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Old May 19th, 2005, 04:33 PM   #1
anabolic frolic
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The Hulla Questionaire

You've seen the Hulla Scrapbook. Everyone involved in it was given a series of questions to answer. Now here's your chance to post your answers for permanent archival here at the Hulla site.

This thread is for answers to these questions ONLY. All comments, responses, feedback will be moved to a seperate thread (please just try and post your comments directly to that thread).

First Hulla?
What does Hulla mean to you?
What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
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Sweetness and Light Mod
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My first hulla was Make Believe, February 2002
Hulla means a lot to me. It is a party that truly celebrates what the rave scene is about, one of the only parties that makes each and every person at the party leave with an experience they won't ever forget. It kept me interested in the scene for a lot longer than I thought I would be involved in it. The experiences I've had at all the different hullabaloos helped me realize the infinite possibility of dreams, hope and spirit. I met a lot of wonderful people through these parties. I am definitely a much better person for having travelled to Toronto over the last 3 years for these parties.
My ultimate hulla set would have be Sharkey at Make Believe, he was a hulla virgin and so was I.
i don't have a funny anecdote
I just wanted to thank chris and robin and everyone involved in the production of hullabaloo for an amazing amazing amazing run and I can't wait for ALL GOOD THINGS!!!!
Definition of love:
the ability to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.
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My first hulla was Pacific Sun, February 2005
Even though I am so new to hulla it does mean a lot to me. It opened up a whole entire new world to my life. I've met a lot of wonderful people at hulla, ones I plan to be friends with for life. At Hulla everyone has an attitude that is absolutely wonderful, everyone loves everyone and it felt like everyone welcomes you in with open arms. At my first hulla I received two stuffed animals, one from a kid with a cow hat thing...He made my night. LOL!
My ultimate hulla set would probably have to be Captian J and MC JD at Pacific Sun.
Hmmm...anecdote, oh okay, so when there's a break in the song where it slows down, usually when people take the time to rest for a minute until it picks up again, well my friend and I were so freakin' excited during one of the sets that we were blowing the hell out of our whistles and still jumping around, people stared it was funny!
First I'd like to give a shout out to my Sammy D* for introducting me to Hulla and to M@ because without him some of my friends wouldn't be going to All Good Things! But really I just want to thank everyone for 3 wonderful parties...I'll honestly miss Hullabaloo!
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First Hulla? Digital Outlaws, December of 2002.

What does Hulla mean to you? To me, Hulla epitomizes the ideal of the rave scene: friendly people, uplifting and high energy music, amazing vibe, freedom of expression, and the unique opportunity to truly feel alive. That is what raving is - and should be - about, and Hulla captures that feeling perfectly.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Hulla gives a standard to hold parties up to - both in terms of enjoyment and in terms of professional success, as it is rare indeed for a promotion company to run 8 years solid. It gives newcomers something to strive for in emulation, even as they similarly seek out fresh and new ideas of their own - as Hulla itself was once a bold, untried new idea.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: At my first Hulla, knowing nothing of the rave scene and very little of Happy hardcore, recognizing no DJs and being for the first time on my own in a foreign country, Frolic dropped "See Me Climb" during his set, the first song I recognized that night. It was at that moment, surrounded by hundreds of ravers smiling and singing along, that I knew I wanted to do for a long time to come. I haven't missed a hulla (or hardly any hardcore parties) since.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: No. :P There's just too many to mention and besides, I'm pretty sure I don't remember most of the BEST ones Stupid bar....

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):[/b] They say all good things must come to an end, but they also say that every end is a new beginning... the end of Hullabaloo as a party doesn't mean the end of hullabaloo as an ideal and I expect every true hardcore raver work together to maintain and build on the traditions that Hullabaloo has so excellently begun. And MOST importantly, I expect everyone to continue to have a great time and to remain the most compassionate, outgoing, and understanding group of people I've ever had the privelege of knowing.
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1.First Hulla? Fires In The Sky

2.What does Hulla mean to you? A chance to get away from a harsh reality, dancing the night away to music I love and exploration of the self

3.Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Hearing Hixxy & Mc Storm @ Enchanted... the nigth was incredible they both sounded amazing and the vibe at that party was incredible

