hullabaloo! Birthday Funtopia reviews

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--'s review: "--. ..."

Brenda C's review: "i've been going since H1 :) loved everyone even though the damn happy hardcore athems sometimes scrap mne the worng way, but hey, in exchange for such a fun party and one sick set of brutal hardcore a la Brad D!!!!! ..."

Laura Hicks's review: "Over 24 hrs later i'm so sore i can barely walk, i still have yet to catch up on lost sleep, and my ears are ringing so loudly i can't hear anything else. But did I have a good time??? Oh YEAH!!!! ..."

Little Andrew's review: "I've never been to a Hullabaloo party before but it was a refreshing change. ..."

Sara Mills's review: "It is an 9 hour drive to Toronto from Boston and we couldn't have picked a better time to do it. ..."

Styles069's review: "I just got home from the party, and all I can say is that it left me very impressed! ..."

Vergel Evan's review: "hullaballoo once again was a party that had the least amount of attitude and frustration. ..."

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Brenda C's review


Laura Hicks's review


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Sara Mills's review


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