando: *shakes head* Taleen: You gonna puke again? *nods head* *PuKe* never failed
~Willar being late for anything he does....we have now made... "Willar time"
~Getting lost with Tommy (o)(o) at 3 day..."where'd dis gum come from! AHH"
~Falling in love with Jaimie...and taking me forever to finally meet him *drewls*
~finding out dat Evol can party!!! *coff*
~Jiblet meal at da restaurant with me Kristine, Muffin, Michelle, Igi, and Will...LOL
~Kamikaze...meeting Bryce *hugz*
~Techno Invasion...the yellow stone dat matched the colour of everything yellow!!! (acid trip)
~Kamikaze...falling in love with Dominik! *drewls* (acid trip)
~pulling da fire alarm at skewl..hehe
~bleaching my hair. I was like wtf did I just do...
~All the Hulla's I have been to were wikked!
~Sketchy sundays at McDonalds with Me Shell
~Carmeee and me throwing rocks at Willar at Central Park and Michelle walking towards da no0n on da r0of!! LOL
~Syr0us- being chucked halfway across da line by some huge security guard...I was ready to smack him!
~Destiny, me and Jay in da morning in his car...crazy driver!
~Trip To Da Mo0n--seeing mah kuzin at a party...weird!!
~Me and Tommy at Psi Fact0r..I picked a y0ur you y0ur n0se!! LOL
~Rio and I have a "conversation" in da car while he humps da roof! hehe
~having a dance compition with mikey (and his speedy legs) at some party can't remember (bingo hall)
~getting picked up by Steve da crappy raver and put in da garbage in da eatons centre
~Jumping 2 huge fences, landing in a thorn bush, getting 3 scars on my arms, *just* for a Liquid party!! fucking idiot! hehe

ok well i kan't think of anym0re....

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Will making us watch him on tv

*there I am look at me*!!
and repeat
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This has been one incredibly intense year with sooo many amazing people!

-Dancing on the speaker at UPROAR with a playmobile man hat on my head and sparklers in both hands, soaking robin with the "PUNISHER" water gun....

-Dancing in the rain at Mad Science, and fondling the "booby chick"! hahahah...

-Dancin muh ass off at FOTT, and then goin back to HardTripp's house and listening to his F*CKED up sound effects in a field!

-Chillin with Slam and SLipmat in the "employee" bathroom at Hulla 9, and having Slipmatt call me "Harry" all night...he didn't even care about my real name...8)
Madame Zu's set at Hulla 9...uhuhuhuh...

-Mad decorations at Hulla 10, dancing my ass off for 4 hours to HH in fun fur...aCK

-The crazy ass roadtrip to Mi'sha, rushing in a McDonalds, trippin out K-head, watchin peeps play volleyball, I couldn't move..8)
Watcin teletubies and laughin while Marshall fliked pennies at Dominik..8)

-Wemf...."where did that bush come from?"

-Crazy times at NPS, EN and Scudboy threatening to dress me up like a woman

-XStacey pinchin old men's butts on sunday mornings..8)

-Moonshine Over America Tour, the best fuckin party for music all year!

-Harassing "FIVE" and groupiez at Sketch Corner..

-Dancing on the stage at RCMP, and showin everyone the "car dance" to Children of the Night...8)

-Dancing from the beginning to end without stopping to At-At's set at Next Junction in April...and then getting a free tape!

-drinkin with Madame Zu before her set at Just Vibe, and then pulling every muscle in my neck from groovin so hard for her 2 hour set....

-Spendin time with sexy at Hardcore Trix..."gRoWLL*...YOU ROCK! and hearing one of the best happy hardcore sets of my life...ata boy JUSTRICH!!

-Wednesday nights at THE LIVING ROOM....too many funny timez to list...

I'll have to think of more later...partied soooo hard this year....

Dan aka S/\/\i(_eY

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all I have to say is

"RAVE ON!!!"

hee hee
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h8-throwin 99 red balloons into the crowD with saffron and fuNtrip and alot others during friskys set durin 99 red balloons *duh*

diy nye - kal gettin his bag shit on..AHAHAA - just an amzin nite all together. Meetin t0ns of ppl from #rave efnet.

diy springroll - spree!!!!!!!

h9 donny not spinnin everybodies free!! and him givin me the rekkid cuz i was gona cry!!

hardsound being drRiven there by mrh00d!! gIvin s0mething to the wrong person!

h10-foreverland - my 1st time d0in the g0lden griddle thing with the crew

hulla2yr - oakville after .......sumersaults..