4.Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: At Accelrator, after the party I saw Andre the Giant um Rob in the washroom lol, I wanted to get his pic but was so scared of him... So I was like holding my camera trying to get a quick shot while he wasn't looking, and all of a sudden he turns around and smiles at me and asks me if I wanted to take a pic of him .... After the party, walking past that infamous bridge, looking at those stale waters and smiling to myself and not having a care in the world *sight*..... GOOD BYE HULLA AND THANK YOU

I just wanted to say that a certain Amercan we all know said I should check this hulla thing one night and I was like what the hell. Went there and was forever addicted. Hulla brought me back to the scene after being absent a year and losing faith in the whole rave scene. I can still remember my first hulla FITS on the dance floor,having the time of my life and Frolic playing "children" by Robert Miles and me going crazy cause it the was one of the first "rave songs" I ever heard and saying to myself "whole shit, goosebumbs" .....
After the party, walking past the infamous bridge, looking at those cold stale waters and smiling to myself and not having a care in the world *sight*..... GOOD BYE HULLA AND THANK YOU

oh YEAH, I also would like to thank DJ Silver1 for making every freaking hulla amazing with his dynamic, mind blowing sets making me wanna come back again and again, and Frolic for making hullabaloo possible, THANK YOU!!!!!

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First Hulla? Get Hype
What does Hulla mean to you? Hulla to me is where I can hear the music I love in an enviroment I love with the people I love. I can't put into words what hulla means to me, because to me it is more than a party, more than a rave, more than a vacation for was almost my whole life for more than 2 years...
What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Hulla is what keeps it going. Hulla brings the newbies in and keeps the old jaded ravers coming out one more time.
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Dancing on stage to Paul Elstaks Love You More at Stay Here Forever at a close tie to Rocking out with my sister to Scott Brown at Fires in the Sky, also I will always Remember talkin with Jumper in the middle of the crowd about singing Pacific Sun as a lullabye to his baby
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: I would go on forever if I did this one lol
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
Thanks to the Frolics for making hulla so wonderful, all my friends for helping me get there for the last 2 years, the 2000 miles seems a lot less when there are friends helping to make it happen. Thanks to every person I got a hug from over the past 2 years, and every person that has helped me in any way...most of you might not even ever know who you are.
Remember when we first met, Friends until the end, I'll hold you in my heart, until we meet again!
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First Hulla? Pacific Sun , Feb 2005
What does Hulla mean to you? Hulla means a lot to me, even though i havent been to many Hulla's before, i truly feel like I belong there and that i felt like ive been there before because its a familiar fun feeling to be with everyone at Hullabaloo, exchanging hugs, kandi and smiles. Talking with many interesting people all around, taking fun random pictures with fun people, the washroom conversations, coming to Hulla to have another fun experience and letting loose at Hulla by dancing away the whole night! I get a natural high just from the beautiful music! from all the talented dj's and mc's at Hulla!
What do you think Hulla means to the scene? That this is one unique party organization, to follow your dreams..And that you dont need drugs to rave to have a good time. Personally how i view it.
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Whoa so many.. Hearing Scott Brown!! @ Lost in space dancing crazily to his song: BOOMSTICK! Meeting my friends for the second time at Lost in Space And at my first and second Hulla, just mainly being with Graham holding onto him while his songs are on singing to him.
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:At Lost in space in that moment i wasn't laughing but my brace wire popped out while i was biting harshly on a liqourice while dancing and i ran for the washroom and was balling my eyes out a little coz i thought i had to leave Hullabaloo and go somewhere to get them fixed somehow, and i was struggling with my braces so much and upset, until i just took a deep breath and pushed my brace in all the way correctly, and ran for Scott Browns set just in time. And now that i look back on it i find it funny, just coz my stupid braces lol.
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): I LOVE YOU HULLABALOO! Anabolic Frolic-you are a truly amazing leader/organizer for these perfect raves you organize All the dj's and mc's ive heard were amazing and blew me away!!! Hulla has added so much great experience in my life and have changed my life truly!!!! I'd also like to say another BIG thank you to my boyfriend Graham because he is the number one reason how i started getting into Hulla because he introduced me into Hullabaloo, bringing me to Hullabaloo twice and making sure that I have the time of my life!! Which he and many others made me have naturally!!! ThaNk yOu EveryoNe!!
You hold me im with you wherever you find me...Im here to stay..You are my guide, you are my light, you are my life, you take me to a place where I can shine...-Grahams song!! <3

I <33 DJ ehKz ((Grahamagins!!))
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First Hulla? Enchanted, December 6, 2003
What does Hulla mean to you? Hullabaloo showed me how the scene should be: awesome vibe, a TON of friendly people, amazing sets, and an overall sense of belonging somewhere...every time I've walked into a Hulla, I've had this feeling come over me that hasn't been matched at any other event, and I just think to myself "I'm home."
What do you think Hulla means to the scene?As I said above, Hulla is the embodiment of what the scene should be...many tears will be shed at losing such a wonderful event. [/b]
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Well, my memory options are rather limited since i've been to only 2 Hulla's...but I'd have to say when we (a bunch of us that went together...from Pennsylvania and Detroit, MI) all walked in to Drift on a Dream together and the first thing we did was bum-rush the stage and we just danced...I think I only left the dance floor to smoke a cigarette...the vibe that night was amazing... Parties around here don't bring that out in me much..
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: That would have to be Okidam dressing up as a hot Japanese girl before Enchanted..he ran up to everyone in the hotel and was like "GLITTER ME!!!" hahaha..that was SO what it was about that night..seeing completely straight guys dress up in the most colorful glittery stuff they could think of...
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): Wow...there's so much I want to say...Enchanted was the same weekend I celebrated my that was definitely the most amazing birthday I ever had... Drift on a Dream was my husband's birthday, and his first Hulla, and being able to share that vibe with him was intense.
I about cried when I read the flyer...and when I found out about the pre-party I gathered the forces and we were all online waiting for the tix to become available, just so we could make it a complete weekend. I will carry these memories of the most amazing positive experience I've ever had the pleasure to have with me forever and ever. I only regret that when my kids are old enough to go, there won't be a Hullabaloo for me to share with them as well...Goodbye Hullabaloo..and thank you.
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Well I'm wasn't really into Happy Hardcore before I went to Lost in Space so that was my first Hulla. Nothing means anything to me. God only knows what it means to the scene. My ultimate Hulla experiance hmmmmm driving home missing London oh wait you mean at Hulla walking around with my demon horns on and some girl freaking out cause she thought I was the devil. Big ups to the Windsor Crew that showed up at L.I.S. thanks it was fun. ANDREW I HATE YOU not really though.
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First Hulla? the anthems, 2002

What does Hulla mean to you? a place where i can see a zillion smiling faces (exaggerating a little, heh) and where everyone is free to be who they are, or want to be even. oh and the opportunity to let your crafty side go wild, woo!!)

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? keeps it diverse. hulla is much different than any other party, in many different dimensions.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: mced wearing my fuzzy mittens onstage

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: ummm, the first and only time i participated in the "board meet" turned out to only 3 people showing up. (me, basic, and some other dude who i cant remember at the moment)

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
i met a lot of sweet people by going to hullas. uhh, thanks for being so sweet? and to frolic, for providing hulla, a time to escape where you dont have to worry about real life and just have a blast with so many people from all over the world. amazing.
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First Hulla? -
The Anthems

What does Hulla mean to you? - You have no idea how much it means to me. Hullabaloo is what got me hooked on the raVe scene, like...if it weren't for hulla, i probably wouldnt even be in the scene. i jus, need hulla...saddening that it will be gone.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
Hulla has paved alot of raods for the hardcore scene in north america. whether u want to admit it or, it has helped get alot of up and coming djs in the scene.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
I have made ALOT of wicked friends in the scene, at hulla! Like, at hulla...u always hear those classic cheesy songs and u can always jus sing along with your friends, mc's or jus a random hullaba-raver...and I LVOE IT!
Not to mention, the whistle crew ..whisting to that awesome track!

thankyou to chris, robin, all the dj's, all the mc's, and all of you who made all those hullaba-parties THE BEST THEY COULD BE!