Jump Up The UnderGround- my 1st party i threw. Dominiks track. Seein all my t0 friends in kingston!! Marty drivin the shuttle van. ppl playing pool. Frisky playing My Dreams for me, even tho he hates it

e-squared - it was differnt, so few ppl, but it was everyone i knew

wemf - hitchhiking to the waterfalls (muffin, funtrip, lisete,pippa), k-tent( "get outta my house" m1key) m-zone, jon the dentist and a lawn chair, seein s4 be afriad of water and his gf. M1key changin in my tent. Puttin the pirates hat on Pete. Meeting j0ker ( my irc ememy from brooklyn)

mi'sha - good bye party for Mynh.seeing ppl playing beach volleyball! rezq tanked. ppl playing pool. Pitlick the Plant.( thanks k-head and steve..i still have it!)
breakIn down iN the moRning..thanks kellan

groove attack-niarga falls- most amaizn time i have ever had. It was my favourite time ever with marty, funtrip and felix, THANK you so much marty for bringIn me!! it changed my whole outlooK on how parties could be !! JOHNE5!!!you are the best!(abercrombie & fitch)

Interface-ottawa- marty, lisete, ron, lynn and dylan, robin,,,that was a Amazin party! danceing with the boah during mark eg!( s4 and speaker phreaker throw amzing parties!)telling madum zu that m1key loved her. meetin ron after in the hotel...*AHHHH*

Lift2- buffalo - meetin kathy and c02!!! and was phun =)dj rap i have one bad memory..but it wasnt tha parties fault. and then stayin @ kristin's house atfer.

h12- spendin the entire party with felix showing s4 how to have phun @ hulla

freakin99-d'jungle tent *dro0l* PartyINg with Rey, cuz everyone else i was with wanted to stayin in the other tent =P
johne bein dr stangelove! that so was cute

atm -scaring ppl with s4.h0oy MolY- r0bb gettin me "face down ass up" during kamikaze

and.......that is all i for n0w...


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baby hugs
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this thread brought back sooooo many memories

thank you will *mmmmmuah*

first of all, i only started partying this year, january 22 to be exact and i can never thank jennstar (wherever she may be) enough for bringing me to my first one
there are 2 things which i can say have changed my life, moving away to university, and discovering raving - both introduced me to many great friends i will never forget

ok, here goes:

hulla 9, big top: my weekend long "trip to missisauga" with my friend tina, her first parrty and only my second (we didn't let go of each other the whole night!)favorite memory: meeting muffin and starrie

hardsound 1: this party rocked, thanx to derrick (x0r) for bringing me *hugs* i met so many people at this party it was amazing, too many to name but you know who you are =)
favorite memory: dancing to a whole set for the first time (Sy)
diy springroll: this party was amazing for sooo many reasons, there were a few scary moments but again, i met alot of people and knew so many people there and got to spend the whole party with strongbow for the first time - also, who could forget the after party in k-w at the park with the peeing sheep favorite memory: alex

hulla 10 foreverland: stace and i and our "mission" which never happened (this time stace!)partying with so many friends and dancing so much favorite memories: the after party sketch fest at golden griddle and then gollum's

jump up the underground: first party in my hometown, surrounded by all my friends, like a houseparty, but better music and more people favorite memory: hmmmmmm, dunno, only time i've worn fun fur though =P

hulla funtopia + preparty: longest weekend of my life

delicate beats in ottawa: surrounded by t.o. an ktown peeps in ottawa! wikkid favorite memory: robin coming up to me and hugging me b/c she thought i was lindser (hehe)

WEMF: sooooo many memories, spending the entire weekend with all my friends and having great music to dance to 24 hours a day, what more could u ask for? favorite memories: starrie yelling at the camera crew and m-zone's set

Liquid Adrenaline time warp IV + misha: i got to spend both of these parties with __Maad__ in our own little world and misha was kinda a farewell to ktown party 4 me since i moved back to london less than a week later favorite memory: maciek

techno invasion: seeing so many people i hadn't seen since WEMF and a wikkid set by mark EG and partying with some new friends

trancequake: awesome music, awesome vibe, meeting synthetic sunshine

ATM: i loved this party, totally reminded me of the first hardsound which i loved, got to party with so many friends and heard so many wikkid sets, once again, awesome favorite memories: heart of gold, and greg

well, that's my list, it's late and i write too much but oh well :/

too all the wonderful people i've met from this board thank you all for being such great friends (damn i sound cheesy) and i owe each of you a hug

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Alison Wonderland
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This is the best thread Will!!!!