love u all <3
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Friendship Crew
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First Hulla? Power of Dreams - February of 2003
What does Hulla mean to you? It means a lot. It's where I've met a lot of my really good friends, and bonded with some of my now best friends. It's where I learned that people really can and do like you for who you are, whether you're wearing jeans or fun fur. As long as you've got a smile on your face, the world's your oyster.
What do you think Hulla means to the scene? I think Hulla means a lot to the scene. I'm still a relative newb, so I'm in no place to say how great it was in it's hey-day, but I think the fact that a promotions company that now hits capacity at 850 people, and plays primarily a still-underground form of music can attract people from across the globe speaks volumes for what it's meant to the scene.
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: By far it was walking into my first hulla. Sunny told the friendship crew upon our arrival that it was my first hulla, and I was bestowed my first (of many) whistle and smothered with hugs and "Happy Hullas!" That set the tone for the evening. I'd never knew I could feel so loved by so many strangers all at once.
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: whenever someone at hulla tells you to lick their arm, your first instinct is no. I say do might taste good!
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): I want to thank everyone, especially the Frolics, for making these past two years absolutely spectacular. There's nothing I look forward to more than a Hullabaweekend, especially now since they're a bit fewer and farther between for me. Your hugs, stickers, bracelets, necklaces, notes, and photos mean the world to me. It's my hope that even though Hullas have to end, the magic never dies [/sappy]

You can't miss me, I'm the girl with the smile

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Friendship Crew
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First Hulla? - Accelerator

What does Hulla mean to you? Hulla has the best vibe of anywhere I've ever been. The music is fantastic but the people are what makes it really hard to miss one.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? The international ravers I've seen at hulla's show how much it means. Also I have many friends in this area (pittsburgh) who have never been to hulla but know exactly what it is. Hulla will forever be a legacy.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory - It would have to be the entire lost in space party. I finally met all kinds of people that I've been looking for since my 2nd hulla and had an absolute blast all night. Specifically when I ran into itsgigglegirl and neverlandgurl... that really topped off the night for me.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote - what the heck is an anecdote? does this count?... Driving up saturday from Pittsburgh to accelerator because we didnt have enough cash for a hotel room. We just drove up, stayed til like 5am, and drove home. Driving home was horrifying but well worth it for the experience we had at the party. Weve had a hotel room every other time and it makes that one time stand out so much for me.

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..) - I think this board made the hulla experience 100% of what it could be. The fact that we can come here and meet people before and after going to the parties, keeps our bonds tight. I absolutely love everyone I've ever met at hulla from these forums and Im so glad I could experience the events with all of you. Weaver, itsgigglegirl, skittles, carrie, neverlandgurl, happy2btrendy, peachfuzz, chip, tika and saiyan, milo, diane...and the list goes on and on... you were the people who made hulla what it was for me. And to Mr and Mrs Frolic... You've enriched my life with moments I will never forget. Thank you so much for running these wonderful events.
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My First Hulla
Funtopia 7, God why did i wait so long???

What Does Hulla Mean to Me
To me, hulla is an escape. The ultimate anti-reality. A eutopian oasis where people of all sorts and sizes come together, to get their drink of life... it is a gathering place, of like minded individuals. Where u can unite, unreserved, and dance fiercely with your brothers and sisters. Hullabaloo is what has kept me burning in the rave scene... anxiously awaiting ANY form of news regarding the next hullabaloo. IT IS THE ULTIMATE RAVE PARTY...

What Does Hulla Mean to the Scene
I think it was said best in a prior post. Hulla has an amazing magnetic force which gives 'it' the ability to draw in the newest most curious ravers as well as the most bitchy board-bound jaded party kids out there. It is an outlet for people who love their music. In history there has never been a promotion that i have encontered that is as well known as hulla... and for the right reasons...

My Ultimate Hulla Set/ Memory
It is so hard to decide what part of the entire experience is the best. I am going to have to say that out of all the amazing sets i have heard at hulla, Scott Brown was the most memorable for me. I was not the MOST fond of his track selection, however what really made the night for me was the AMAZING amount of energy pulsing in the opera house that night. His set was an hour long, and it seemed a minute... i danced harder than i ever have. the whistles, the lights, the sound, and the smiles... that cannot be reproduced in a pill... no pill is that good. that is why hulla does what it does... and is so amazing to so many people..
to quote a hulla MC " we don't need no krystal, we don't need no E, hardcore is the drug for me " and honestly.. during scotty's set, i truly came to understand what this meant...

Hulla Anecdote
My 1st hulla, trying to make my way from hotel to opera house...
i ended up on queen st west, and had to take a cab all the way back to queen st east. Me and my bf started walking to the building that looked most like where we should be. There was no line, it was about 11 in the evening, and there were just a few security people at the door... I wasn't sure that we were even in the right place... i asked the guy at the door...
"what is this place" and he responded " this is a rave silly, it's called hullabaloo, and u look like yur dressed for the occasion" i will never forget how excited i was when i heard someone ELSE speak the word hullabaloo... noone in my real life has any idea what hulla is... i lead a total secret hulla life...

My Space
I don't have much to say here... the general thank you's... the frolics ( Robin good luck with school... i know how hard it is), the dj's, the mc's, the crowd, the friendship crew, Amelia the hot bartender at the opera house, and to all my wonderful raver friends, i love you all
It is not fair for me to list specific names.. i know that i would forget someone... and everyone that matters knows already who u are...
Hulla is an experience i will have etched in my mind forever... when parties stop, and ravers get old, and the music we love changes into something new and popular... when 'the man' finally takes us down, and the switch to our party gets flipped... I will always have Hulla... noone can take that away...

finally... thank you to my wonderful boyfriend HardcoreBoi(Will) who whole heartedly accepted the raver in me, and came to share and love something with me as special as hulla...
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First Hulla Rythem of life 2001

What does Hulla mean to you Hulla means alot too me. I have never had anythiing less then a great time. Its what the world should be like. There is no real way of describing a hulla to a non-hulla'er. (Trust me Ive tried for years) Its one of the very few places were people can drop all the crap (drama, diffrances, etc) and be themselfs. Hulla is the best party around.

What does Hulla mean to the scene Hulla helps new ravers into the scene, because hulla ravers are the most welcoming of any "types" of ravers. It helps keep the scene alive and well. (I know the scene isnt going to die just cuz Hulla isnt around, Just that it will deffinatly change the Toronto scene)

Hulla Anecdote I got 2. So bare with me. The best one is when my friend Emily and I took 2 hulla newbs to Pacific Sun. I tried to explain it too them as best as I could and it seemed that they understood, and had the right Idea. But when we walked In and I seen the looks on there faces, I almost died laughing. It was pricless. They looked at me with a look of "were the hell did you take us?" But by the next day they were thanking me for the best night of there lives.
The second one also took place at Pacific Sun. I was at the back railing, just watching the crowd and doing some glow sticking. When my hand hit the railing and sent my glowstick sailing over the TRIP booth. Luckaly no one got hit.

Favorite Hulla set My favorite set was never recorded and i wish it was. Idance preparty spun by Frolic himself. Im not sure what it was about that set, but It left me standing there after it saying "wow, that has been the best set ever." and I still feel that way. I really wish a recording had been made for that night!

My Space I would like to say thank you Frolic. Its sad to see you end hulla, but its best to do it now then try and hang on a little while longer and never having an official "Last." I hope you travel out to england to play. I will deffinatly rock the kandi for that one.
Dont cry because it is over. Smile because it happend!
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First Hulla?
Pacific Sun (but bought tickets for Drift on a Dream; couldnt make it)
What does Hulla mean to you? Hulla though my experiences actually being AT the parties are limited... when i would listen to other live recordings that i had bought... listened to the music and the crowd reacting gave me goose bumps all the time. I would imagine myself there with all of you. And no matter what mood i was in i would feel better after listening.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
Hulla has a certain purity to it... i believe that Hulla (aside from the drugs) is the best example that anyone could see and know how raves are... not from movies or books.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
When Gobbstopper announed at the peak of Sharkey's set that i came all the way from Denver, Co for that party... people cheered... so did i.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
i guess its not funny but here it is... going up to people that i recognized from posted pictures and avatars and attempting to introduce myself as Evangelos_gq...