In the order that they come to mind:

Delicate Beats
Sandy, I was going to say
"Do the Bearcat" on the way to Delicate Beats. It's by David Wilcox btw. And I did give the record to Marty.. but alas, I have yet to hear it
Meeting everyone. Jen*!!
How DID we get stuck in the car without a tape deck?!

PLAN B!!!!!!!!
How will I EVER forget that? Throwing that party in 3 days? At work with the phone constantly ringing... Ryan, Tommy? Do we have a place? Do we have DJs?!! My boss pretending not to notice that I'm throwing a rave on company time!!!!
Thank you so much for making that work, everyone! Tommy, Ryan and I were talking about this on Friday.. about how you definitely didn't get the credit you deserved for that! *muah*
Busting my ankle dancing to Rob's set.
Then standing on the speaker looking at the crowd thinking "wow, people are LOVING this" and then someone coming up to me and saying "THANK YOU so much for throwing this party!" Realizing that there are so many DJs out there who care about the scene!

Just meeting Jen* and having her say "come with me... I've got room" and boom. Off to WEMF. I have so many memories from that weekend. I'm just not going to get into it Right Tommy?!

You said it all Tommy. Coffee Break? The first time I got to see Silver1 spin <-- you showed those Ottawa kids what Happy Hardcore was my friend!

Leaving the party and going to the Parliament Hill outside party and getting Marty to buy me a popsicle (thanks! )

THEN, the next night
A journey beyond
Roy Davis Jr. with the fucked up crew! At the same place as Release... Amazing! Meeting my sweet soul sister, Lauri.

Wow... thanks so much to all the people who made this year so fantastic for me. I keep thinking of more and more and more things... and I just don't know where to stop!

Conrad. I love you guys. That night, partying under the stars. Wow. I've never seen bonding quite like that. What a vibe. Singing Billy Jean to who? Kevin? Andrew BITING the record in frustration!

and then leaving with Pete (me falling asleep in the car.. he he) to go to Kingston, waiting for the Shuttle that never came.

Paradigm Shift
last minute ride from Frisky (thanks so much Chris). Nice of me to fall asleep in the car the ENTIRE WAY THERE AND BACK and waking up to see Chris sticking his head out of the window to stay awake "you okay Chris?".
That party was amazing too! So many good parties. Jen* and Molly being such dirty awful messes at the end of the night!

Kic Kit
in Ottawa. Under the stars..

oh my god... I forgot the

Ottawa 3-day
Total Erin bonding. going into town for a discounted meal because we were going to leave because it took too long. Going to a club because the cops shut down the party. Heading back the next morning in time for Marty's and Capital J's sets!

Glaude at Limelight
How fun was that? Everyone was there. Ryan and I were talking about this as well saying how it summed up our entire summer of partying. Everyone was there.. kicking it to some wicked breaks and then having to go to work the next morning. Thank god for Wake Ups! I remember shaking so hard the whole day because the only reason I was up was because of caffeine.

I just noticed that most of the memories are about who I met and the little things that happened after or before the parties. Hmmm.. interesting!!!

Syrous 6 year
finding Andrew there and spending the whole night watching him be an e-tard

That was just such an amazing vibe. Watching Tom be an e-tard. Alison, Alison, you can't go anywhere without telling me! Please! Don't go!!
Saying goodbye to Taera

Syrous - Bittersweet
Right after my break-up with Harry (fitting title!). Realizing that all I needed was a bunch of friends and good times. Thanks so much to the fucked up crew (although, I know that none of them read this). Bonding with Jamie all night. Hymes...

ah yes
One Sound
An all jungle party. Yes yes... Hymes and I bonding again. It had been FAR too long.

Just an all around wicked party. Seeing EVERYONE that I knew. Dancing to amazing music ALL NIGHT LONG... coming to the party straight from Stratford and going to see another play after it was done. Deadly!

Techno Invasion
Speaking of dancing all night long. Mark EG breaking the records!! Meeting so many amazing people. Dancing until it was DONE! And, well, until I was done.

Oh My God. So many parties. So many memories.