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
my shout outs are for Anabolic Frolic for starting Hulla... and for all the Happy Hardcore Djs and Ravers that have ever lived... they make me feel like im part of something great... and that im not alone.
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First Hulla?Accelerator
What does Hulla mean to you? It's a place where PLUR takes a physical form, in each and every raver there. Where the outside world can shrink away, and eutopia is acheived, even if its just for a few hours. A place where you see what the world could and should be like. A place of joy, respect, compassion, and understanding.
What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Not only one of the staples of the North American scene, it's one of the longest running. Through the ups and downs,the good and bad, it has prevailed. And all along it kept true to the roots, to the original vibe. It shows that anything can be accomplished if the spirit is willing to endure and the drive is there. It shows that though the rave scene and its people may be a minority in the big scheme of things, major things can and will happen if we unify and stay steadfast in our beliefs.
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: The memory that was most impacting for me, was at Lost in Space. At one point during the night, realising I was most likely not going to be able to attend the last event, I started reflecting on what Hulla has brought into my life and how it has changed my world. And I thought about how I felt knowing that I may never get to experience ever again, anything like Hulla.

There are no words that could possibly describe my feelings for everyone involved in these events. Chris, Robin, the DJ's, MC's, the partiers, and everyone behind the scenes, the joy, happiness, and acceptance you have given me will forever be remebered. The words "Thank You" don't even begin to properly express my gratitude.
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First Hulla?
Pacific Sun, Feb 5 2005.
it took a long time gettin to a hulla but it was so worth the wait.

What does Hulla mean to you?
Hulla is amazing. My fiance actually introduced me to happy hardcore when we first met, of course I at the time was not having it. I liked machine head, and tool. And it was just not for me, that lasted about a week or so. Shortly after I started buying up the chapters, buying up the hulla live sets, tapes cd's, everything that said happy hardcore on it. Hulla's the root of all of that. If it weren't for hulla, so many people wouldn't even know about happy hardcore. And plus, since being into hhc I do think my life's been better, and i've been happier, so there you have it. Hulla makes people happy!

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?
I live in Cleveland where there is no vibe, the only people you hug when you walk into a club are the people you already know. The scene here is bland and it is tiring. Hulla is absolutely the opposite. It is what I had always pictured a rave to be, a giant crowd of boucing bodies, and smiling faces, hugs and smiley faces. And nothing but good feelings all the way through. I think hulla carries the true rave vibe for a lot of people. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to describe pacific sun to people, and I've always been just lost for words, the conversation usually just ends with me saying, "The vibe was crazy, the energy was the most wicked, man you just had to be there..."

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:
God, it was crazy, so i've been djing for over a year now and stuff, last year I met gobstoppa up at a party and I had given him a cd and chatted him for a min. asked him when he was comin to ohio, he replied "book me" HA! (I did...) Anywayz, I saw him at pacific sun (go figure) gave him a new cd, and he totally remembered me which was cool, I also told him i was working on gettin him booked and stuff, got his info and we went our ways (I needed a cig. hella bad) Later in the night during sharkey's set(track 14 on the cd about a min. and 20 secs into the track) He totally gave me a shout out! I felt like a friggin celebrity it was wicked. So yay, for all the hulla crew and residents for being so down to earth and cool.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:
hmmmm. I dunno, nothin i guess... I haven't been hulla-ing it enough

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..):
Alright, I just want to send major props to Anabolic and the hulla family for throwing these, I have to say they are the best, I've never seen anything like them. Thanks for doing it, and i'm glad I got to be a part of it. I wanna also wish the frolics luck with the family (its wicked hard, but believe me its fun!) Mad shouts to all the ravers that made hulla so wickedly cool. And to everybody from canada you rock to the max!
thanks and much love out to all!
plurr - live it people.
happy 2 tha hard 2 tha mother f*ckin core!
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First Hulla? Lost In Space
What does Hulla mean to you? Hulla was my first party, ever. I didn't even know about Hulla until around February, and I really wanted to see Scott Brown. After going on the web site and looking at people's pictures, I knew that Hulla was one of a kind, and that it was going to be a great time. But when I actually went, it wasn't just great, it was beyond words. It felt magical to be there and see all the faces. Everyone was so happy, people were smiling at me and saying hello that didn't even know me when I'd walk through the crowd. I thought to myself, I wish I could do this every day. This is where I belong. I've never had that much fun in my life, and it saddens me that I only got to experience Hulla once, but I'm glad I got to be apart of it.
What do you think Hulla means to the scene? I live in Buffalo, and it's dead. There is nothing to do, not really any parties, and not really many cool people. When you go to Hulla, I think it takes you away from everything, and it's everything I have ever dreamed about. It's a whole different world. It helps bring everyone together, open people's eyes, and is a very welcoming place. I think for those reasons Hulla is important to the scene. It's one of those things you can't explain but feel in your heart.
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Well, Lost in Space was my first and only Hulla so bare with me. I brought my boyfriend up to experience the magic with me who doesn't really listen to the music that much. He was having a great time and all of a sudden Scott Brown came on. It was the quickest hour of my life. I couldn't believe it was over. My boyfriend loved his set, and I remember I had to go to the bathroom because I was drinking so much water. I came out and my boyfriend's like "touch my hand, you just touched Scott Brown". I went up and got to meet him. Scott was so wasted. I was standing in front of him shouting his name for about 2 minutes straight, and he was just looking left and right, not in front of him because he was totally oblivious to the girl right in front of him shouting out his name. His girlfriend apologized and got his attention and I took my picture with him. I felt so great, that just added onto the greatness of that night.
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: I dunno, I've only been to one Hulla...
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): I just want to thank everyone for giving me the best time of my life. Libbie and Peachfuzz for being great friends, everyone just making me feel so welcome. It feels like Hulla is a dream, and I'd like to thank Frolic for letting me be apart of that dream. Hulla has changed my life forever. That's all I can really say.
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My first Hulla was Funtopia 7

To me, Hulla is about many things. It's about everyone coming together for the love of hardcore music. It's about being yourself and being loved for it. It's about losing yourself in that one precise moment, where everything comes together at that one moment and you completely lose yourself. The dj, the people, the crowd, all coming together. It's about people from all over the world coming together for that one magical night to party like never before.

I feel Hulla has had a tremendous impact on the scene, especially in North America. Hulla has been the staple of HHC in North America. So much so that it's not just North America anymore, it's worldwide. Hulla has kept HHC alive in North America.

My favorite Hulla set would be DJ Dougal at Drift on a Dream. For some reason I just remember being on the dancefloor during that set and completely losing myself. I've never been over-powered by the music like I was that set.

A funny Hulla anecdote would have to be at my first Hulla:Funtopia 7. I had made the four hour drive to Hulla by myself. Not knowing what I was getting myself into. I was so nervous that I must've circled the Opera House 50 times.I had no clue as to where to park. I ended up parking in front of The Toronto Film Institute and walked the entire way. And I thought the smokers section was the line to get in. I couldn't figure it out at first. It was the greatest.

I have to give a shout out to Nick. Without him randomly messaging me on PR, I never would have gone to Hulla.
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First Hulla? my first hulla was 7 - rush hour - that was in 1998 or something (which makes me feel really old)

What does Hulla mean to you? hulla has always been a safe and happy place to me. Even though I was standing right there when Alan Ho (i think that was his name) was stabbed

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?really depends who you ask...

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:the whole Anthems party
afros away

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Friendship Crew
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First Hulla? My first Hulla was Pacific Sun this past Feb. I'm a newbie!!

What does Hulla mean to you?Hulla had to be one of the best experinces I've ever had. It was an amazing group of people and Something I'll never forget. It was actually my first rave EVER

What do you think Hulla means to the scene?Personally Hulla is sort of my intro into the scene. I love the idea of Hulla and I'll be sad to see it end.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory:Anabolic or Gobstoppa @ Pacific Sun. Crazy-ness and so fun! I also got a wicked picture with Anabolic before his set!

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote:I dunno if you wanna call it an anecdote, but we(my group of friends) decided that we personally made the Pacific Sun CD's rock with our amazing whistles! We were up front all night.