Sitting around talking to Carson all night realizing that it was possible that I wouldn't stay heartbroken forever . Listening to Gabber going "oh my god. I need to get out of here" and when I couldn't take it anymore, Kid Epic's set came on with the most beautiful trance ever

The drunk guys coming in and crashing the party and me thinking that they were monsters! Setting up for EBF 2 and having Pete run in and give me the biggest hug ever!

The rave at the Wave when Pete was spinning
Hee hee. Getting so drunk that I started pouring my own drinks from the tap when the bartenders weren't looking. Having the best deep heart to heart with Eric.

Kathy and I running into the HH room after Marty's set screaming "OH MY GOD!" and everyone saying "I want what she's got".. haha. And then after Frisky's set talking to Kathy saying "was that the best set you've ever heard... EVER...oh wait..." People saying "SKO is here?!"

And THIS memory from every party since 3-day:
Random person: "oh my GOD! What ARE you on?!"
Me: "nothing"
Person: "are you SERIOUS?!"
NOTHING beats partying sober!

Marty's party last night
going by myself and finding people that I knew there and having the best time!! Dirty dancing with the padded pole! Getting a little bit buzzed! Nothing beats a comedian at a party.

-saying this quote a few too many times:
"I'm NEVER doing effedrine again!"

wax on wax off
deciding to go LAST minute. Hearing some amazing jungle and then when I was getting tired, finding out that the people I went with were not even CLOSE to wanting to go <ahem>. THEN, Marty McFly coming on and turning the night around 100%. Having my friends come up and say "did you still want to leave?" and responding "get out of my way, can't you see I'm dancing?!"... That's the night that Marty McFly became my favourite DJ!

Rough. The night after wax on wax off. Waiting all night to hear Marty play and finding out that he wasn't coming! It ended up being a fun party though. As soon as I stopped trying to go into the house room!

Okay.. that's it for now.

Wow, you guys make partying so much fun!!! To all my party buddies, I love you guys!

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Alsion dont forget David Wilcox in Richmond Hill, the perfect dinner music!

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Alison Wonderland
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Alsion, hey?

Kevo, how about the pre-EBF 2.0 party in Guelph with you, me and Jen* sitting on the couch talking about what an adventure it would be to be able to jump around in Jen*'s mind for one day. Then deciding to go to Waterloo.. stalking up on Pop Tarts and chips (since you're not a candy person) and opening my condom shack gift pack with the sticky penis from

Bite the bullet
Getting to be security (mean, ferocious Alison) for Pinky and Junior and Dibs!! You guys are great!

Uhoh... as if you guys got me started on all these memories!!

More memories from
-Andrew saying "I've never been this high in my life and..
... I have to SPIN!"
-bonding with Justyna!

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sweeet .....

such a short summer, but such awesome times ...

free field level jays tickets, telling ali i'd go by the end of the 1st inning ... street party on the way back ... rookie at 1508 ... amazing orange love, frisky, best friend ali, my boyz, noda, my new chill/nap and later that week phone/email bud, closing the party to 1998, new outlook on a sun. morning drive ... high and bouncing on happy hardcore in my head for the next week ... yes, sko was there ... isn't it crazy who you run into at parties

lunch in the park with ali, tommy, juice & steph ... living vicariously through people who partied _every_ weekend, planning my next party, silver1 bootlegs

hulla b-day funtopia:
4.5 hours (that i don't really remember) near the front of the stage going hardcore to brisk & anabolic, more fun & friends, cabbing to the bingo hall, my e-tarded roomie tom, running into kavin, chilling with noda & steph outside listening to trance, pictures with all (even though the stupid flash didn't work), ...

plan b:
asking ali & juice if they were all there, being a pessimist but whipping up flyers & name tags in the end ... best party ever, all vibe and start of my sober partying, no bootlegs or recordings (yet), some sweet ass trance ... hooked on it ... but maybe that happened listening to oakie while playing the "acid" game in g's room

only there for a bit ... fun watching lil' miss security ali dance more than be intimidating ... went home early and played one of the best 18 i ever had the next day

ebf 1.5, 2.0:
who says waterloo can't party ... best party is a small party ... a place where (almost) everybody know's your name, sleeping in the balloon room, best friend pornstar - u're funny, sko the trance-former has arisen from the ash and smoke

so yeah, i had a ton of fun this summer and my friends are the only cool thing about school right now ... thanx for all the memories and the longing for parties that i get when i listen to hhc ...

i've always tried to keep my priorities straight ... and on sat. partying will be the #1 priority ...


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