I loved my experiences at Hulla and I look forward to the last one. It'll be sad but I'm glad that I'll be there to see it end. I do regret that I didn't get into the scene til now. I feel like I've missed so much. I have to give all the credit to my b/f for getting me into techno as a whole and HHC as a passion. He gave me a great gift by introducing me to it all. PLURR

Chris and Robin & everyone involved with Hulla are amazing people and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this awesome thing called Hullabaloo. Good luck to you all!
Sing me another love song
And I'll sing you a lullaby
And it won't be long until you see me coming
To be with you
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First Hulla? I Dance preparty in 2001

What does Hulla mean to you? A place where friends gather for an evening of great music, dancing and fun times ... a guaranteed evening of fun w/ new music every few months

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? It was a constant, you always knew around when a hulla would be year after year ... february, april, july, september, and december. So you knew without a doubt you'd have the opportunity to see UK talent every few months, or an amazing party of all locals (anthems)

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Dancing on stage for frolic's set w/ ravrkittie at my first hulla ... i knew very little about the music, and the dj's and mc's were still amazing to me then. It was incredible to be on stage looking out over the sea of ravers at the opera house at my first party w/ the man who allowed me to find hardcore behind the decks. (after hearing it at a party, i went out and bought happy 2b hardcore 4)

arriving at field of dreams in a limo dressed like raver rockstars was pretty fun too! (but i had to have surgery two days later so the party wasn't as much fun)

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: I have a feeling i don't remember the funniest times

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): Many thanks to frolic for continuing hulla beyond the years of the massive parties (because i missed out on those), i wouldn't have found toronto's hardcore scene without hulla and wouldn't have met some of my best friends. Good luck with everything you do in the future! And thanks to the hulla dj's for rockin out every couple months with all us crazy ravers.
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First Hulla? Drift on a dream, september 2004
What does Hulla mean to you? hulla to me feels like coming home.
What do you think Hulla means to the scene? hulla is so different from anything i've ever experienced or even heard about. i think hulla opened the scene alot by being so unique. It is so unified, so accepting, so closely knit, and without alot of the drama and categories that other parties split themselves into.
Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: 800 whistles blowing to scott brown at lost in space so loud i couldn't even hear the MC. Group hug/dance at back and forth. there are just so many.
Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: my friend's kitten's name is elysium, so when scott brown played it at Lost in space we all looked at each other and shouted "KITTY!!"
Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): thanks to carrie *caresieb* for bringing me into this. thank you to frolic and all the djs and production people that have kept this alive long enough for most of us to enjoy it. there will never be anything that comes CLOSE to it. thank you for the tingly feeling i get in my tummy when i walk in the door and think "i'm at hulla!!!"

rave harder.

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First Hulla? TR Derek tried to get me to go to Enchanted (Dec 2003) and I said that I had heard about it but wasn't really interested 'cause I didn't like happy hardcore so much, but I agreed to go anyway. And hoooly shit, man.

What does Hulla mean to you? To me, Hulla's sort of like the real-world extension of happy hardcore music, and all the things I've seen happy hardcore be able to do for people, Hulla does many times over. I was definitely pretty shy my first year of partying and now if I describe myself as shy, people laugh at me - that's definitely Hulla's doing. I've met many people initially at Hullas that have ended up as some of the closest and best friendships/relationships I've had, some of the most amazing people I've ever met. And that also made me realize something greater about the world... I grew up around Jane+Finch as a scared little white kid and I learned some stuff really solidly: keep your head down, look at the ground when you walk around, don't look strangers in the eyes, be scared of everyone. Hulla gave me close, thorough and lasting encounters with all kinds of people and impressed upon me that other people were really just other people like me and weren't anything to be afraid of. So I'd say it's all about the people to me. Shmee would also like to add that he's in it for the girls.

What do you think Hulla means to the scene? Had Hulla not existed over the past years as commercial partying declined, the remnants of the commercial rave scene would exist as jungle, house and trance in nightclubs like System Soundbar and the Guvernment. Our current culture and its roots in 90s rave culture would've been dead years ago without Hulla.

Your ultimate Hulla set/memory: Unabomber dropping One Night In New York City. He won teh rave, no question.

Share a funny Hulla party anecdote: I talked to three different people over the course of one Hulla in different places around the room under totally different lighting conditions and didn't realize until the end that they were all the same person. Hi Kendall!

Your own space to add anything you want (shout outs, thoughts etc..): Moo.
You call yourself hardcore?
You only scratching the surface.

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